WWF All Star Wrestling – August 15, 1981

Last week we had a horrible match between Domenic Denucci and Don Muraco which involved almost nothing but stalling and a countout. Tonight Don Muraco faces a different opponent, hopefully it’s a better match. Also last week we saw Fuji & Saito destroy opponents, but not as quick as the unstoppable Killer Khan. This week we have the Animal, George Steele, in action among others. Let’s go to the ring.

Breaking news, after a year and a half of episodes we have a new opener. New music, new clips, finally it’s been way too long. The new opener features Bob Backlund, Killer Khan, Tony Atlas, Andre, and Don Muraco. The new music is very electronic sounding, which is kind of cool. Vince and Pat welcome us and go over tonight’s stars in action as we start a new taping cycle.

1. Jack Carson v. Pedro Morales

Pedro easily takes Carson over with an armdrag and let’s him get up. Carson with a side headlock but Pedro reverses out into a armbar, and Carson gets the ropes. Pedro with a wristlock and takes Carson to the mat, but Carson again gets to the ropes. Pedro takes out the leg and begins to work it over, as Vince and Pat talk about the suplex that Rick McGraw took from Killer Khan, which is in the opener. Carson gets a shot in on Pedro, which just angers him as he nails Carson and snapmares him over. Pedro with a rear chinlock, but Carson rakes the eyes and gets Pedro in the ropes. Pedro fires back and Carson hits the mat, Pedro pulls him up and drives his head into the turnbuckle. Side headlock from Carson and Pedro powers out with a side backbreaker. Pedro slams Carson down and pulls him up, Carson sent in and nailed with the double sledge. Boston Crab from Pedro for the win.

1. Pedro Morales beat Jack Carson

Patterson at ringside with Rick McGraw, who’s sporting a neck brace. Rick says he’ll be out a while longer as he needs more treatment and in a few weeks he’ll have an answer on when or if he can return. Patterson asks about the pain, and Rick says he can’t work out due to the pain. Patterson wishes him the best of luck as he gets a nice hand from the crowd.

2. Muhammad Saad v. Greg Valentine

This is a new jobber debuting, who wasn’t around long as he only had thirty seven matches with only ten wins. Valentine easily takes Saad down with a top wristlock and grinds away, but Saad makes the ropes. Greg with a hammerlock and then slams Saad down, follows with an elbow drop. This week Greg seems to be working the shoulder and arm instead of the legs, which is odd. Valentine sends Saad to the outside, and Saad gets to apron only to get caught by Greg who chops the chest. Valentine snapmares Saad down and begins to work over the leg. Figure four leglock for the win. After the match Wizard distracts the ref and Greg reapplies the Figure Four as the referee tries to get him to release the hold. Greg finally does and celebrates over his fallen foe, as they stretcher out Saad.

2. Greg Valentine defeated Muhammad Saad

Patterson ringside with Wizard and Greg, says there is no need for Greg to have done that and Wizard is probably proud of that. Wizard says he is proud and certain people need to be taught lessons, and you need to show them what happens when people cross Greg. Patterson asks who, Wizard says Backlund, Garea, Martel, and even Patterson. Valentine says he doesn’t want to get disqualified so he does it again after the match so they can’t ban his hold. Greg says he’s in the best shape of his career and knows more then Bob Backlund and it’s time for someone to knock him off his throne.

3. Steve King v. Don Muraco

The “Beach Bum” signs are out in full force tonight as Muraco quickly takes King down. Muraco continues to work over King as the crowd chants louder and louder, the harder he hits King. Double knee to the face from Muraco, as Patterson says Muraco was warned if he spat on the belt again he’d be stripped of the gold. Headbutts from Muraco as he stays on King, choking him on the ropes and King tries to fight back. Muraco takes out the legs and nails King with the hotshot on the bottom rope. Scoop and slam from Muraco and followed by a diving headbutt off the top rope. Tombstone piledriver and that gets an easy three.

3. Don Muraco crushed Steve King

4. Johnny Rodz & Ron Shaw v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Albano comes out to ringside as the match starts, and is escorted away by security. Rodz and Garea start with Rodz taking Garea down with a top wristlock. Garea powers out and applies a rear chinlock, but Rodz fights out and drives Garea into the knee of Shaw. Shaw tagged in and nails Garea with a back elbow and gets one, Armbar from Shaw, as Garea tries to power up so Shaw uses the hair to keep him down. Garea sends Shaw in, but Shaw with a shoulderblock, but second one misses and Martel tagged in. Martel unloads on Shaw and nails a nice dropkick, scoop slam and big elbow dropped on Shaw. Shaw gets an eye rake and sends Martel into Rodz who hits a big forearm and tagged in. Rodz smashes Martel into the turnbuckle and into the elbow of Shaw, who comes in. Shaw unloads on Martel, snapmare and a kneedrop gets two on Martel. Martel sent in and catches Shaw with his head down with a kneelift and tags in Garea. Rodz tagged in as well, and Garea takes him down and Shaw tagged back in, Shaw backdropped and cover for two. Martel returns to action and drives Shaw into the turnbuckle as the champions do fast tags to work over Shaw. Garea with a dropkick on Shaw, Martel tagged in and sunset flip off the top for three.

4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz

5. George Steele v. Tom Lynch

Steele chases Gary off again, as we get another new jobber debuting. Steele goes right after him and chews on his face and chokes him on the ropes. Quickly Steele goes after the arm and shoulder but gets distracted by Gary Michael. Steele eats the turnbuckle pad and slams the head of Lynch into the bolt. A foreign object is used by Steele as he drives it into the throat of Lynch and passes it to Blassie. Lynch tossed hard to the outside and Blassie doesn’t take a cheap shot. Steele drags Lynch back in and applies the flying hammerlock for the win. After the match Steele stomps away on Lynch while Blassie distracts the referee.

5. George Steele crushed Tom Lynch

1. Pedro Morales beat Jack Carson
2. Greg Valentine defeated Muhammad Saad
3. Don Muraco crushed Steve King
4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz
5. George Steele crushed Tom Lynch

That was a very fast moving episode this week, didn’t feel like an hour. A couple new jobbers debuted and a pretty good tag match. Next week Mil Mascaras returns, along with Don Muraco and Mr Fuji and Mr Saito in action.

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