WWF All Star Wrestling – December 6, 1980

Tonight begins the new taping from Hamburg, PA, the final taping of 1980. On tonight’s broadcast we are joined by the tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea, plus appearances from Sgt Slaughter and more. Let’s go to the ring.

Hopefully 1981 will give us a new opener, as it’s been the same all year with the same clips and music. Vince and Pat welcome us to the show tonight and in addition to the tag match, we also have The Moondogs, now with names, plus Pedro Morales among others.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Sylvan Sousa

So we open the taping with a match from a different taping, December 6th Championship Wrestling to be exact. This is the first appearance on television of the champions as Garea and Sousa start. Some nice amateur stuff to open the match, and Sousa to a top wristlock, Garea counters to a hammerlock and Sousa makes the ropes. Side headlock from Garea, takes over Sousa with ease, as Vince calls them the most popular tag team in a while. Martel tagged in and uses his speed to keep Sousa off balance, and then back to the side headlock. Martel shot in and shoulderblock sends Sousa to the face corner, Garea tagged in and back to the side headlock. Shoulderblock takes down Sousa, but Garea goes to the well to often and eats a knee. Mikel tagged in and takes down Garea, with a little help from Tony’s hair. Mikel hammers Garea in the corner and chokes him, while Sousa distracts the ref. Martel gets involved and the heels double team Garea, and Sousa now in for his team. Garea struggles to make a tag, but Mikel distracts the ref again and the tag is invalid, which just angers Martel. Garea rammed into the turnbuckle and a slugfest ensues but Garea to close to Sousa who grabs him. Garea tossed hard to the floor and Sousa goes after him, so Martel gets involved. This allows Sousa to hammer Garea on the floor before sending him back in to Mikel who is relentless. Consistent double teaming has Garea in serious trouble, as Martel can do nothing but watch. Garea with a hiptoss on Sousa and Martel tagged in, Martel takes out both guys as all four in the ring. Sousa whipped into to Martel who dropkicks him. Garea holds Sousa so Martel can dropkick him from the top rope for the win. Wow, Martel did little to nothing until the end. Don’t know why Mikel & Sousa raised their arms during the announcement of the winners, did they forget what happened?

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Baron Mikel Scicluna & Sylvan Sousa

Patterson at ringside with Garea & Martel, and the microphone was turned off so that was funny. Garea says he proud to be champion for the fourth time, and he has a lot of faith in Martel. Garea leaves ringside as Patterson talks to Martel who says winning the belt was the greatest moment of his life. Garea comes back with a trophy and announces Rick Martel as the All Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestler of the Year!?! Wow, WWF acknowledging other companies and past work, that’s the weirdest moment of 1980.

2. Steve King v. Sgt Slaughter

Slaughter and Wizard take their time before the match, and King tries to take down Slaughter early but gets popped. Slaughter armdrags King and drops a knee across the arm. Slaughter sends him in and drives a knee to the midsection, then repeats the move. King gets nailed with a knee drop and then choked on the ropes by Slaughter. King tries to fire back and tries to whip Slaughter to the corner and Slaughter puts the brakes on and pokes him eyes. Slaughter with a backbreaker and then the over shoulder backbreaker, driving King’s head into the top turnbuckle. Back body drop from Slaughter who’s just taking him time beating down King. Scoop slam and into the Cobra Clutch for the finish.

2. Sgt Slaughter destroys Steve King

Patterson ringside with Grand Wizard and Sgt Slaughter, as Patterson doesn’t want Wizard behind him. That just sounds so wrong, as Slaughter has an announcement to make. Slaughter says any wrestler who can break the Cobra Clutch will be given five thousand dollars, they can do anything but reach the ropes. He challenges Sammartino, Backlund, Samoans, Moondogs, Zbyszko, and everyone else on the roster. Patterson says he only applies the match on a beat down wrestler. Slaughter says doesn’t matter if they’re tired or fresh no one gets out of the Cobra Clutch. Patterson asks about the medals and Wizard says Slaughter earned them, and if Patterson attempts to break the clutch he will throw in an extra five thousand. Slaughter says he wants a title match but Backlund keeps ducking him and hiding, he says he will do something drastic to get Backlund in the belt.

3. Jose Estrada v. Pedro Morales

Estrada starts quick raking the eyes and pummeling Pedro in the corner, Pedro rakes Jose’s eyes across the ropes and pops him. Jose whipped in and back body drop. Jose comes back with punches and kicks as he hammers Pedro in the corner, but Pedro rakes the eyes. Side headlock from Pedro as he nails Jose in the face, then snapmares him down. Jose fights free and they slug it out, with Pedro getting the advantage. Pedro with a double sledge, then shoots him in and rolls up Jose for the win.

3. Pedro Morales pinned Jose Estrada

4. Moondogs v. Charlie Brown & Rick McGraw

Moondogs start quickly with double teaming on Rick, who tries to fight back but gets hammered down quickly. Vince calls the Moondogs ugly guys, as Patterson asks about the names, which are now King and Rex. The referee is making his debut tonight, none other then Danny Davis!! The Moondogs are pounding away on Rick, but Rick fights free and tags in Brown. That goes as expected as King rakes the back of Brown and tags in Rex who just hammers the back of Brown. Lots of fast tags from the Moondogs as they clobber Brown as Vince asks what dog food brand they like. Rex with a powerslam and King follows with a splash for three.

4. Moondogs squash Charlie Brown & Rick McGraw

5. John Callahan v. Killer Khan

I don’t like John’s chance in this contest, as Khan has been unstoppable since his debut. Khan quickly goes right after the fresh meat and just tosses him out, then follows and smashes John’s head into the apron before dragging him back in. Khan screaming with every shot as he kicks and chokes Callahan. You can hear Albano yelling into the mic as Blassie is not here this week. Khan is just ripping at the face of Callahan, as Patterson wants to see Khan in there with Pedro, Domenic or Backlund. Callahan does the worst dropkick in history, as it hit the legs, as Khan just stares at him. Khan shoots him in a double chop followed by the kneedrop for the easy three.

5. Killer Khan crushed John Callahan

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Baron Mikel Scicluna & Sylvan Sousa
2. Sgt Slaughter destroys Steve King
3. Pedro Morales pinned Jose Estrada
4. Moondogs squash Charlie Brown & Rick McGraw
5. Killer Khan crushed John Callahan

Nothing major to see here, other then Martel getting an a award from Japan on WWF TV. Some brutal squashes from Slaughter, Moondogs and Khan which are always fun. Next week Ken Patera faces Tony Garea in our main event!

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