WWF All Star Wrestling – August 8, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling, the Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco defeated Curt Hennig in our main event. We also saw the debut of Captain Lou Albano’s newest tag team, Mr Fuji and Mr Saito. Roberto Soto made his debut and George Steele and Killer Khan demolished their respective opponents. Tonight Don Muraco faces a tough challenge in Domenic Denucci. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat talk about Albano’s newest proteges, as Pat calls them the best tag team next to the champions. We will see the champions in action plus Greg Valentine join us.

1. Ron Shaw v. SD Jones

Lockup and SD with a go behind, but Shaw reverses and Jones breaks the hold easily. SD into the side headlock but Shaw in the ropes to break the hold. Side headlock into a takeover from SD, as he powers Shaw to the mat. Patterson talks about SD and his workout style, as SD with a shoulderblock, but a second one gets SD slammed down. SD quickly back up and into the side headlock again. Shaw sends SD in and catches him with a knee to the midsection, then drops a big knee for one. Shaw with the side headlock takeover, SD sends him in and nails a dropkick and again back to the side headlock. Shaw rakes the eyes as Vince talks about the improvement of Shaw, who rams SD into the turnbuckle but that does nothing. SD comes back with the spinning neckbreaker for three.

1. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw

2. Killer Khan v. Steve King

Khan jumps King at the bell and quickly unloads with chops and stomps. Khan chops King down and hits the double knee for the fast pin.

2. Killer Khan destroyed Steve King

3. Don Muraco v. Domenic Denucci

Wizard escorts Muraco to the ring for our feature bout as Denucci waits, Wizard slowly leaves the ring and the fans are all over Muraco. Muraco stalls, which is angering Denucci who keep trying to grab him, referee Danny Davis tries to hold him back. Muraco getting more and more irritated with the crowd chanting “Beach Bum” at him and goes into the crowd tearing up a banner. Been almost five minutes of stalling so far, this is pathetic, as they finally lock up and Muraco to the ropes and back to the apron. More stalling from Muraco, as he finally gets Denucci in a side headlock and Denucci easily fights out and hammers Muraco, who again bails out of the ring. Back in and Muraco catches Denucci in the corner with a series of chops, snapmare and a knee drop from the champion gets two. Front facelock from Muraco, who transitions to a half nelson for a near fall. Muraco goes back to the front facelock and then releases the hold, chops Denucci before ascending the ropes but Denucci sees him and moves, so Muraco jumps down. Denucci with a side headlock, shot in and a pair of shoulderblock. Third time fails as he runs into the thumb to the throat, sending Denucci to the floor. The ref calls for the bell. DUD

3. Don Muraco beats Domenic Denucci by countout DUD

Patterson at ringside with Don Muraco and Wizard, who asks if Wizard thinks Muraco is a beach bum. Wizard says he is not, he just proved he’s a champion. Patterson asks about how Don beat Pedro, Wizard says he beat him clean and fair. Muraco says Pedro was just a chapter in his career, and his stepping stone to history. Muraco says Pedro cries about the belt, and he spits on it and throws it on the ground and says he has a date with history. Patterson calls Muraco a bum and tells him to have class, Muraco says Pedro has class, all low. Patterson says one day Muraco will learn what kind of person Wizard is, and Wizard says he got rid of Patterson when he started to smell.
4. Terry Gunn & Curt Hennig v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

Fuji and Gunn start with Fuji quickly chopping Gunn down and tags in Saito. Saito chokes Gunn in the corner and unloads on him, big slam and Fuji back in. Fuji slams Gunn and drops the running headbutt followed by the chop to the throat. Tag to Saito who continues to destroy Gunn. Gunn struggles to tag in Hennig, who backdrops Saito and pops Fuji, but the distraction allows Saito to kick him. A Saito Suplex gets a near fall, Patterson talks about the amateur background of Saito. Hennig fights free and tags in Gunn as Fuji gets in as well. Fuji with a series of chops and back to Saito who continues to chop away on Gunn, Driven into the knee of Fuji who comes in and distracts the ref, Saito adjusts the boot and kicks Gunn for the win.

4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito beat Terry Gunn & Curt Hennig

5. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Rodz and Garea open the match with Rodz taking Garea down with an armbar. Garea breaks free and they lock up, Garea in the wrong corner and gets choked by Mikel. Double team on Garea in the corner, as Martel keeps getting in the referee’s way. Mikel in and they slug it out, Martel tagged in but Mikel rolls Martel to the mat. Side headlock from Martel and Mikel yanks the hair to break the grip and tags in Rodz. Rodz unloads on Martel and rams him into the turnbuckle, Martel sent to the opposite corner and avoid the charge from Rodz. Martel makes the tag to Garea who gets sent in and nailed with a back elbow but Rodz misses the forearm from the second rope. Martel back in and starts to work the leg of Rodz, but Rodz powers out and tags in Mikel. Mikel rams Martel into the turnbuckle but Martel returns the favor. Martel with a snapmare and tags in Garea who ties up Mikel, but Rodz kicks Garea to break that. All four men in the ring and the ref restores order, as Mikel with a front facelock on Garea. Both men make a tag and Martel eats a knee to the midsection then a nice superkick followed by a diving forearm. Rodz sends Martel in and gets caught with his head down as Martel with a sunset flip for a quick three count.

5. Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna

6. Pete Mitchell v. Greg Valentine

Valentine wastes no time going after the leg of Pete, as he takes the leg out and hammers away at it. Pete gets to the outside and slowly gets to the apron where Greg catches him and drags him back in. Greg with an elbow to the back of the head and a nice back suplex before going back to the leg. Figure four leglock on Mitchell for the easy win.

6. Greg Valentine beat Pete Mitchell

1. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw
2. Killer Khan destroyed Steve King
3. Don Muraco beats Domenic Denucci by countout DUD
4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito beat Terry Gunn & Curt Hennig
5. Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna
6. Greg Valentine beat Pete Mitchell

A couple good matches, but the feature match was just horrible. Almost all stalling and a cheap finish, just an awful waste of time. Next week we have Don Muraco in action again, plus the Tag Team Champions and George Steele see ring time.

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