WWF All Star Wrestling – April 11, 1981

After a very well done house show, with some great action from Patterson and Slaughter, we return to All Star Wrestling. The Network doesn’t have the blow off match to the Patterson/Slaughter feud, but I have it, so it will be added at the end of the appropriate show. Tonight’s episode features comments from the former Tag Team Champions and another debut. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to a new taping rotation and talk about tonight’s show. Fabulous Moolah makes her first appearance on All Star, plus the new tag Champions, the Moondogs.

1. Jack Carson v. Mil Mascaras

It’s our first time seeing Mil here on All Star, and he’s decked out in lime green. Lockup and into the ropes for the clean break, and Mascaras with a drop toe hold and works the arm. Carson fights free, but Mil with a side headlock takeover. Jack with a waistlock and Mil reverses into a surfboard. Mil transitions to an armbar and sends Jack in, flying cross chop and dropkick followed by a leg takedown for three.

1. Mil Mascaras beat Jack Carson

2. Jerry Johnson v. George Steele

The Animal makes his return to the WWF, after a lengthy absence and goes after the announcer and fans as Blassie tries to control him. George goes after fans and referee, then bites the turnbuckle open, he takes a handful of stuffing and grinds it in the eyes of Jerry. Steele bites the face of Jerry, and again goes after the crowd. Steele with a foreign object and rams it in his throat, then back to the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle stuffing is brown, that looks gross, as Steele powerslams Jerry down and chews on his head. Jerry has his head bounced off the steel turnbuckle ring and Steele back to chewing on his head. Hammerlock slam from Steele and then rips at the man’s face. Both men outside and Steele bounces the head of Jerry off the steel post repeatedly then back in. Steele covers him for the easy three. After the match Steele upends the stairs before leaving.

2. George Steele destroyed Jerry Johnson

3. Jill Fontaine v. The Fabulous Moolah

Moolah with black hair, but otherwise same as always. Moolah goes right after Jill and throws her across the ring by the hair and then into the front facelock. Jill comes back with a couple dropkicks and a monkey flip sending Moolah to the corner. Moolah grabs the tag rope and chokes Jill with it, then she goes after the ref as well. No disqualification, what is this ECW? Jill takes Moolah down with the bodyscissors, and squeezes away on Moolah. Vince talks about how good Moolah looks, and Pat says she’s not his type?!? Jill goes for a cover but Moolah under the ropes, she quickly goes to a hammerlock and Moolah sweeps the leg but gets kicked away hard. They claim she’s held the belt for over twenty years as the ref and Jill get into it now. This allows Moolah to get an object and rake across her eyes, as Moolah now all over Jill. Moolah chokes Jill on the top rope and stomps away on her. Moolah misses a dive, and Jill with a cartwheel and a dropkick but Moolah catches her in a flapjack for the three.

3. Fabulous Moolah pins Jill Fontaine

Patterson ringside with the former champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea. Rick says they won’t complain about being cheated out of the belts, they will win the gold back. Martel says they will not let the fans down, and the belts don’t belong around the Moondogs. Patterson says he considers them still the champions, no impartiality there, as he asks about rematches. Garea says they’ve had to put on a lot of pressure to get the rematches, they beat Lou’s former team of Samoans and Albano brought Moondogs to get the gold back. Garea says they will get the gold and that they promise the fans. Vince says we’ll be back with the Moondogs.

4. Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz v. Tony Garea & Rick Martel

Well, that doesn’t look like the Moondogs to me, as we get the former champions instead. Garea starts with Rodz and Rodz goes right after Garea hammering away on him. Garea fires back and Rodz tosses him across the ring and tags in Shaw. Shaw with a snapmare into the rear chinlock and pounds the face of Garea, Garea overpowers Shaw and tags in Martel who dropkicks Shaw and then slams him down. Martel drops and elbow and covers, but Rodz off the ropes with a forearm. Garea tagged back in and takes over Shaw, as they use fast tags to work over Shaw. Shaw finally catches Garea with a chop, but that doesn’t slow him down as he tags in Martel. Martel into the armbar, and Rodz keeps climbing the ropes, Martel and Garea continue working the arm. Martel with a nice dropkick, Garea tagged in via the top rope with a sunset flip for three.

4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz

5. Moondogs v. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci

Jones starts to slide into jobber status, as he teams with Denucci to face the new champions. Rex and Jones start the match, and Jones cranks the arm, tagging in Denucci. Denucci kicks Rex to the mat, as the crowd yells at Albano. Denucci gets caught by an armdrag, but Rex misses the elbow and Denucci with an armdrag into the armbar and Jones goes after King, also nailing Albano. The crowd loves seeing SD take out Albano, as he goes back to Rex and pops him, headbutt staggers Rex. King charges in and SD unloads on him, the Moondogs collide in the middle of the ring. SD with a back body drop on Rex, as Albano tries to get the Moondogs back into this match. Rex back in the ring and Denucci with a shoulderblock, but runs into a back body drop from Rex and Rex goes on the attack. King tagged in and the Moondogs begin to double team Denucci, as Albano gets a shot in as well. Denucci tries to fight back but King clobbers him and tags Rex back in. Denucci sneaks away and tags in SD who dropkicks both Moondogs and Albano gets in and gets clobbered as all five men going at it. Albano and Moondogs sent to the floor, as Patterson makes fun of the Moondogs. King comes back in via SD flipping him in, SD shoots him to the corner but charges into the boot of King. King tosses SD over the top to the floor as the bell rings.

5. Moondogs and SD Jones and Domenic Denucci go to a time limit draw

6. Terry Gunn v. Don Muraco

Lockup and Muraco gets him in the corner and unloads on Gunn. Double chop sends Gunn crashing to the mat, a nice standing dropkick from Muraco and Gunn is in trouble right away. Gunn eats the turnbuckle and then nailed with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Wizard looks on proudly of Don Muraco as he dismantles Gunn with ease. Butterfly suplex from Muraco and cover, but he pulls him up at two. Kneelift and Muraco chokes Terry on the mat, jumping neck snap as Muraco just toys with him. Tombstone piledriver from Muraco and then a slam, Muraco ascends the ropes and hits a big splash for the easy win.

6. Don Muraco crushed Terry Gunn

1. Mil Mascaras beat Jack Carson
2. George Steele destroyed Jerry Johnson
3. Fabulous Moolah pins Jill Fontaine
4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz
5. Moondogs and SD Jones and Domenic Denucci go to a time limit draw
6. Don Muraco crushed Terry Gunn

A lot of changes this week, as we get some new faces plus the first appearance of the ladies. Surprised the tag champions went to a draw in their first appearance as champions, figured they’d squash someone and look strong. Tonight we also had the first appearance of the Tombstone Piledriver, which should’ve been the finish. All in all a very interesting episode. Next week Sgt Slaughter and Angelo Mosca in action.

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