WWF All Star Wrestling – October 24, 1981

Last week we had an appearance from Andre the Giant, plus the debut of Jesse Ventura. This week we will be joined again by Jesse, plus another big debut and the Tag Team Championships are on the line as Tony Garea & Rick Martel defend against Mr. Fuji & Mr Saito. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show, and talk about the action we have tonight. Tony Atlas & SD Jones are in action again as a team, after a successful debut last week, plus the Intercontinental Champion is in action in a non-title match.

1. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito v. Tony Garea & Rick Martel (Tag)

Fuji & Martel start with Martel using his speed to dazzle Fuji early. Saito tagged in and Martel goes right to the arm, and Albano is irate on the apron. Thought he would get caught with a dropkick for that, as Garea tagged in and maintains working on the arm of Saito. Saito able to get the tag, and Garea with an armdrag and tags in Martel. Martel stays on the arm, and Fuji sends him in, he comes back with a crossbody for two. Martel tags in Garea who stays on the arm, but Fuji gets a cheap shot and tags in Saito. Garea catches him with the armbar, double teaming for the Japanese team finally slows down Garea. Saito catches him with a crossbody and a near fall, Garea smashed into the turnbuckle and Fuji back in. Fuji chops Garea down, and tags in Saito who kicks Garea hard and gets two again. The Japanese team all over Garea with quick tags, chops and kicks as Martel looks on and has had enough he goes after Saito. This causes a triple team on Garea, but Garea catches Fuji with a slam but misses the dropkick and Saito back in. Saito slams Garea and gets two, he follows with a kneedrop from the second rope and Garea again kicks out. Garea finally makes the hot tag to Martel who unloads on Saito, a flying headscissors and then a shot on Fuji. Sunset flip from Garea, who gets a blind tag, gets a near fall. All four men in the ring, and Albano passes something to Fuji. Fuji with a handful of salt in the face of Martel as he comes off the top with the crossbody. Saito covers him for the three, and the new champions! After the match Garea is trying to help his blinded partner, as Martel is unable to see. It’s almost like someone sprayed perfume in his eyes!

1. Mr. Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the belts ***

2. Jesse Ventura v. Lee Wong

Jesse easily powers Wong to the ropes and pounds on him, side headlock and Jesse cranks on the neck. Wong has his face raked across the ropes and then slammed into the turnbuckle. Jesse drives a series of shoulders into the corner, as Blassie cheers on his man. Huge slam sends Wong crashing to the mat, as Jesse pulls him up. Jesse sends him in and catches him in the bearhug for the win.

2. Jesse Ventura destroyed Lee Wong

3. Don Muraco v. Barry Hart

Barry would later be known as Barry Horowitz, as this is the first time we see him. Muraco immediately goes after Barry and slams him across the top rope. Muraco all over Hart as he nails him with the hotshot on the bottom rope and takes his time. Hart sent in and Muraco catches him with the spike, then a nice rollup for three.

3. Don Muraco crushed Barry Hart

Patterson at ringside with Muraco and Wizard, Muraco says he bored as there is no competition. Muraco talks about this being the beginning of his greatness and the power of the spike. Patterson asks Wizard about being the manager of champions, what the plan is for Greg Valentine. Wizard ignores the question and talks about how great Muraco is.

4. Steve King v. Adrian Adonis
Adonis is managed by Blassie and called the Golden Boy, as he comes out in a leather jacket, gloves and hat. Adonis takes King down with a drop toe hold the follows with a slam and shoulderbreaker. Vertical suplex from Adonis as he is all over King, Sleeper from Adonis and King is out cold, giving Adonis the win, as he screams “Goodnight Irene”.

4. Adrian Adonis defeated Steve King

5. Bill Dixon & Jose Estrada v. Tony Atlas & SD Jones

Jose & SD start out, with Jose powering SD to the ropes but SD dances away. SD with a series of armdrags into the armbar, Jose rakes the eyes and slams SD. Jones comes back with more armdrags and tags in Atlas. Jose quickly tags in Dixon and Atlas takes him to the ropes, clean break from Atlas. Dixon gets a cheap shot in and Atlas quickly goes after the arm and tags in SD, who maintains the armbar. SD tags in Atlas, who takes over where SD left off, as this match is just one long armbar. Atlas sends him in and backdrops Dixon, tags in SD who powerslams Dixon. Atlas tagged back in and press slams Dixon for the win.

5. SD Jones & Tony Atlas beat Bill Dixon & Jose Estrada

6. Jeff Craney v. Hans Schroeder

Craney goes after the bigger man but misses a dropkick and Hans just hammers the man down to the floor. Hans has been around since the sixties, and was in the WWWF in the seventies. Craney has his head driven into the turnbuckle, as Vince says Craney has trained with Bimbo Larsen, there’s a name we haven’t heard in quite a bit. Hans tosses Craney through the ropes and crashing hard to the floor, then pulls him to the apron by the hair and smashes the face of Craney. Hans pulls him back in and nails a backbreaker for three.

6. Hans Schroeder annihilated Jeff Craney

1. Mr. Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the belts ***
2. Jesse Ventura destroyed Lee Wong
3. Don Muraco crushed Barry Hart
4. Adrian Adonis defeated Steve King
5. SD Jones & Tony Atlas beat Bill Dixon & Jose Estrada
6. Hans Schroeder annihilated Jeff Craney

A pretty good episode this week with a couple debuts, and a title switch. The tag match was fast paced with little to no slowdown, which was nice. Next week we have both the current and former tag champions in action, plus Greg Valentine and Killer Khan in singles matches!

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