WWF All Star Wrestling – April 18, 1981

Last week we saw the debuts of Mil Mascaras and George the Animal Steele, plus the ladies made their first appearance. Tonight we have Domenic Denucci versus Killer Khan as our main event, plus Sgt Slaughter is in action. Should be an interesting main event, as Khan doesn’t seem to be with Blassie on a regular basis. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight’s show, as Denucci is in the ring already. They talk about Killer Khan being an unstoppable force.

1. Domenic Denucci v. Killer Khan

Blassie is with Khan tonight, so I don’t think Denucci has good odds for this match. Lockup and into the corner, Blassie cracks Denucci with the cane and Khan hammers Denucci down to the mat. Khan gets him in the corner again, and Blassie holds him while Khan unloads. Khan snapmares Denucci down and into the rear chinlock. Denucci grabs the ponytail of Khan to finally break his grip and begins to unload on Khan, but Khan quickly back in control. Denucci with a quick series of shots and back to the ponytail, which he uses to hold Khan while hitting him. Denucci doing everything he can, but can’t knock Khan down, as Khan comes back with the fast chops to slow Denucci down, Into the corner and Blassie with the cane, Khan charges and Denucci moves causing Khan to crash. Denucci goes outside and pulls both legs of Khan into the post crushing his balls. He then attacks Blassie and whacks him with the cane, then a shot for Khan as well as the crowd goes wild. Khan begs off and Denucci stalls, which allows Khan to get a knee in, another knee sends Denucci to the floor where he gets counted out.

1. Killer Khan beats Domenic Denucci by countout

2. Yoshiaki Yatsu v. Larry Sharpe

This has all the makings of being boring, as Yatsu quickly goes after the legs and takes down Sharpe. Both men jockeying for position as they counter each other, Sharpe pops him and rams Yatsu into the turnbuckle. Yatsu fires back and works the arm as Patterson says Yatsu has only been wrestling three months. Sharpe counters and hammers away at Yatsu and goes after the arm. Knee to the chest from Sharpe, as he staggers Yatsu and goes back to the arm. Sharpe drops a series of knees to the back of the head of Yatsu, as this has been a very slow paced match. Yatsu finally makes a comeback and dropkicks Sharpe into the corner, he then pummels Sharpe in the corner. Sharpe sent to the opposite corner where he crumples to the mat, Sharpe begs off and Yatsu takes a second but goes right after him. Yatsu charges and Sharpe moves, Yatsu bounces hard off the turnbuckle. Sharpe gets a near fall, and keeps the offense by dropping the elbow, then into the nerve hold. It’s been a meticulous attack from Sharpe as he works the arm and shoulder of Yatsu for most of the match, but it’s gone on way too long now. Sharpe stomps the back of the head of Yatsu as the bell rings.

2. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Larry Sharpe go to time limit draw

Vince at ringside with Sgt Slaughter and The Wizard, as Vince takes a sign from a fan calling Slaughter “Gomer”. Slaughter is furious as the fans start the chant, and Slaughter demands respect. Slaughter says it’s a conspiracy as they are giving signs to whoever brings the biggest Gomer sign. He calls Vince a maggot and yells at him, as Wizard say no one has broken the Cobra Clutch. Slaughter challenges Bruno, Backlund, Patterson and the Moondogs and even Vince McMahon to break the Clutch.

3. Sgt Slaughter v. Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is not going to have a good time here, he thinks it hurts when Lucy pulls the football just wait. Brown charges Slaughter but gets caught and Slaughter pounds away on him. Slaughter tosses Brown out of the ring as The Wizard approves. Brown gets caught coming in and Slaughter slams him down then drives a knee to the throat. Brown tries to fight back and Slaughter just hammers and chokes the man. Slaughter slams Brown and then shoot him, hits a clothesline and into the Cobra Clutch for the win.

3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Charlie Brown

4. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

The current Intercontinental Champion, Pedro makes his way to the ring and shakes hands with the ring announcer. Pedro with a top wristlock and takes down Rodz with ease, Rodz tries to fight back and gets a side headlock on the champion. Pedro lifts him into the kneebreaker, and that also breaks the headlock. Rodz drives the head of Pedro into the turnbuckle, after he removed the padding, and does it again as Rodz unloads on Pedro who comes back with an eye rake. Rodz tastes the steel as Pedro smashes him into it and then hits Rodz with the loose turnbuckle pad. Rodz sent to the outside and he takes out his aggression on the wooden steps, which he tries to toss into the ring but doesn’t work. Rodz grabs an ice bucket and tries to nail Pedro but Pedro ducks and Rodz gets clobbered then rammed into the turnbuckle again. Rodz stumbles into the ring, where Pedro nails him with a double sledge, but Rodz fights through and a snapmare into the rear chinlock from Rodz. Pedro rakes the eyes to break the grip of Rodz and whips him in, back body drop sends Rodz to the mat. Pedro with a shoulderblock, off the ropes again and Rodz puts his head down, Pedro rolls him up for the win.

4. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz

5. Angelo Mosca v. Jerry Johnson

Mosca goes right after Jerry with forearm smashes to the back. Back elbow sends Jerry crashing to the mat, and Mosca pulls him up just to kick him. Mosca rams the head of Jerry into the turnbuckle multiple times then punches him down. Albano at ringside jawing with fans, as they taunt him, as they always do. Mosca with the backbreaker gets the easy win.

5. Angelo Mosca crushed Jerry Johnson

1. Killer Khan beats Domenic Denucci by countout
2. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Larry Sharpe go to time limit draw
3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Charlie Brown
4. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz
5. Angelo Mosca crushed Jerry Johnson

Not the best showing tonight, as some of the matches went way too long. Especially Sharpe/Yatsu but Denucci and Khan should’ve been an easy win for Khan. Next week we get a six man tag match with Martel, Garea and Jones. Hopefully that’s better then this week.

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