Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – October 31, 1981

The previous episode of Mid-Atlantic is missing as we jump to Halloween, and tonight we will see Sgt Slaughter in action against Don Kernodle. Should be a great contest, as this episode must be missing something as it is about five minutes shorter then others. Let’s go to the ring.

David and Bob welcome us to the show, and throw it to the ring as a match is underway.

1. Charlie Fulton v. Buddy Landel

They say the match just started as tonight we will see Ron Bass and the Andersons in action. Test of strength and it’s a stalemate, Landel looks odd as a brunette, only ever seen him as a blonde Ric Flair rip off. Clean break in the ropes, as they jockey for position and neither guy can get an advantage. Landel with a top wristlock gets Charlie to the mat, but Charlie powers up. Fulton gets a shot in and knocks Landel to the mat, big slam from Fulton gets only one. Snapmare as Fulton takes control, Fulton drives the back if Landel into the turnbuckle with a slam and drives a knee to the jaw. Rear chinlock from Fulton but Landel fights free with an armdrag. Landel doesn’t hold the arm and this allows Fulton to get another knee in and another slam followed by the kneedrop. Landel smashed into the turnbuckle and Fulton sends him corner to corner. Landel catches him in a backdrop and a nice side suplex for three!

1. Buddy Landel defeated Charlie Fulton

Ringside with Jake and Wahoo, Jake says there was a lot of issues during the tag match. Jake says there are three men on the team, as someone else was under the mask and they’ve switched men during the match. This must have been on last week’s episode, as he talks about Paul Jones being nailed with a loaded mask as he was on the floor. David says there are parts of the match they can’t replay, as Jake demands that it was not Gene Anderson under the mask. Wahoo says he will be Jake’s partner as he has beaten the Anderson’s more then anyone else. We get highlights of the match from last week, as Ole and Super Destroyer faced Jones and Jake. Double teamwork on Jones, who makes a tag to Jake who takes down Ole with a side headlock. Ole tags in Destroyer who sends Jake sky high with a massive backdrop and that gets a near fall. Quick tags from Anderson and Destroyer as the work over Jake, who finally fights free to tag in Jones. Jones unloads on Destroyer but all four in the ring, Destroyer sent to the floor and he disappears, when he reappears it’s someone smaller. Destroyer loads the mask and nails Jones with a headbutt to retain the gold. Back to Jake and Wahoo, Jake says he won’t cry over it but Ole will pay for it. After the commercial, Bob is joined by Ole & Gene Anderson, Ole denies the switch and foreign object. Ole says if they want the match, they got it and it will end the same way. Ole says they defended the gold last week and they don’t have to again for three weeks.

2. Jimmy Valiant v. Ricky Harris

Valiant wastes no time sending Harris all around the ring, and out of the ring as Jimmy dances around the ring. Harris back in and Jimmy pops him then quickly takes him down with a shoulder claw. Jimmy sends Harris to the corner but fires back, Jimmy shrugs off the blows and one big shot sends Harris flying. Back elbow and an elbowdrop gets three.

2. Jimmy Valiant destroyed Ricky Harris

3. Mike Davis v. Ninja (Kabuki)

Kabuki with manager Jim Holiday, who announces his new name is Ninja, readies for action. Ninja still has the hood on as the bell rings, and Davis looks confused and Ninja quickly unloads on Davis. Legdrop from Ninja and is all over Davis, who has had no offense. Huge chop from Ninja, as they compare his chops to Wahoo, Ninja with a diving headbutt off the second rope gets the easy win.

3. Ninja crushed Mike Davis

Bob joined by new champion Ricky Steamboat, who says Ninja’s chop are devastating but makes fun his outfit. Bob brings in Leroy who says he’s on the trail of Sgt Slaughter and says he can’t be run over or stepped on.

4. Kris Markoff v. Ron Bass (TV)

Kris with a quick side headlock, as we see Lord Alfred Hayes at ringside managing the Russian. Slugfest early with Bass getting the advantage, but he runs into a knee. Kris with a big slam and gets only one, Kris drives a series of knees into the neck and back of the champion. Bass tries to fight back and Kris with a headbutt then slams Bass. Kris drops a pair of knees across the chest and gets two this time. Another slam from Kris as Hayes cheers on his man, the crowd behind Ron though as he fires back with rights. Bass slams Kris and pulls him back up but goes after Hayes. The ref calls the match as Hayes gets involved, drawing the disqualification.

4. Ron Bass defeated Kris Markoff by disqualification

5. Sgt Slaughter v. Don Kernodle

They jockey for position and Slaughter gets him in the ropes, Kernodle ducks under the right. Slaughter with a side headlock and pops Kernodle before releasing the hold, then takes Kernodle down. Slam from Slaughter as he dominates Kernodle, and another big slam, but whip to corner reversed. Slaughter fires back with a clothesline as Jim Nelson at ringside suddenly, Slaughter locks on the Cobra Clutch for the win.

5. Sgt Slaughter defeated Don Kernodle

Bob with Roddy Piper who says all these big guys come out but no one wants a match with Piper. Slaughter joins Bob and says everyone wants to be a Marine, but he brings in Nelson and says he will make him a Marine. Ivan Koloff comes in and says he will take the TV title from Bass

1. Buddy Landel defeated Charlie Fulton
2. Jimmy Valiant destroyed Ricky Harris
3. Ninja crushed Mike Davis
4. Ron Bass defeated Kris Markoff by disqualification
5. Sgt Slaughter defeated Don Kernodle

Another exciting fast paced episode of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as we had some solid matches and a couple squashes. A nice mix, as this show has some amazing talent. More episodes missing as we jump to November 21st next, which kind of sucks. Hope for more continuity in 1982.

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