Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 5, 1981

We return to the Mid-Atlantic territory for another exciting week of television. Last week Piper and Ole destroyed Tony Anthony and Don Kernodle before being chased off by Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts. Steamboat again challenged champion Roddy Piper to a match. We had videos of Tommy Rich and Angelo Mosca, who are both coming to the territory for the upcoming tournament. Plus Blackjack Mulligan challenged Big John Studd after Studd attacked Blackjack Junior, aka Barry Windham. Lots of great stuff, and the follow up should be just as good. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett welcome us to the studio for tonight’s episode. They talk about the excitement coming tonight, as Sandy Scott joins us again. Sandy says they will address Piper and Steamboat later tonight, plus tag champions are now Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens as Ray takes the injured Gene’s spot. Scott talks about the tournament and the newcomers that will be in it, as we go to the ring.

1. Jake Roberts and Blackjack Mulligan Jr v. Tony Russo & Gary Prater

Jake starts and takes down Prater with ease and tags in Mulligan who works the arm. Jake back in and nails Prater with the kneelift and goes back to the arm. Mulligan back in and drops an elbow across the arm then tags Jake back in. Tony tagged in and Jake takes him down with a side headlock. More fast tags from the face team as they control Russo with ease. Russo armdragged down and Mulligan with the headlock but Prater gets tagged in. Mulligan powers him to his corner and tags in Jake who unloads on Prater. Jake tags Mulligan back in and Mulligan nails Prater with backbreaker and drops the big knee for three.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeat Tony Russo & Gary Prater
Bob joined by Big John Studd calls Mulligan a redneck and wants a fight with him. We see the video of Studd slapping Mulligan Jr, Studd demands the match with Mulligan.

2. Big John Studd v. Mike Prater

Studd is the current NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion, having beaten Angelo Mosca for it in September. Mike tries to slam Studd but no chance, Studd easily slams him though. Studd smashes the forearms across the chest of Prater then tosses him across the ring and covers. Studd pulls him up at two, then a backbreaker before pulling him up again. Prater shoved into the corner and Studd misses a shot, Prater sneaks away but easily gets caught. Studd with another big slam and pulls him up, then the over shoulder backbreaker for the easy win.

2. Big John Studd crushed Mike Prater

Bob and Sandy Scott at the table, Sandy says Gene better not get involved in the tag title match. They bring in Steamboat who has more letters, and Sandy has the contract. He brings out Piper to sign the contract, Piper says no one tells him what to do. Sandy says sign the contract or be stripped of the title. Piper is forced to sign the contract and starts to yell at Steamboat but Sandy has him escorted away. Wow, a person of authority preventing a brawl, that’s not something you see anymore. After the commercial we bring out Slaughter for the next match.

3. Jim Nelson v. Tim Horner

Nelson with a quick go behind and they exchange hold, with Horner getting a hammerlock on Nelson. Sandy on commentary says they have a war with Mulligan and Studd, as Mulligan is at ringside. The match is secondary to Mulligan and Slaughter, but Sandy finally sends Mulligan to the back. Horner has been in control with a wristlock, but Nelson pops him and smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Backbreaker from Nelson gets two, Nelson with a front facelock but Horner fights free, Nelson tosses him to the floor at the feet of Slaughter, Nelson drives Horner into the ring apron. Horner gets dragged back in and slammed down, Nelson drops a knee for another near fall. Horner flings Nelson across the ring and dropkicks him, but misses the corner charge. Nelson with a back elbow and drops an elbow for two. Horner nailed with a big clothesline and Nelson pins him for three.

3. Jim Nelson pinned Tim Horner

Bob says tonight is a huge battle royal to determine the pairings for the tournament plus Slaughter faces Mulligan Junior for the United States title. This is the house show for the night this aired in Charlotte, North Carolina. Wish they had the battle royal on here, would be something to see.

4. Jay Youngblood v. Jeff Sword

Youngblood with a drop toe hold and into the death lock but Sword makes the ropes. Sword gets armdragged down, and then Youngblood with a side headlock sent to the ropes. Jay comes back with a shoulderblock and into the front facelock. Sword catches Jay with a forearm and drives him into the turnbuckle but Jay fires back with chops. Jay with a side headlock, but Sword lifts him with ease and nails a backbreaker. Sword begins to work over the back, but Jay comes back with the chops. The crowd just screaming for Jay who chops the daylights out of Sword, drops an elbow and pins him.

4. Jay Youngblood defeated Jeff Sword

Bob with Roberts and Mulligan Jr, Mulligan says Slaughter has a lot to say but he’s not afraid of him. Jake says it was a quick easy win but he wants to talk about Ole, and says it will never end until he gets rid of Ole. Blackjack Sr comes out and says things are happening here, and that they don’t quit and don’t desert each other. Mulligan Sr calls out Studd and says he will finish him off.

5. Ole Anderson & Ray Stevens v. Paul Jones & Buddy Landell (Tag)

This is the new tag champions, taking over for the injured Gene Anderson is Ray Stevens. Ole and Buddy lockup and Ole takes him over with ease, but Buddy with a headscissors. Ole close enough to tag in Ray who catches Buddy with a side headlock takeover. Jones tags in and takes over Ray with the headlock and cranks the neck. Jones caught in the wrong corner as Ole comes in but Jones gets the tag to Buddy. Quick tags from the challenges as the work over Ole, Jones with a shoulderblock and back to the headlock. Stevens gets the blind tag and clobbers Jones from behind, Jones fires back and Stevens nailed by both men and slammed by Jones. Buddy in and slams Stevens for two, Buddy back to the headlock but Stevens tags in Ole who quickly goes after the arm. The heels double team Landell in the ropes, they work over the arm of Landell who needs a tag. He makes the hot tag to Jones who slugs it out with Stevens, and tags Landell back in. All four in the ring, Ole rams Landell into Stevens and they start arguing. Gene grabs the leg of Jones, Buddy shoots Stevens in but gets caught with his head down and gets pinned. Stevens has one belt and Ole has the other, and Stevens tells him to come get it. Guess that ends that team, as the Andersons bail out leaving Stevens with one half of the belts.

5. Ole Anderson & Ray Stevens beat Buddy Landell & Paul Jones

Bob talks about tonight’s house show and is joined by Paul Jones, Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts. Jones says anything can happen in the tournament and he’s shooting for the Cadillac. Steamboat says everyone is in the battle royal and who knows who will turn on whom. Jake says you don’t make friends on a Cadillac, as he hopes for a good draw. Mulligan Jr says he will take the belt from Slaughter.

6. Carl Fergie v. Larry Hamilton
Both men start with some quick amateur takedowns, Fergie in full control with a facelock. Hamilton comes back with a slam but then waits for Fergie to get up. Fergie gets him in the corner and unloads but Hamilton shoots him to the corner and misses the charge. Fergie drops an elbow then hits a rolling neckbreaker for three.

6. Carl Fergie beats Larry Hamilton

Bob joined by Ray Stevens, who says Ole cost him money and world titles in the past. Ray says he’s not an Anderson and no one can sacrifice him to save a match. Ray says if he wants the belt come and get it, doesn’t matter where he finds him he will attack him.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeat Tony Russo & Gary Prater
2. Big John Studd crushed Mike Prater
3. Jim Nelson pinned Tim Horner
4. Jay Youngblood defeated Jeff Sword
5. Ole Anderson & Ray Stevens beat Buddy Landell & Paul Jones
6. Carl Fergie beats Larry Hamilton

Felt like a much slower episode this week, not as exciting as previous weeks. Hopefully we can get back to normal next week. As next week Slaughter teams with his protegee Jim Nelson in our main event.

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