WWF 1981 Year in Review

As we close out 1981, we will take a look back at all the great action we have seen this year. When we started the year all we had was WWF All Star Wrestling, but as the year continued we added in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling. This brought us a large influx of new talent, like Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase and many more. We only had two shows from MSG, so lots of squash matches again this year, as was the norm in the eighties. However we did have some great matches, and some guys had fantastic years. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – November 28, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas and Jesse Ventura won squash matches. Mr Fuji and Mr Saito won a tag squash as did new team SD Jones and Curt Hennig. We also had a pretty good show from Madison Square Garden where Pedro Morales regained the Intercontinental Championship from Don Muraco in a Texas Death Match. Tonight it looks like they are playing the match on television, which was easily the best Pedro match I’ve ever seen. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – September 26, 1981

To the Northeast for another exciting episode of All Star Wrestling. Last week Rick McGraw announced his retirement due to injuries from Killer Khan, which Freddie Blassie and Khan relished in. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci scored a win, as did Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in tag action. Khan, Greg Valentine and Roberto Soto also won their respective matches. This week we have Angelo Mosca in action, plus the tag team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – August 15, 1981

Last week we had a horrible match between Domenic Denucci and Don Muraco which involved almost nothing but stalling and a countout. Tonight Don Muraco faces a different opponent, hopefully it’s a better match. Also last week we saw Fuji & Saito destroy opponents, but not as quick as the unstoppable Killer Khan. This week we have the Animal, George Steele, in action among others. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »