WWF All Star Wrestling – September 20, 1980

Forging along through 1980, I feel like this and last week’s episodes are WWF Championship Wrestling and maybe there was no All Star tapings? Not sure, but the show felt different last week and this looks to be the same style. Tonight’s main event is Tony Garea versus Johnny Rodz plus Hulk Hogan in yet another handicap match. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show and announces we have two tag matches plus the main event. Tony Atlas joins us as well, plus a match from the Tag Tournament.

1. The Wild Samoans v. Rick Martel & Domenic Denucci

This is one of the semi-final matches from the tournament to crown new tag Champions. All four men start the match with the faces getting advantage ramming the Samoans into each other and sending them to the floor. Denucci in their with Afa, and he moves as Afa charges and the Samoans collide again. Martel hammers Sika who wound up in the wrong corner as Vince talk about Bob and Pedro beating the Samoans in Shea. The Samoans just can’t get anything going as they keep colliding and hitting each other. Domenic rolls up Afa from behind and gets a near fall but Sika makes the save. The Samoans begin to double team Denucci, as Martel cheers on his partner. The ref misses the tag to Martel and Vince is irate on commentary, as the Samoans keep the ref where they need him. Finally Martel makes the tag and he unloads on the Samoans, but they double team him and chaos ensues. Martel gets choked with the tag rope, but he gets it from Sika and chokes him. Martel begins to work the shoulder of Sika, Sika sends him in and misses the clothesline. Back to the arm goes Martel as Denucci keeps Afa at bay, Martel brings in Denucci who stomps the coconuts. The ref grabs the arm of Denucci and this allows Sika to get a shot in, sending Denucci to the ropes where Albano gets a shot in. Martel charges in to make the save, but that makes it worse as the Samoans double team Denucci. Double headbutt sends Denucci tumbling to the cement floor and he gets counted out. This sends the Samoans to the finals of the tournament, wish they had the full tournament on here. Really good fast paced match, as usual with Samoans.

1. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Rick Martel by countout ***

2. Jose Estrada v. Tony Atlas

Jose wants the ref to check Tony’s wrist tape before they lockup. Clean break in the ropes and now to the corner for another clean break. Side headlock from Atlas and Jose struggles to the ropes before going for one of his own. Jose maintains the hold using the hair of Tony, but Atlas just lifts him up and places him on the top turnbuckle with ease. Estrada gets a knee in on Atlas and hammers the midsection, but makes the mistake of hitting the head of Atlas. That hurts Jose’s hand and fires up Atlas, Estrada backs off but Atlas just unloads and drops and elbow then a big headbutt. Tony pulls Estrada up and slams him then goes for a splash but Estrada gets the knees up and Estrada quickly goes to work on Atlas. A cover gets two and Atlas quickly press slams Estrada for the three.

2. Tony Atlas pinned Jose Estrada

Vince is ringside with Atlas, and Atlas says he appreciates the fans cheering him on. Atlas says the competition doesn’t get any easier, but as long as the people are behind him he won’t let them down. Atlas says the people are always behind you whether you win or lose, and that helps him give it all he’s got. Vince asks about the splash where he landed on the ribs, Tony says he’s faced Estrada before and he scouted him so Estrada knew what to do. Tony says the pain will never make him give up as he won’t let the fans down. Atlas talks about the people who have helped him like Gorilla Monsoon and Bob Backlund, and he supports his friends like Rick Martel.

3. Rene Goulet & Pedro Morales v. Sylvana Sousa & Baron Mike Scicluna

Pedro and Sousa start out and Pedro shoves him back, another lockup and Pedro with the side headlock tags in Rene. Rene powers Sousa to the corner and tosses him out then catches him with the flying headscissors. Pedro tagged back in and Sousa powers Pedro to his corner, where Pedro rams their head together. Rene back in as they keep going with the fast tags and keeping Baron out. Vince mentions Pedro is a former World and Tag Champion, all he needs is the Intercontinental championship to be the first grand slam champion. Sousa just getting tossed around by Pedro & Rene, as he can’t get anything going. Sousa finally rakes the eyes and makes the tag to Mikel but Pedro nails both guys and Mikel is not happy. Mikel gets Pedro in his corner and Sousa holds him, Pedro ducks and Mikel nails Sousa. They try again as Mikel holds Pedro and now Sousa nails Mikel accidentally. They start yelling at each other and Pedro loves it. Rene tagged back in and Mikel catches him in a side headlock, Goulet shot in and Baron drops down, Rene runs into Sousa and nails him. This allows Baron to nail Rene from behind and rams Rene into the knee of Sousa. Sousa in and Pedro tagged in, he nails Sousa with a sledge, slams him and into the Boston Crab for the finish.

3. Rene Goulet & Pedro Morales defeat Sylvana Sousa & Baron Mikel Scicluna

4. Johnny Rodz v. Tony Garea

Lockup and and Rodz powers Garea to the ropes and snapmares him down before choking Garea. Rodz slams Tony’s head into the turnbuckle and then to the opposite one, followed by a big slam and elbow for two. Rodz stalks Tony, but gets caught with a shot to the midsection and now Rodz eats turnbuckle. Garea with a side headlock and Rodz shoots him in, driving a knee into the midsection. Rodz stomps away at Tony but Garea fires back and drives Rodz hard into the opposite corner, then applies the headlock. Rodz powers back to standing position and rake Tony’s eyes, then chokes Garea across the top rope. Rodz dives from the top rope with a forearm to the back of the neck, but misses a splash. Tony catches Johnny’s foot and takes him down, but Rodz grabs the hair and then pokes Tony in the eyes. Tony shot in and comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rodz sends him in a again and gets caught with a boot to the face followed by a knee to the chest. Tony gets caught this time with his head down, and then shoots Tony in the corner and knees him, then a back body drop takes down Tony. Rodz goes for a slam but Tony drops behind Rodz and rolls him up for three. Really good TV match, lots of action and amazing work from both men.

4. Tony Garea pins Johnny Rodz ***3/4

5. Hulk Hogan v. Steve King & Angelo Gomez

Another handicap match for Hogan, he’s done a bunch of these and always dominates. Maybe they need to go three on one? This should be the same as the rest, both men with a top wristlock and Hogan tosses them aside. They then go for the legs and Hogan shoves them away with ease. Now after each arm and Hogan rams them into each other. All the same spots from previous handicap matches. Hogan slams Gomez and then drives a knee into King, Gomez tries to go behind and Hogan drives him to the corner. Hogan stacks them both in the corner and drives the shoulder in then a double bearhug as he lifts both men. That was impressive, never seen that before. Backbreaker on King, and then one for Gomez on top of King for the easy three.

5. Hulk Hogan destroyed Steve King & Angelo Gomez

1. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Rick Martel by countout ***
2. Tony Atlas pinned Jose Estrada
3. Rene Goulet & Pedro Morales defeats Sylvana Sousa & Baron Mikel Scicluna
4. Tony Garea pins Johnny Rodz ***3/4
5. Hulk Hogan destroyed Steve King & Angelo Gomez

Another great episode of All Star Wrestling with two really good matches. Garea and Rodz was better then I expected and the tag tournament match was really good. We really jump forward as we miss the entire month of October and go right to November 8. So we don’t get to see the crowning of the new Tag Team Champions, the Wild Samoans who become the first team to hold the titles twice.

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