WWF All Star Wrestling – December 20, 1980

Last week we saw Ken Patera come to the ring, but without the Intercontinental Championship. On December the 8th 1980, Ken Patera lost the Intercontinental Title to Pedro Morales in Madison Square Gardens. Ken was only two days shy of breaking Pat Patterson’s record of 233 days as champion. Pedro becomes the third Intercontinental Champion and also the first person to ever hold all three WWF Titles, World, Tag and Intercontinental. A record that would stand for twelve years before someone else pulls it off. Now with so many belts winning three titles means nothing, but back in 1980 this was a huge deal. Titles meant something and title changes were big deals, not props being passed around with little to no meaning. Anyway, on tonight’s show we get the return of Hulk Hogan and the Tag Champions in action. Let’s go to the ring.

Seems to be much better quality then last week’s episode. Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson welcome us to tonight’s show and talk about the tag champions. Also tonight we get action from the Moondogs and more.

1. Steve King & Rick McGraw v. The Moondogs

So now McGraw is back to teaming with jobbers, seriously his career arc is like a roller coaster. His pushes have been stop and start constantly, that must be so frustrating for him. King starts the match, as meanwhile Albano has a wardrobe malfunction, his shirt is on fire! Steve King and King in the ring, well this is confusing. We have a pair of Kings in the match, and a joker at ringside. Moondogs in complete control as Albano plans to lead them to his eleventh tag championship reign. Steve King slammed across the top rope, and he rolls to the corner to tag in Rick McGraw who takes down the Moondogs and this brings in Albano who eats a dropkick. All four men in the ring, plus Albano as the ref has lost control but the crowd explodes. Steve King tagged back in and he hammers Rex, but Rex fires back with a headbutt and tags in King who unloads on Steve. Moondogs use fast tags and just destroy Steve King, who tries to come back but no effect. Powerslam from Rex and big splash from King for the victory.

1. Moondogs defeat Steve King & Rick McGraw

2. Killer Khan v. Mike Schmidt

This would be Mike’s debut, I don’t think it will go will as Khan is out there alone which is odd. Khan wastes no time clobbering Mike and choking him on the ropes. Patterson points out that Khan doesn’t use slams or lifts, mostly martial arts as Khan is just completely obliterating Mike. Mike tries to fire back but Khan just shrugs him off and chokes Mike. Khan hits the double chop followed by the kneedrop for a very slow three.

2. Killer Khan pins Mike Schmidt

Patterson is ringside with Pedro Morales, who they don’t announce as Intercontinental champion, guess they won’t mention it till next taping rotation. Pedro says he would like to be World Champion again but calls Backlund a credit to wrestling. Patterson calls Pedro a gentleman but has a very short fuse, and Pedro agrees he has a short temper. Pedro talks about playing baseball in Puerto Rico, but prefers to wrestle. They cut Pedro off as he talk about food, that was a waste of time.

3. Sylvan Sousa v. Pedro Morales

If Pedro’s interview wasn’t enough now we get a match as well. Pedro armdrags Sousa down and maintains the armbar, but Sousa makes the ropes breaking the grip. Patterson talks about how great Pedro is, as Vince talks about the physique of Hulk Hogan. Pedro stays on the arm of Sousa, while Vince mentions next week Sgt Slaughter faces Rick McGraw. This match has been all Pedro working the arm, as they talk about Pedro being left handed and it throws opponents off. Sousa gets Pedro in the corner and drives a shoulder in then rakes the eyes. Pedro retaliates and sends Sousa to the opposite corner, then tosses his across the ring. Morales goes back to the arm as they make fun of Sousa not being very good. Snapmare and into the rear chinlock from Pedro, as he slows down this super slow match. Pedro bores me so much, this match feels like it’s never ending. Sousa gets a few shots in but Pedro fires back with a double sledge, slam and Boston Crab for the win.

3. Pedro Morales beats Sylvan Sousa

4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz

Always good to see team Brooklyn, Jose & Rodz, back together as they face the champions in a non title match. Garea and Rodz start, and they try to double team Garea but he’s too smart for that. Waistlock from Rodz, and Garea reverses and takes Rodz down. Rodz comes back with a wristlock taking Garea to the mat, with a little help from a hair pull. Jose tagged in and comes in via the top rope with a forearm to Tony and quickly back to the arm. Garea fights free and tags in Martel who unloads on both men, then into a waistlock with the armbar, but Estrada hooks the leg of Martel, who comes back with a bodyscissors. Rodz sneaks in to stomp Martel, but Martel maintains the hold, Rodz reaches for the tag and falls over the top rope. Martel drags Jose to his corner and tags in Tony, who goes back to the bodyscissors. Jose finally breaks free and tags in Rodz who catches Tony with a knee and stomps away at Tony. Rodz tosses Tony across the ring and gets two, Rodz misses the knee and Martel back in. Rodz eats a shot to the gut, and Jose comes in, so Martel rams their heads together. Team Brooklyn double teams Martel on the ropes, and Garea gets involved. This distracts the ref allowing more double teaming as Martel slammed on the floor and both men stomp away on him. Garea goes after both men, and Rodz gets tangles in the ropes. Martel takes the opportunity to get in and Jose nails him. More double teaming from Brooklyn, as Martel in deep trouble but he sneaks under Rodz and tags in Garea. Garea with a shoulderblock and catches Rodz in a backslide for three.
4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz **3/4

5. Hulk Hogan v. Charlie Brown

This is from Championship Wrestling and aired December 8th 1979. Way to end the taping with a match from a year ago. Hogan takes time to check with Blassie for the match as Brown attacks from behind. Hogan shoves him away, and Brown tries again so Hogan clobbers him. Hogan slams Brown then drops a leg, before ramming Brown into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Brown has no offense, as Hogan with the lift choke and now some posing. Backbreaker on Brown, as Hogan peels him up from the mat just to hammer him back down. Hogan lifts Brown up in a vertical backbreaker for the quick win.

5. Hulk Hogan crushes Charlie Brown

1. Moondogs defeat Steve King & Rick McGraw
2. Killer Khan pins Mike Schmidt
3. Pedro Morales beats Sylvan Sousa
4. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz **3/4
5. Hulk Hogan crushes Charlie Brown

A good episode, other then the Pedro match. The tag match was lots of fun and as usual with Estrada very exciting. We have one more show remaining for 1980, and our feature next week is Hulk Hogan versus Jim Duggan!

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