WWF 1981 Year in Review

As we close out 1981, we will take a look back at all the great action we have seen this year. When we started the year all we had was WWF All Star Wrestling, but as the year continued we added in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling. This brought us a large influx of new talent, like Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase and many more. We only had two shows from MSG, so lots of squash matches again this year, as was the norm in the eighties. However we did have some great matches, and some guys had fantastic years. Read More »

WWF From Madison Square Garden – November 23, 1981

We finally head back to MSG for a house show, this is the second and final one for the year on the Network. Wish they had more of these, as they are so fun. This runs about ninety minutes, so some matches are missing, but we have a main event of Bob Backlund versus Greg Valentine. Plus Don Muraco faces Pedro Morales, which should be a good match. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – October 10, 1981

The previous week’s episode is another lost episode, which featured wins from Mil Mascaras, Pedro Morales, Angelo Mosca, Killer Khan, Don Muraco and Fuji and Saito. Muraco won a handicap match, as those return again, they were big on those back then. Tonight Greg Valentine faces Curt Hennig, in a battle of future Intercontinental Champions, and Tony Atlas in action. Let’s hope it’s from this year. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – June 13, 1981

This starts a new taping cycle which is strange as the last taping was only two episodes and the one before that was for four? That makes no sense, wonder if they are working the kinks out before settling on a normal taping cycle? Last week we have a really good tag team match, and Don Muraco continued his winning ways defeating SD Jones. Last week I said we would have a debut, but I am incorrect as it’s actually a return. He was with the WWWF in 1978/1979 and left for two years to go to the Mid-Atlantic territory. Tonight he returns and someone will get hammered. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – June 6, 1981

A new month brings us to the middle of 1981, and it’s been a great year so far with lots of new faces. Some exciting, some not so much. We’ve lost a few names from last year, some may return in the future, others are gone for good. Steve King continues his losing streak, as does Angelo Gomez, and a few others, while others are still undefeated. Tonight, in Hamburg, PA, we continue the year and our feature bout is Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna facing former tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – May 23, 1981

Last week they replayed the tag title change from the previous month, which seemed odd as they did and old match the week before as well. Now we see why, as this becomes the fourth episode from that taping. So somewhere along the way they decided to make the tapings last four weeks, and I assume it was after the did they taping so they needed to pad the shows. This week we get another old match with Bruno Sammartino, plus Mil Mascaras and Don Muraco in action to finish this taping. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »