WWE Hidden Gems – 1973

We journey onward to 1973, which brings us two matches. We open with World Champion Pedro Morales facing George Steele and then Johnny Valentine faces Lou Thesz. Should be quite the contrast in match styles, so let’s go to the ring. 1. Pedro Morales v. George Steele We get commentary which is nice, it’s Vince … Continue reading WWE Hidden Gems – 1973


WWE Hidden Gems – 1972

Heading into 1972 we have four Hidden Gems in this collection. We start with a tag match starring Karl Gotch, who helped popularize submission style wrestling in Japan. The we get a demonstration of moves from Danny Hodge, Harley Race and others, followed by WWF Champion Pedro Morales defending the gold against honorable Mr Fuji! … Continue reading WWE Hidden Gems – 1972