WWF All Star Wrestling – December 13, 1980

Last week we had a title defense from the champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea. This week Tony is in action alone, facing Intercontinental Champion, Ken Patera in our feature bout. We also get matches from Sgt Slaughter and Killer Khan. Let’s go to the ring.

The opening video is really distorted and messed up, as is Vince and Pat’s intro. They talk about tonight’s card including a tag match with Denucci & McGraw in action. They really don’t know what to do with Rick McGraw as they pushed him, lost interest and now he’s in a team with an established veteran.

1. Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw v. Jose Estrada & Ron Shaw

Denucci & Jose start out and into the ropes, we get a clean break. Denucci with a waistlock and Jose reverses but Denucci hiptosses him down. Test of strength and into the ropes, Jose drives a knee in and that just fires up Denucci. Estrada and Shaw double team Denucci in the corner, as Shaw tagged in and rakes the eyes. Denucci fires back taking down both men with ease, and Shaw begs off but Denucci nails him and McGraw backdrops Ron. Full nelson and we get shenanigans from Denucci causing Jose to nail Ron. Rick tagged in and side headlock on Shaw, who sends him in. Shoulderblock takes down Shaw and Denucci back in, double whip and double sledge knocks down Shaw. Boston Crab from Denucci but Jose breaks the hold, Shaw staggers to the corner and tags are made on both sides. Jose with a hiptoss and stomps on Rick, Jose drives in the knee multiple times. Shaw tagged in and Rick makes the tag, but Jose distracts the ref. Estrada is just fantastic to watch, as he is just so smart and entertaining. Rick finally gets the tag, and Denucci unloads on Shaw in the corner. Shaw whipped in and a bad back body drop, as he barely got him over. Denucci with a hiptoss and Jose clobbers Denucci from behind, as the ref argues with Jose, double team on Shaw. McGraw with a nice dropkick and gets three. After the match Jose and Ron go after the faces but get quickly chased out of the ring.

1. Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci beat Jose Estrada & Ron Shaw

2. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Steve King

Baron gets to not be the jobber tonight, that’s a rare thing for him as of late. Baron just towers over King and quickly grabs an arm and takes him over. Mikel shows off his submission skills but King breaks free and applies a side headlock, Mikel reverses to a headscissors. Into the stomach claw as Mikel controls the match, driving a knee into King’s midsection. Mikel with a snapmare and stomps on King before ramming him into the turnbuckle. King makes a comeback hammering Mikel who gets tied in the ropes and King continues to hammer him. King charges in and runs into the foot of the Baron. Mikel goes back to working the back of King, then tosses King to the floor. King staggers to the apron and Mikel hammers the ribs of King, ala Sheamus, sending King to the floor again. King makes it in and dropkicks Baron, then shoots him to the corner but misses the corner charge. Baron slams King down and follows with the backbreaker for three.

2. Baron Mikel Scicluna pins Steve King

Patterson at ringside with Rick Martel & Tony Garea, asks about the title win. Martel says that the Samoans underestimated them, and that they don’t have to win next time, the Samoans have to beat them. Patterson asks about the Moondogs, Garea says they are the most outrageous team ever, but they won’t lose the gold anytime soon. Martel thanks the fans for their support, and Patterson congratulates them on the title win and his wrestler of the year award.

3. Tony Garea v. Ken Patera

Patera is not sporting the Intercontinental championship with him, as he comes to the ring with The Grand Wizard. Patterson calls this a main event anywhere in the world, as they lockup and Patera quickly hammers Tony. Patera misses the elbow and Garea quickly pummels the champion, who rolls to the floor. Patera slowly back in and Garea goes right to the arm, Patera reverses, but Garea reverses back and sends Patera to the mat. Vince talks about Ken Patera and his Olympic accolades and calls him an all around athlete. Garea working over the arm of Patera, but Patera scoops him up and slams Garea but misses an elbow drop. Garea quickly goes back to the arm but Patera breaks free and works the back of Garea, but Patera favors the left arm. Garea whipped hard to the corner and as he comes out, Patera catches him in a bearhug. Tony fights free but eats a knee, however he catches Patera in a small package for a near fall. Patera tosses Tony to the floor and follows, smashing Tony’s face into the apron repeatedly then rolls in. Tony struggles to get back on the apron, where Patera pummels him, but Tony with a shoulderblock and gets back in. Garea shot in and comes back with a sunset flip as the bell rings. Boring match, but solid at least as both guys worked hard but Patera is so limited in the ring.

3. Ken Patera & Tony Garea go to a 10 minute draw **

4. Sgt Slaughter v. Manny Siaca & Paul Mauret

Great, now Slaughter is doing handicap matches too. Paul starts, as this one has tags unlike the other handicap matches. Slaughter just pounds and chokes him, as the video quality is really bad for this match. Paul gets nailed with the backbreaker and sent to his corner, where Manny tagged in. Manny looks more like a Mario in Luigi shorts. Slaughter in full control, as Patterson talks about someone calling Slaughter “Gomer Pyle” and how angry he got, as Slaughter slams Manny. Slaughter yells at referee Danny Davis, then forces the tag to bring Paul back in. Paul gets destroyed and locked in the Cobra Clutch for the easy victory. After the match Manny gets locked in the Cobra Clutch as well, then back to Paul again as Slaughter yells at the camera demanding competition.

4. Sgt Slaughter crushes Manny Siaca & Paul Mauret

5. Killer Khan v. George Rosello

First time seeing Rosello, as Khan jumps him and just smashes away at the man. The crowd all over Albano as Khan is just annihilating his opponent. Hard to see anything as the picture is really bad, as Khan kicks and screams away. Khan in complete control as Rosello tries to fight back and Khan just chops him. Patterson says Khan cannot read or write but he can wrestle as the crowd back on Albano. Khan shoots him in and double chop followed by the kneedrop for the easy win.

5. Killer Khan destroys George Rosello

1. Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci beat Jose Estrada & Ron Shaw
2. Baron Mikel Scicluna pins Steve King
3. Ken Patera & Tony Garea go to a 10 minute draw **
4. Sgt Slaughter crushes Manny Siaca & Paul Mauret
5. Killer Khan destroys George Rosello

A mediocre episode this week, as the feature wasn’t anything spectacular. Always fun to watch Khan destroy a jobber though, and Slaughter manhandled two guys. Next week Hulk Hogan returns, plus the Tag Champions in action again.

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