WWF All Star Wrestling – December 5, 1981

We’ve finally made it to December, and we’re almost finished with 1981. Last week on All Star we got to see the title reign of Don Muraco come to a screeching halt at the hands of Pedro Morales. This made Pedro the first ever two time Intercontinental Champion. Tonight Pedro is in action, also Greg Valentine faces SD Jones. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show, again no Pat Patterson, odd. Great another old match as we have an old Putski match tonight. Adrian Adonis is also in action, which is always good.

1. Ivan Putski v. John Schmidt

This looks to be from the late seventies, and I have no idea why they keep going back three or four years for these matches. Putski quickly gets control with a side headlock, and John gets to the ropes. Putski rams his head into the turnbuckle and then to the opposite one then cranks away on the arm. Schmidt comes out with forearms, but Putski just slams him down and a pair of snapmares then tosses John to the floor. Back in and he gets nailed with the Polish Hammer for the finish.

1. Ivan Putski crushed John Schmidt

2. Angelo Gomez v. Adrian Adonis

Adonis goes after Gomez quickly with a front facelock and grinds away, Gomez makes the ropes so Adonis just clobbers him. Dropkick from Adonis is followed by the back elbow and then a back body drop. Big slam from Adonis, who takes his time going after Gomez. Adonis showing off with a nice vertical suplex and a side backbreaker. Goodnight Irene finishes off Gomez.

2. Adrian Adonis defeated Angelo Gomez
Vince ringside with Blassie and Adonis, Blassie calls the fans “Pencil Necked Geeks” and says this is the greatest person to come out of Manhattan. Blassie says he gets asked why he doesn’t manage scientific wrestlers, and now he does. Adonis says he is the man of a thousand holds and talks about his Italian bloodlines. Adonis talks about the fights he’s been in and that he can’t be beaten.

3. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

The crowd erupts as Gary introduces the new Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales. Lockup and Shaw shoved into the ropes, another lockup and into the ropes we get a clean break. Morales snapmares Shaw over, and Shaw backs into the corner then to the apron. Shaw back in and off the ropes, gets caught in a big slam. Pedro unloads on Shaw sending him flying over the top rope to the floor. Shaw back in and catches Pedro in an armbar and bites the fingers, and the crowd is solidly behind Pedro who breaks the hold. Shaw bails out again and takes his time getting back in, Shaw catches Pedro with a boot to the gut and into the side headlock. Pedro breaks the hold with a kneebreaker, and Shaw back to the corner again. Shaw goes for a headlock and Pedro counters to a hammerlock but Shaw quickly makes the ropes. Shaw rakes the eyes of Pedro which just angers Pedro who quickly unloads on Shaw. Double sledge from Pedro and into the Boston Crab for the finish.

3. Pedro Morales defeated Ron Shaw

Vince is ringside again, this time with Pedro Morales, and congratulates Pedro on regaining the title. Pedro says he knew he could beat Muraco and proved it, he then thanks the fans for the support.

4. SD Jones v. Greg Valentine

Greg takes his time removing his robe, as SD watches anxiously. Lockup and into the ropes, we get a clean break from Valentine. Side headlock from SD and Valentine makes the ropes to break the grip. SD catches Valentine with a pair of armdrags into the armbar, Valentine makes the ropes and rolls out of the ring to confer with Wizard. Valentine back in and catches the arm of SD, who quickly reverses the hold and works over the shoulder of Valentine. Greg breaks the grip and locks SD in a bearhug, well that’s a new one from the Hammer. He drives SD into the corner and then does it again, then stomps away on SD. SD comes back with a headbutt and Valentine goes down like a tree, classic from Valentine. Greg comes back with the forearms and then a backbreaker gets two. The crowd behind SD as Valentine locks him in the abdominal stretch, SD flips him over to break the hold. SD takes to long to get back up and Valentine sends him to the corner, but misses the charge in. Slugfest ensues and SD headbutts Valentine who crashes to the mat, and the crowd is just insane now. SD all over Valentine with headbutts, sending him to the floor and the arms of the Wizard. Valentine very slowly gets back in the ring, and SD approaches cautiously, but pounds on the back of Valentine. Greg goes for a slam but SD takes him off balance for two. SD sends him into the ropes but gets caught with his head down, Greg drops an elbow and scores the win. **3/4 ending came out of nowhere, but was a much more competitive match then expected.

4. Greg Valentine defeated SD Jones **3/4

5. Pete Mitchell v. The Masked Executioner

Well, this is not Ron Shaw as this one is not as tall and thin. Executioner all over Mitchell with forearms, and just pounds away on Mitchell. Mitchell tossed to the outside, as it’s been all Executioner, Mitchell back in and backbreaker gets three for Executioner.

5. The Masked Executioner pinned Pete Mitchell

1. Ivan Putski crushed John Schmidt
2. Adrian Adonis defeated Angelo Gomez
3. Pedro Morales defeated Ron Shaw
4. Greg Valentine defeated SD Jones **3/4
5. The Masked Executioner pinned Pete Mitchell

Not a great week of WWF, with one match from years ago and two very boring squash matches (Pedro and Executioner). However the Valentine/Jones match is a hidden gem and very well done. Really SD was pulling off the upset, even though the ending fell flat, it was a good match. Next week Steve Travis returns plus Pedro Morales and Jesse Ventura in action.

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