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WWF From Madison Square Gardens – April 6, 1981

   We finally made it out of the 1970s and into the 80s. Although the changes may not be seen for a while, the WWF slowly changed from Sports to Sports Entertainment. This show is from 1981, so it’s still before the advent of Hulkamania, as Bob Backlund is still the WWF World Champion and the Moondogs are about a month into their title reign. We finally have the IC title as Pedro Morales, the third champion, is currently four months into his title reign. This show is also only an hour, so we won’t get a lot but hopefully it’s better then what we had in the 70s. Continue reading


The Life and Times of Captain Lou Albano

   Time for another classic Coliseum Home Video release, and this time it’s “The Life and Times of Captain Lou Albano”. Lou is of course the manager of champions, guiding multiple teams to the WWF Tag Team Titles. This tape covers the career of one of the greatest managers of all time. The box calls him one of the most influential men in wrestling, and I have to agree as he was one of the biggest stars of the eighties. I expect this tape to have a ton of promos and skits and very few matches, but the promos should be fun as no one cut a promo like Lou, let’s get started.
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The Tag Team Champions

   After a little longer hiatus then I planned, I am back with the continuation of the Coliseum Home Video Library. Todays video is entitled The Tag Team Champions, and the box says it covers six years of championship matches. Featured on the box are Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, and the Strongbows. Nowadays if they covered six years of title changes it would take about ten tapes, but this should go from about 1980-1986, so there wasn’t the random title change madness we have now. I assume we’re going to get a lot of clipped matches though, but should still be a nice trip down memory lane. Continue reading

Best of the WWF Volume 2

Tape six in the Coliseum Home Video library is the second volume of the best of the WWF. This is another compilation of matches, mostly from 1985. The box cover is bright red, like Volume 1, and features Mr. Fuji of all people on the cover. The tape advertises Magnificent Muraco versus Pedro Morales and Tito Santana versus Paul Orndorff as our featured matches. The box also advertises The Moondogs, Killer Kowalski, Midget Madness, surprise endings and more. Should be a good lineup, as usual with these tapes, so let’s get it started.

As usual we open with the classic video, then over to Gorilla Monsoon who welcomes us to Volume 2. Gorilla says we will also get some great historical footage as well as we go to our first match. Continue reading

The Main Event IV – November 23, 1990

This just seems out of place, as the Main Event’s usually took place in February. I guess the writing was on the wall for SNME at this point and the glory days were disappearing. Tonight’s show comes to us a mere 24 hours after the Survivor Series; however it was taped about a month prior. With the Ultimate Warrior scheduled to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase this should be a good show, so let’s not waste time.

We open tonight’s show with Mene Gene alongside the challenger, Ted DiBiase. We see the various shenanigans of DiBiase over the last three years, but they didn’t show the ones with Linda McMahon or RVD. Now over to Sean Mooney who’s with the Ultimate Mullet, I mean Ultimate Warrior. No one rocked the mullet quite the way Warrior did; it’s reaching Billy Ray Cyrus proportions! From here we go to the opening video and then Vince McMahon alongside Rowdy Roddy Piper as Ted DiBiase is already in the ring.

1. Ted DiBiase v Ultimate Warrior. Warrior looks at his title before handing it to the ref, and they lock up. Warrior tosses Ted to the corner and another lockup and again to the corner goes Ted. Ted goes for a wristlock and Warrior overpowers him again. Another lockup and Ted drives a knee to the midsection and unloads on Warrior before sending him in. Ted misses a clothesline, but Warrior certainly doesn’t. Another Warrior clothesline sends The Million Dollar Man to the floor and Warrior rams Ted and Virgil’s heads together. Warrior rams both men’s heads to the apron and tosses Ted in. Warrior comes in from the top with a double ax handle to the skull and Ted begs off in the corner. Warrior chops Ted apart and sends him to the opposite corner but runs into Ted’s knee. Ted comes out with a big clothesline and follows with the double ax handle of his own and gets a near fall. Continue reading

Saturday Night’s Main Event #23 – October 14, 1989

It’s time for another classic SNME recap. Tonight we’re coming to you from Cincinnati, Ohio and we’re about six weeks after Summerslam. At the 1989 Summerslam we crowned a new Intercontinental Champion, as The Ultimate Warrior regained his title from Ravishing Rick Rude, with a little help from Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper distracted Rude by mooning him, allowing Warrior to nail a back Suplex for the victory. Also at Summerslam new tag team champions the Brain Busters defeated former champions the Hart Foundation while the previous champions Demolition teamed with Jim Duggan to overcome the enormous team of Akeem, Big Boss Man and Andre the Giant. The main event saw Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake defeat the team of Randy Savage and Zeus when Elizabeth tripped Sherri distracting the ref and allowing Hulk to use Sherri’s purse on Zeus for the victory. Only a couple weeks before this show we crowned new tag champions as Demolition regained the titles from the Brain Busters in Wheeling, West Virginia. Tonight we’re on our way to the third annual Survivor Series, so let’s get to ringside. Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – January 2, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – January 2, 1988

It’s a new year for the WWF, and as we enter 1988 we head toward Wrestlemania IV. Hulk Hogan is approaching his four year anniversary as champion, a feat that would be unheard of nowadays, and has faced multiple opponents and has decimated all of them. However one man decided to try his hand again, after a loss at Wrestlemania II, King Kong Bundy regrouped and decided to take one more shot at the unstoppable champion. This time Bundy had an ace in the hole, Andre the Giant, who would be at ringside with Bobby Heenan for the challenger. Unfortunately for King Kong Bundy, Andre got caught tripping the champion and was ordered back to the locker room, leaving Bundy with Heenan, but the dastardly duo had a backup plan. When Hulk Hogan went after Bundy on the floor, they put the plan in motion. As Hulk tossed the mammoth challenger back in the ring to finish him off, Bobby Heenan capitalized on the moment and grabbed the ankle of the Champion. Hulk was unable to get back in the ring, and was counted out; giving Bundy the win he so wanted, but not the title. A furious Hulkster knocked Bundy out of the ring and gave Bobby Heenan the beating he deserved. This brings us to tonight, as Bobby Heenan is no condition to be at ringside, he has secured the services of Andre the Giant to be the manager of King Bundy in this epic rematch. All this and much more, tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event!!! Continue reading