Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – November 28, 1981

Last week on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat beat The Grappler and Super Destroyer by disqualification when Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper got involved. Piper and Steamboat brawled and after the smoke cleared Steamboat demanded a match with Mid-Atlantic Champion, Roddy Piper. They also announced new name coming to the territory including Angelo Mosca. Tonight we have Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper in tag action facing Don Kernodle and Tony Anthony. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob and David welcome us to tonight’s broadcast, they talk about tonight’s matches. Blackjack Mulligan and Jake Roberts will team up tonight, which should be interesting. The Ninja, Great Kabuki, with Jim Holiday is in action. United States Champion Sgt Slaughter will join us too.

1. Blackjack Mulligan & Jake Roberts v. Nikolai Volkoff & Charlie Fulton

Wow, our first appearance of Nikolai and Mulligan in one match. Volkoff is with Fulton, which can only mean one thing, he’s losing! Jake and Fulton start out and Jake quickly takes him over with a side headlock. Jake shot in and ducks under the elbow then slams Fulton down for one. Nikolai tagged in and he’s wearing a weird faceless mask, as Jake tags in Blackjack. They tie up and neither moves, as Nikolai is super thin here, probably 250 or so. Billy Robinson is coming to Mid-Atlantic according to Bob Caudle, as Volkoff slams Mulligan, who retuns the favor and nails Fulton as well. Jake back in the ring and kicks Volkoff, who quickly brings in Fulton who eats a boot and gets two. Charlie rakes the eyes and hammers Jake in the corner, which brings Mulligan over. The heels double team Jake, and Charlie with a snapmare but Jake reaches out and tags in the massive Mulligan. Fulton unloads and that doesn’t move Mulligan who clobbers Fulton, quick tags from Jake and Mulligan hammers Fulton. Mulligan locks the claw on Fulton, as Jake dropkicks Volkoff to the floor and Mulligan covers for three.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan defeat Nikolai Volkoff & Charlie Fulton

Bob joined by Blackjack who says he’s not in shape yet, but loves teaming with Jake. Mulligan says the big dog is back and the rats will begin deserting the ship. We go to a promo from Sandy Scott and he talks about more of the new faces coming to Mid-Atlantic. They talk about Tommy Rich and Slaughter comes in and says Sandy is the reason he’s here and he’s number one. Slaughter says he wants to see more talent, as no one is good enough to beat him. We get another video package of Tommy Rich in action, the same match from last week but this time with Slaughter doing commentary. This brings out Roddy Piper, with his Mid-Atlantic title and says he will be there for the tournament, as we go to video of Angelo Mosca. Piper makes fun of Mosca being Canadian, as the footage is from WWF TV, as we even have Vince on commentary! Slaughter says he’s big and vicious but he’ll still fall to Slaughter, and Piper says he can beat him too. Back to Bob and Mulligan, who says he’s not number one but he makes them sweat. Mulligan says he knows Mosca and calls him out, he also mention Big John Studd who slapped Mulligan Junior at a house show. Blackjack says him and Studd will face off one day. Bob joined by Slaughter after commercial, lots of talking, Slaughter says last week he offered a challenge to Wahoo who didn’t take it up, so know it’s open to anyone. The belt face is actually the map of the United States, which looks cool. Slaughter says he will give anyone a thousand dollars if they can break his Cobra Clutch, then brings in his protege for a match.

2. Jim Nelson v. Keith Larson

Nelson takes him down quickly with a rollup and stomps away on Larson. Nelson with a snapmare into the rear chinlock as Slaughter talks about how he’s training Nelson to be a better wrestler. Nelson rams him into the turnbuckle and Larson tries to fire back, but Nelson snaps him over again and back to the chinlock. Larson powers up, but Nelson drives a knee into his back. Nelson drops a knee and gets two, Larson comes back and shoots Nelson in. Backdrop from Larson sends Slaughter to ringside, as Larson with a dropkick covers Nelson, who gets a foot on the ropes. Nelson catches Larson not paying attention and sends him to the floor, as Larson gets in Nelson attacks. Nelson slams Larson and drops a big elbow for two. Nelson sends Larson in and nails a big clothesline and into the Clutch for the win. Thus giving Jim Nelson his first win!

2. Jim Nelson defeats Keith Larson

Bob joined by Ricky Steamboat, who brings out a big bag. Steamboat says he has challenged Piper, but Piper says he needs to prove himself. Steamboat says he has talked to Jim Crockett and the fans, as he opens the bag to show it’s mail supporting him.

3. The Ninja v. Vinnie Valentino

Ninja replaced Great Kabuki when he left for Texas, as this is now Mr. Pogo from Japan. Ninja removes the hood to reveal the green and white facepaint. He quickly takes down Vinnie and hammers away at him. Vicious chop from Ninja followed by a legdrop. Vinnie fights back and comes off the ropes, gets caught in a powerslam. Ninja with a diving headbutt off the top rope gets the easy win.

3. The Ninja crushed Vinnie Valentino

4. Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson v. Tony Anthony & Don Kernodle

Tony Anthony would later gain fame in Smokey Mountain Wrestling in the nineties and also worked in WWF as T L Hopper the wrestling plumber. Don and Ole start the match, and neither guy gets the advantage. The announcers talk about Gene Anderson being out injured, even though they are the tag champions, and someone needs to decide what to do with the belts. Next week Ray Stevens joins us in Mid-Atlantic, which should be interesting. Unlike this match which has been mostly stalling from Piper and Anderson, Piper with a side headlock on Kernodle who powers out but Ole tagged in. Ole powers Don to his corner, where he tags in Tony who gets taken down quickly. Tony about two years into his career here, looks small and has a full head of curly hair ala Harley Race. Piper comes in and takes Tony down, but Tony fires back but sends Piper to his corner and Ole tags himself in. Ole out wrestles him and they do the fast tags to hammer Tony repeatedly and work over the arm. Ole cranks the arm and shoulder of Tony, who has no choice but to submit.

4. Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson defeat Tony Anthony and Don Kernodle

After the match Ole and Roddy send Don to the floor and double team Tony. This brings out Steamboat and Roberts to make the save. Piper and Ole bail out, and Steamboat joins Bob at ringside. Steamboat says winning is one thing but trying to hurt guys is to much. They challenge Ole and Piper to a match, as Jake says this needs to end and they will go after them every chance they get.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan defeat Nikolai Volkoff & Charlie Fulton
2. Jim Nelson defeats Keith Larson
3. The Ninja crushed Vinnie Valentino
4. Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson defeat Tony Anthony and Don Kernodle

Lots of talking and hype this week, as they continue to build up a future tournament for a Cadillac. The matches were solid though, and the hour goes by so quickly, like watching NXT. Next week Ray Stevens and Ole Anderson in tag action plus Big John Studd!

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