Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – October 31, 1981

The previous episode of Mid-Atlantic is missing as we jump to Halloween, and tonight we will see Sgt Slaughter in action against Don Kernodle. Should be a great contest, as this episode must be missing something as it is about five minutes shorter then others. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – October 31, 1981

Last week we had a shocking World Tag Team Championship match as Mr Fuji and Mr Saito defeated Rick Martel and Tony Garea. Not with the help of Lou Albano but some well timed salt tossing led to the changing of the gold. Tonight the former champions are in action, alongside Greg Valentine and Killer Khan. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – October 10, 1981

The previous week’s episode is another lost episode, which featured wins from Mil Mascaras, Pedro Morales, Angelo Mosca, Killer Khan, Don Muraco and Fuji and Saito. Muraco won a handicap match, as those return again, they were big on those back then. Tonight Greg Valentine faces Curt Hennig, in a battle of future Intercontinental Champions, and Tony Atlas in action. Let’s hope it’s from this year. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – September 26, 1981

Back to the Mid-Atlantic area as we continue with some great Jim Crockett productions. Last week Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson lost via disqualification to Frank Monte and Paul Jones in a shocker. Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood won a tag match and Ron Bass successfully defended his TV title. This week our main event is Jay Youngblood facing Ole Anderson, that should be fantastic. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – September 26, 1981

To the Northeast for another exciting episode of All Star Wrestling. Last week Rick McGraw announced his retirement due to injuries from Killer Khan, which Freddie Blassie and Khan relished in. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci scored a win, as did Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in tag action. Khan, Greg Valentine and Roberto Soto also won their respective matches. This week we have Angelo Mosca in action, plus the tag team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »