WWF All Star Wrestling – October 31, 1981

Last week we had a shocking World Tag Team Championship match as Mr Fuji and Mr Saito defeated Rick Martel and Tony Garea. Not with the help of Lou Albano but some well timed salt tossing led to the changing of the gold. Tonight the former champions are in action, alongside Greg Valentine and Killer Khan. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the final leg of this taping, Adrian Adonis makes his second appearance. Pat says he’s sad to call Martel & Garea former champions.

1. Barry Hart & Angelo Gomez v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

Saito quickly takes down Gomez and pulls him to this corner where he unloads. Fuji tagged in and a nice vertical suplex and hiptoss as he pounds on Gomez. Albano joins commentary to hype his team, his 12th champions. The Japanese team uses quick tags to keep Gomez on the defensive, as Gomez finally makes a hot tag to Hart and Saito doesn’t even flinch continuing his beating. Hart takes a vicious beating from the champions, but tags in Gomez. Angelo doesn’t fare well either as he gets nailed with a belly to back and side suplex, more quick tags and chops. It’s been complete domination from the champions, as Hart back in and Fuji nails him with the Samoan Drop for three.

1. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Barry Hart & Angelo Gomez

2. Killer Khan v. Jerry Johnson

Khan goes right after Jerry and just hammers the poor guy, screaming the whole time. Vince asks Pat if he’s heard anything about Rick McGraw, and Pat says he hasn’t heard from him. Meanwhile Khan is just tearing Jerry Johnson apart, as Blassie proudly watches and gives Khan direction. Khan nails Jerry with a brutal backbreaker and then proceeds to pull Jerry up at two. The double chop gets another pin attempt from Khan, who again pulls him up. Khan plants Jerry then ascends the ropes and drops a big knee off the second rope and follows with a big legdrop for the easy three.

2. Killer Khan crushed Jerry Johnson

3. Johnny Ringo v. Greg Valentine

Vince and Pat debate what the tattoo on the shoulder of Ringo is, as Valentine and Wizard confer in the corner. The bell rings and Valentine quickly applies a front facelock, as we see a scorpion on the back of the tights of Ringo, so that must be the tattoo as well. Greg wastes no time going right after the legs of Ringo, Valentine tosses Ringo to the floor, and Ringo struggles to get back in where Valentine continues to pound away on him. Side suplex, as the fans scream for the figure four, so Greg locks on the Figure Four for the quick victory.

3. Greg Valentine beat Johnny Ringo

Patterson ringside with Valentine and Wizard, as Patterson asks Wizard about champions he has managed. Wizard mentions Stan Stasiak and Billy Graham, and says Valentine will be the next World Champion. Patterson says if Valentine can win, and with Don Muraco as Intercontinental Champion, he’d be the first manager to manage both champions at same time. Wizard says that will happen as he hypes up the danger of the Figure Four Leglock, and says Bob should just hand over the gold and avoid the beating.

4. Angelo Mosca v. Joe Cox

Cox starts fast on Mosca with a nice dropkick and hammers the face of Mosca. Mosca getting pounded on as the crowd explodes, but one shot from Mosca sends Cox flying. Side headlock from Cox who continues to pound away and a dropkick sends Mosca to the ropes but Mosca comes back with forearms. Well, that was the most exciting moments I’ve seen in a Mosca match, as Mosca goes to his usual routine of choking and stomping. Mosca gets cocky and Cox able to come back after an eye rake, and Mosca is staggered. Mosca shot in and holds the ropes, as Cox misses his dropkick and crashes hard to the mat. Mosca has had enough as he works over the back of Cox, Mosca keeps pulling Cox up at two, but no disqualification is called. Backbreaker from Mosca and finally the match ends.

4. Angelo Mosca pinned Joe Cox

5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Ron Shaw & Davey O’Hannon

The crowd is still solidly behind the former champions, especially Martel as he gets a huge ovation. Davey and Garea start, and Davey with a side headlock but Garea sends him in. Two shoulderblocks stagger Garea but a third is turned into an armdrag to the armbar. Big slam by Garea and Davey makes the tag to Shaw, who gets slammed as well, and Martel tagged in. Martel all over Shaw and brings Tony back in, who works the arm of Shaw. Shaw uses the hair to send Martel in and drives a knee to the midsection, then tags in Davey who smashes Martel into the turnbuckle. Davey drops a big knee and gets two, as Martel gets fired up and comes back but Shaw with a cheap shot slows that down. Shaw in and a backbreaker gets a near fall, as the crowd is screaming for Martel. Double teaming on Martel as Garea keeps distracting the referee accidentally, they also use the tag rope to choke Martel. Sunset flip from Martel and he almost gets the win, Martel able to tag in Garea and all four in the ring, the heels smashed into each other. Garea rolls up Shaw quickly for the three.

5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Davey O’Hannon & Ron Shaw

6. Jeff Craney v. Adrian Adonis

Adonis takes Jeff down with ease and ties him up before going to a choke. Legdrop from Adonis and a nice dropkick as Jeff getting tossed like a rag doll. Reverse neckbreaker and into the sleeper for the easy win.

6. Adrian Adonis annihilated Jeff Craney

1. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Barry Hart & Angelo Gomez
2. Killer Khan crushed Jerry Johnson
3. Greg Valentine beat Johnny Ringo
4. Angelo Mosca pinned Joe Cox
5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Davey O’Hannon & Ron Shaw
6. Adrian Adonis annihilated Jeff Craney

A nice fast paced episode this week, as even the Mosca match was moderately good. Adonis made short work of his opponent and showed off his extremely underrated abilities. Next week’s episode is missing as we jump two weeks forward and will be joined by Adonis, Garea and Khan among others.

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