WWE Hidden Gems – 1975

We finally make it to the year I was born, 1975. Only one match for this year but it looks to be a good one as The Cowboys battle. Bill Watts faces Terry Funk for the North American Championship in what promises to be a fantastic match. Bill was a great wrestler in his day, … Continue reading WWE Hidden Gems – 1975


WWE Hidden Gems – 1974

As we near the middle of the seventies we enter 1974, which brings us another pair of interesting matches. First is a tag team contest starring Bobby Heenan and the Sheik as they face Dick The Bruiser and Bobo Brazil. That is followed by another tag contest as Danny Hodge and Jos Leduc team up … Continue reading WWE Hidden Gems – 1974

WWE Hidden Gems – 1960’s Part Two

Finishing off the sixties portion of the Hidden Gems section of the network with three big matches. We have action from Sputnik Monroe, Jack Pesek, Joe Blanchard, Bob Geigel. Gary Hart, Duke Keomuka, Dory Funk Junior and Gene Kiniski. Let’s not waste any time, and let’s get to the ring for the first match.   … Continue reading WWE Hidden Gems – 1960’s Part Two