WWF All Star Wrestling – November 15, 1980

Just a few more episodes remain of 1980 before we enter a whole new year. Before the first episode of 1981 I will be doing a special review of the year with most match, most wins, most losses and best and worst match of the year. I’ve made a spreadsheet of all the matches recapped for 1980 and keeping track of wins and losses so I can see who’s the best of the year from the TV shows. I plan to do this for each year, hopefully, and thus giving a nice ending for the year. As far as the missing All Star episodes go we missed a number of debuts including the Moondogs, Stan Hansen, Killer Khan and Ernie Ladd. Sadly those episodes are forever lost to time, so we march on. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince & Pat welcome us to the show and go over tonight’s card. Tonight is taping number one of this series and takes place on November 12th. Scheduled for action tonight is The Moondogs, Killer Khan and Stan Hansen plus a World Tag Team Title Match from Philadelphia.

1. Afa & Sika v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea (Tag)

This is from November 8th in Philly and is joined in progress as Garea gets dumped to the outside and attacked by Sika. Garea slammed hard on the cement and Martel finally comes to chase Sika away. Martel helps Garea back in the ring and right into the claw from Afa, as they continue to wear down Garea. Sika tagged in and right into the claw, The Samoans continue to use double team moves to work over Garea, tag made to Martel but the ref misses it and this allows the Samoans to double team Garea again. They could’ve aired the beginning and end and cut out the claw segment. Garea fights free and hits a shoulderblock, then a flying body press and almost scores the win. Headbutt and Sika back in, Martel makes a save and the Samoans double team again. Garea kicks away at Afa but gets snapmared down and back to the claw. Garea off the ropes and both men collide and are down, as the ref begins the count. Sika tagged in but in the meantime Garea tags in Martel who dropkicks Afa and backdrops Sika. Another dropkick and all four men in the ring. Double monkey flip and double dropkick staggers the Samoans, Garea and Afa whipped into each other. Sika covers Garea while Martel covers Afa and the referee counts but who was legal? The referee’s decision is the winners, and new tag team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. The crowd goes wild for the new champions. *** a lot of time spent in the claw dragged it down, but the end sequence plus a hot crowd boosted the match up.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat The Wild Samoans ***

2. Angel Marvilla v. Killer Khan

This confirms that Angel’s push is dead and buried as he’s officially now a jobber. Khan quickly hammers on Angel and stomps him down, Khan does everything with a loud scream as well. Into the corner and Khan stays right on him, while Blassie jabs Angel with the cane. Angel chops at Khan but that does nothing so Khan chops him down. Khan tosses Angel out of the ring and then drags him back in by the face but hammers him on the apron sending Angel back to the floor. Angel tries a shoulderblock from the apron and Khan doesn’t move but a few shots from Khan takes Angel to the mat. Khan again drives Angel back to the floor with a series of knees and Khan yanks him to the apron before tossing Angel hard into the steel post. Khan drags him back in and a running double chop followed up with a double knee to the face for the easy three.

2. Killer Khan destroyed Angel Marvilla

Pat ringside with Fred Blassie & Killer Khan, as Blassie has just returned from Japan where he found Khan & Hansen. Blassie says it took him three years to get Khan, who spends the interview staring at the lights. Pat asks why he told Khan to keep going when he could’ve won earlier, Blassie says he wants him men to show what they can do. Blassie says Killer Khan is royalty and a descendant from Genghis Khan, he then speaks Mongolian to Khan who responds back. This is great stuff, couldn’t get away with this now, as Khan is licking the ropes while Blassie talks about Khan chasing down camels in Mongolia. Blassie says he brings the foreigners in to make him money so he can buy more houses, cars and diamonds.

3. Rick McGraw v. Johnny Rodz

I guess this is our main event, as Rodz makes his way to the ring while Rick signs autographs. Lockup and Rodz sends Rick to the ropes with ease and into the side headlock from Rodz. Rick counters to an armbar but Rodz fights out with ease. Another lockup and Rodz with a top wristlock, Rick counters to a hammerlock and Rodz drops to his knees. Rodz makes his way free and Rick offers a handshake, but Rodz declines so Rick takes him down with the armdrag. Rodz makes the ropes and nails Rick but Rick comes back with one of his own. Rick returns to the hammerlock and Rodz makes the ropes and hammers away on Rick. Rodz slams Rick down and drops a big knee for a near fall, as Rick makes the ropes. Rodz misses the second knee drop and Rick smartly goes after the knee, then armdrags Rodz into the arm bar. Rick pulls him up and unloads, but Rodz shoots him in and drives a knee to the stomach. Rick grabs a leg and takes Rodz down but Rodz continues to hammer Rick before lifting him up into a shoulderbreaker. Rodz works over the shoulder of Rick, as this match has been great so far, Rick counters into a headscissors. Rick stomps on Rodz and covers but only gets one, Rodz sweeps out the legs and hammers Rick in the face before tossing him to the floor and Rodz quickly follows. Rick smashes Rodz face first into the steps and then into the apron, the hardest part of the ring. Rick back in to break the count, but Rodz pulls him to the apron, Rick fights free and Rodz slow to get back in. Rick hits a standing dropkick sending Rodz into the ropes. Rick with a side headlock and pops Rodz, before taking him down with a facelock and Rodz rolls for the cover as the bell rings and we get a draw. After the match Rodz goes on the attack on Rick dropping multiple knees on Rick as the ref tries to separate them. The ref finally gets Rodz off of Rick and gives the match to Rick?!? Rodz got screwed. That was a great contest but a dumb ending as Johnny Rodz got ripped off.

3. Rick McGraw wins by referee decision over Johnny Rodz ***1/2

4. The Moondogs v. Angelo Gomez & Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan returns for another match, as he faces the newest team of Lou Albano. Albano at ringside screaming at the fans as the Moondog works over Gomez in the corner then drives him into his partner. Rex tagged in and chops away on Gomez who’s hurt early. Rex sends Gomez into the foot of King and King finally makes a tag to young Jim Duggan. King chokes Duggan on the ropes and rakes the eyes, as the Moondogs double team Duggan. Pat talks about Duggan being a football player but lacking experience as he was a rookie here. King comes in and clobber Duggan but Duggan keeps fighting back, however he gets rammed into the boot of Rex. Quick tags from the Moondogs keep Duggan on the mat, but he finally tags in Gomez. Rex with a backbreaker and tags in King who splashes Gomez for the win.

4. The Moondogs crush Angelo Gomez & Jim Duggan

5. Stan Hansen v. Steve King

Hansen quickly overpowers King to the corner and tosses him across the ring. King getting destroyed in the corner and shot to the opposite corner as Hansen is relentless. Hansen rams King’s head into the turnbuckle as Hansen keeps on him, scoop and slam from Hansen who then drops a knee across the face. King tries to fight back and Hansen just shrugs off the shots and tosses King to the floor. Hansen follows and bangs his head off the steps and the apron before getting back in. King makes the apron and Hansen just yanks him back in over the top rope. This is the very definition of a squash as Hansen just throws him in and hits the lariat for the easy win.
5. Stan Hansen annihilates Steve King

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat The Wild Samoans for the gold ***
2. Killer Khan destroyed Angel Marvilla
3. Rick McGraw wins by referee decision over Johnny Rodz ***1/2
4. The Moondogs crush Angelo Gomez & Jim Duggan
5. Stan Hansen annihilates Steve King

Another really good episode of All Star Wrestling with two fantastic matches including a huge title change. Surprised to see the Samoans drop the gold after only two months to the new team of Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Next week we get Sgt Slaughter and Rick McGraw making appearances.

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