WWF All Star Wrestling – November 8, 1980

We do the time warp here as we skip forward six weeks, missing an entire month of All Star Wrestling. During the missing episodes we crowned new World Tag Team Champions, as the Wild Samoans became the first ever two time champions. Jumping forward like we did see some new faces this week including the Moondogs and Stan Hansen. I was always a fan of the Moondogs, so I look forward to this. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince McMahon opens the show with Pat Patterson, I guess Bruno is gone now. Also with a new commentator we get new suits, as both are in blue. Tonight we also have Killer Khan on the card, along with Pedro Morales.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. The Black Demon & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Mikel & Martel start out and a nice headscissors takeover takes down Martel but he easily fight out and applies the side headlock. Mikel counters back to the headscissors, but Martel again fights out and we get a fresh lockup, Garea tagged in and goes for the side headlock, but Mikel breaks with a hair pull. Mikel with a top wristlock takes Garea to the mat but Garea powers up and into the armbar before tagging Martel back in. Mikel rakes the eyes and tosses Martel to the floor, Mikel catches him coming back in and rams him into the turnbuckle. Demon tagged in and the double team Martel, Demon with a nice snapmare then into the side headlock. Off the ropes and Martel with a pair of leapfrogs into a slam and then a pair of dropkicks sends Demon to the wrong corner. Martel into a hammerlock and Demon tries to get away, but Garea tagged in and maintains the hammerlock. Patterson keeps calling him Mike Scicluna, as Garea is just tossing Demon around, which angers the big Baron. Martel back in and Demon sends him to the buckle and brings in Baron who tosses Martel out, then slams him into the steel post. Baron tries a second time but Martel blocks and Baron eats the turnbuckle. Mikel bails out and Demon back in for the criss cross, Demon gets caught with a back elbow and Garea tagged in, back drop on the Demon. The Demon gets a drop toe hold and holds the leg to get a breather. Garea fights free with ease and tags Martel back in, Martel with a dropkick and Garea tagged back in for another dropkick. Martel tagged in and over the top rope with a nice sunset flip for the victory.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Black Demon & Baron Mikel Scicluna

2. Pedro Morales v. Frank Savage

Both men signing autographs before the match, wonder how many people still have a Frank Savage autograph? Pedro quickly goes for a hammerlock and Savage makes the ropes, top wristlock from Savage and Pedro tosses him aside. Savage with a side headlock, and Pedro counters to a wristlock and Savage makes the ropes. Pedro with a side headlock of his own, and Savage pulls the hair to make the ropes, he gets a cheap shot in and Pedro just clobbers him for that. Savage decides to rake the eyes so Pedro rips at the beard before nailing Savage with a big left knocking him to the mat. Pedro decides if Savage wants to fight dirty, so will he as Savage is getting destroyed for that. Pedro grabs the beard and tosses Savage to the ropes. Big sledge from Pedro followed by the slam into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales over Frank Savage

Patterson at ringside with Pedro, he talks about their many years of friendship and how proud he is of Pedro. Pedro thanks Pat and challenges Stan Hansen after Hansen tried to hijack the interview during commercial. Pat asks about Pedro’s short fuse, he says he’s glad to have the short temper so he can show people he can handle himself. Pat asks about the attack from last week, we didn’t see, from Ken Patera and Pedro says he’ll take care of him. Pat says Patera stole the belt and tells Pedro to take the belt from him.

3. Ron Shaw v. Stan Hansen

The big Texas makes his way to the ring screaming at the fans before going right after Shaw. Stan hammers the shoulder of Shaw driving him hard to the mat, Shaw tries to fight back but Hansen just pulls him down with ease. Patterson says it’s hard to sit there and take being yelled at, but Vince points out it’s in the contract as a commentator. Hansen tosses Shaw across the ring as Pat asks if Vince ever wants to get in the ring and Vince laughs it off! Vince talks about Hansen breaking Bruno’s neck a few years back with the lariat, as Shaw dropkicks Hansen who doesn’t even flinch. Hansen continues to just dominate Shaw and connects with the lariat for the easy win.

3. Stan Hansen crushes Ron Shaw

Vince goes to ringside to interview Hansen who tells him to quit stuttering and it took him four years to get back. Hansen calls out Bruno, Bob and Pedro and says he was banned but he’s back. Stan calls breaking Bruno’s neck a great memory and he’s the nastiest of them all and he wants to finish the job. Stan tells Hogan he has the real lariat and stomps off.

4. The Moondogs v. Charlie Brown & Steve King

Before the match Moondog Rex eats the flower of Gary’s suit. The Moondogs are Rex and King and Rex is just hammering Steve King to the mat. King tagged in and continues to destroy Steve. King drives Steve into Rex’s knee and Rex back in. Steve King press slammed into the ropes, and he crawls to the corner to tag in Brown but the Moondogs just destroy him as well. Vince talks about Albano having two of the most destructive teams in WWF, Samoans and Moondogs, and someone needs to stop him. It’s been all Moondogs throughout the match as King slams Charlie down hard and stomps away on him. Charlie sent to the floor and a shirtless Lou Albano just pops him, as Vince makes fun of how fat Albano is. Brown tossed back in and King hits him with the back elbow and then tags Rex back in. Powerslam from King and splash from Rex for the end. After the match the Moondogs lick the legs of Albano as he escorts them to the back.

4. The Moondogs destroy Steve King & Charlie Brown

5. Killer Khan v. Marc Pole

It’s Vince’s favorite whipping boy back again and he has to deal with the massive Killer Khan, with Lou Albano. Khan goes right at Pole and just hammers him then a big slam and stomps. Pole gets a few shots in and doesn’t even slow down Khan who chops him and then chokes him on the ropes. Khan is screaming loudly with every kick and chop as Pole is just being dismantled. Khan is normally managed by Blassie, but he’s not there this week so Albano is manager tonight. Khan pulls Pole up and chops away at Pole, turning him into a twig. Pole shot in and double chop from Khan, who then drops the knee for an easy pin.

5. Killer Khan annihilated Marc Pole

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Black Demon & Baron Mikel Scicluna
2. Pedro Morales over Frank Savage
3. Stan Hansen crushes Ron Shaw
4. The Moondogs destroy Steve King & Charlie Brown
5. Killer Khan annihilated Marc Pole

A pretty good episode, some new faces and a new team. Glad to see Khan, Hansen and the Moondogs as I was always a big fan of them. Other then the Pedro squash everything was enjoyable. Next week we’re joined by Khan, Hansen and the Wild Samoans, should be a blast.

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