WWF All Star Wrestling – August 22, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling we premiered a new opening video and music, which was a nice change. The tag team champions were in action in a very good match with Ron Shaw and Johnny Rodz, plus Greg Valentine and George Steele squashed some new jobbers. This week Mil Mascaras returns to action. Let’s go to the ring.

Following our shiny new opener, which is shorter then the old one, Pat and Vince welcome us to the show. Tonight we get a match between SD Jones and Curt Hennig facing Mr Fuji and Mr Saito from Championship Wrestling and a new tag team of Killer Khan and Angelo Mosca in action.

1. Killer Khan & Angelo Mosca v. Steve King & Roberto Soto

Fred Blassie and Lou Albano merge their talents into this new killer team. Soto dropkicks Mosca sending him to corner, and he looks shocked by that. Mosca quickly powers Soto to his corner and tags in Khan. Soto pops Khan in the nose, and that just angers the massive Mongolian. Soto in the wrong part of town, but again fights free and tags in King. King’s punches have no effect on Khan, who’s chops just destroy him. Mosca back in and a back elbow knocks King loopy, as he gets rammed into the knee of Khan. Tagged back in and Khan just pulverizes King, who makes a tag to Soto who gets caught from behind by Mosca. Quadruple team on Soto, Mosca snapmares him out of the corner and stomps him before bringing Khan back in. Khan slams King and then holds him for Mosca, who tags in and hammers King. Huge slam on King, as the heels do some quick tags to wear down King. Vince and Pat say the match should be stopped as King has nothing left and is just being toyed with. Mosca with a backbreaker and pulls him up for the third time, as Khan returns to the match and eats a big double knee for three.

1. Killer Khan & Angelo Mosca destroy Steve King and Roberto Soto

2. Jerry Johnson & Marc Pole v. Andre the Giant

Been a long time since we’ve seen Pole, and he looks different with shorter hair and a mustache he now looks like Super Mario. This is the first time we’ve seen him in 1981, as this handicap match is underway. Andre slams their heads together and a hiptoss on Jerry. Pole begs off in the corner so Andre crushes him, then piles Jerry in and crushes both. Andre just hammers away on both jobbers, Pole gets nailed with a vicious shoulderblock. Andre almost rips the tights off Pole before tossing him out of the ring. Headbutt to Jerry and then Pole eats a big boot, Jerry slammed on Pole and Andre sits on both for the easy three.

2. Andre the Giant dismantles Jerry Johnson & Marc Pole

Patterson ringside with the Grand Wizard and Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco. Pat says Wizard called Valentine a better wrestler then Muraco, and Wizard denies it and says Patterson is trying to cause issues. Wizard guarantees he will manage both champions as Pat asks Muraco about his disrespect to the belt from a couple weeks ago. Muraco says he made the Intercontinental title mean something and brings respect and dignity to the belt. They cut Muraco off as he talk about his surfing friends.

3. Don Muraco v. Angelo Gomez

They lockup and Muraco powers Gomez to the corner and we get a clean break. Another lockup and Muraco goes to the arm and quickly takes Gomez down. Spinning backbreaker from Muraco who works over the back of Gomez. Nice side suplex from Muraco followed by a butterfly suplex as he tosses Gomez around the ring. Snapmare and jumping neckbreaker as Muraco continues the offense. Muraco with a side Russian leg sweep and follows with a big splash for the quick win.

3. Don Muraco pinned Angelo Gomez
4. Curt Hennig & SD Jones v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

Fuji and SD start, after the ceremonial salt from Fuji, and quickly chops SD and takes him down. Saito in and drops a knee across the chest of SD for one. Saito chops the throat of SD and into the neck claw, Fuji comes in and nails SD in the face. Fuji with a vertical suplex and Saito tagged back in kicks SD in the gut, but SD comes back with a headbutt and tags in Curt. Saito wrestles Curt down, but Curt perfectly counters the takedown. Saito with a side headlock takeover and Curt counters with a headscissors, Saito back to the headlock and tags in Fuji. Curt makes a tag as well, bringing SD in and he headbutts Fuji multiples times, but one chop to the throat stops him dead. Saito tagged as Fuji backdrops SD and Saito drops the knee for two. Saito goes for a backdrop and SD leaps over into a sunset flip for a near fall. Curt tagged in and hits some perfect dropkicks but misses a corner charge and Saito unloads on Curt. Fuji back in and slams Curt then misses the diving headbutt, but able to tag Saito who continues the offense on Curt. Fuji stays on Curt with the claw, as Lou adjusts his headband into a blindfold for no reason. Curt fights free but Fuji close enough to make a tag to Saito, as the crowd is solidly behind Curt. Quick double teaming for the heels as they destroy Curt, who sneaks through and tags in SD. Headbutts for both men as SD takes control, but one kick to the throat sends SD to the floor. Albano takes advantage and kicks SD who struggles to the apron where Fuji suplexes him inside. Headbutt to the stomach and SD tags in Curt who dropkicks Fuji into his corner. Saito sent to the corner and Curt charges right into the boots of Saito. A Saito Suplex and that ends the match. Great match, what a showing for everyone. ***1/2

4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Curt Hennig & SD Jones ***1/2

5. Johnny Rodz v. Mil Mascaras

Well, at least it’s not Larry Sharpe or Pedro Morales, but Mil has to be the most overrated Luchadore I’ve ever seen. Rodz with a hammerlock and Mil just slides out of it. Side headlock from Mil, and Rodz sends him in a drives a knee to the midsection. Big chop to the face of Mil as Rodz unloads on him. Bow and arrow from Mil and Rodz fights free and they jockey for position, as Rodz just slides out. Mil with a full nelson and Rodz reverses to his own, Mil reverses the reversal. Slugfest ensues and Rodz slams Mil but misses the kneedrop. Mil with the flying chop and repeats the move and covers for three.

5. Mil Mascaras beats Johnny Rodz

1. Killer Khan & Angelo Mosca destroy Steve King and Roberto Soto
2. Andre the Giant dismantles Jerry Johnson & Marc Pole
3. Don Muraco pinned Angelo Gomez
4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Curt Hennig & SD Jones ***1/2
5. Mil Mascaras beats Johnny Rodz

Some good action here, especially the tag match as I didn’t expect much out of it but was very impressed. Muraco did a nice showcase of his talents as well as a fun Andre match and a new team debuting. Next week Fuji and Saito in action again.

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