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World Class Championship Wrestling: November 2, 1982

   Sadly the WWF skipped episodes 44 and 45 and jumped us forward a few weeks. The last episode I watched was much better then I expected with a great tag team match, so hopefully this one can continue the progress and we didn’t miss to much. Would have liked to seen the Bill Irwin versus Michael Hayes match, but anyway.

    The opener has such a powerful drum beat to it, as Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are now behind a desk with headsets. Two weeks and one big change already as they go over the card for tonight as we have two big tag team matches plus Kevin Von Erich in action as we head to the ring. Continue reading

World Class Championship Wrestling: Oct 15, 1982

   World Class Championship Wrestling is next up, a territory based out of Texas that ran from 1966 till 1990. WCCW was most known for the Von Erich family who were the main faces for the territory in the eighties. Many other huge names made their way though this Texas territory including Rick Rude, One Man Gang, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett and the Ultimate Warrior among others. WCCW would sadly fold in 1990 along with most other territories that were swallowed up by the WWF and WCW. WCCW left a large legacy on the wrestling business and would be chronicled in the WWF release “Triumph & Tragedy of World Class”. Unfortunately the network only has 20 episodes of WCCW from 82-83, so we only get a small sampling of what was, hopefully they add more episodes in the future. With that, let’s head back to 1982 in Texas. Continue reading

WWF From Madison Square Gardens – April 6, 1981

   We finally made it out of the 1970s and into the 80s. Although the changes may not be seen for a while, the WWF slowly changed from Sports to Sports Entertainment. This show is from 1981, so it’s still before the advent of Hulkamania, as Bob Backlund is still the WWF World Champion and the Moondogs are about a month into their title reign. We finally have the IC title as Pedro Morales, the third champion, is currently four months into his title reign. This show is also only an hour, so we won’t get a lot but hopefully it’s better then what we had in the 70s. Continue reading

WWF From Philadelphia, PA – March 25, 1978

   The final WWF show from the seventies on the network comes to us from Philadelphia, PA. This show comes to us as Bob Backlund is the new WWF champion, having won the title one month earlier from Superstar Billy Graham. The Tag Team Champions are even newer, as Dino Bravo and Dominic Denucci won the titles only eleven days earlier defeating Mr. Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka, We’re still a year and a half away from the crowning of the first IC champion, but the WWF was still using regional champions and sometimes even the NWA champion. This is only an hour long, so I expect lots of clipping and little else, but let’s see. Continue reading

WWF From Madison Square Gardens – June 27, 1977

   Our next show from Madison Square Gardens takes place a little over two years after the last show. A lot has changed in the WWF landscape as Bruno Sammartino lost the World Title to Superstar Billy Graham about two months prior to this show, after over three years as champion again. The Tag Team Titles changed hands a few times in the two years, finally resting in the hands of Billy White Wolf and Chief Jay Strongbow. White Wolf would be later known as General Adnan in the WWF with Sgt. Slaughter in 1990. There was still no IC title yet, the title would be formed a little over two years later. Hopefully this show will have some better matches then the 1975 show, as it is over two hours long so there should be more then four match. Let’s send it down to ringside. Continue reading

WWF From Madison Square Gardens – March 17, 1975

Once again we’re back with more classics. Now that I have the network, I decided to start at the oldest show on here, all the way back to 1975. About nine months before I was born, as we head back to the days before Hulk-a-Mania and even PPV. To set the stage for this classic show, the WWF World Champion was Bruno Sammartino who was fifteen months into his second reign. Our Tag Team Champions are The Valiant Brothers, Jimmy and Johnny, having held the belts for the last ten months. There was no Intercontinental Champion, as that title had not been created yet. With this being only an hour long, I assume we will be missing a large portion of matches, or there is a lot of clipping. Let see what we get. Continue reading

Hulkamania 2

   Hulkamania was one of the biggest draws of the eighties, thus the reason Hulk Hogan gets multiple tapes of his own. This is the second Hulkamania tape, the first one covered his first year of being WWF champion. The case is blue and purple with a picture of Hulk Hogan on the cover, oddly in light blue trunks and a dark blue Hulkamania shirt. This seems really weird as Hulk was known for the red and yellow by this point, and rarely deviated from this colour scheme. Anyways, the tape says “The Saga Continues…” and did it ever for another 8 years in WWF, about five years in WCW, back to WWE, to TNA and then once again back to WWE. With this being the first tape release of 1987, I expect this tape will cover Hulk’s 1986 run, which was a lot of Paul Orndorff, not that that is a bad thing. Continue reading


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