WWF All Star Wrestling – July 26, 1980

Coming off one of the better episodes of All Star Wrestling, tonight’s episode is headline by another handicap match. This time it’s not Hulk Hogan in action but instead it’s the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant. Also Johnny Rodz, who’s been on a run of good matches lately, does battle with a returning former Tag Team Champion. We’ll leave that as a surprise for when the match happens. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno, in yellow as always, open the show and talk about Andre the Giant being in action tonight. Also tonight is Pat Patterson, Tony Atlas and much more.

1. Pat Patterson v. Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw gets an ovation from the crowd, well that’s surprising. They lock up and into the ropes for a clean break, second time and Shaw gets a shot in which angers the Frenchman. Patterson with a side headlock takeover, Shaw being so tall makes the ropes. Patterson catches Shaw into the armbar, transitions to a headscissors. Shaw gets the ropes, and then pops Patterson, that just fires up Patterson who tosses Shaw across the ring and Shaw bails out. Patterson catches Shaw coming in and smashes his head into the turnbuckle, as Bruno is loving it. Patterson takes Shaw down with a leg sweep and then spreads his legs behind him?!? That just looks weird and uncomfortable. Shaw in a world of trouble as Patterson bends the knee, but Shaw again makes the ropes. Shaw rakes the eyes of Patterson and hammers him in the corner, then drives Patterson into the buckle. Patterson fires back and Shaw drops to the mat, and Bruno is laughing like a hyena. Shaw goes back to the eyes again, Patterson has had enough and hammers Shaw down then slams his leg into the steel post. Shaw slowly gets back in and Patterson begins to work over the legs of Shaw. Patterson locks on the Boston Crab for the victory.

1. Pat Patterson defeats Ron Shaw
2. Johnny Rodz v. Rick Martel

This is the return of Rick Martel, who gets attacked ay the bell by Rodz who snapmares Martel and starts choking him. Martel tossed outside and Rodz right on him, smashes him into the post and Martel in trouble early. Rodz won’t even let him back in the ring, so Martel pulls him out and they are going at it on the floor with Rodz eating the steel post. Martel back in the ring and Rodz slowly gets back in, and Martel quickly unloads on Rodz. Rodz gets Martel to the outside again and slams him hard on the wood floor. Martel struggles to make the apron, and Rodz goes after him as he is relentless. Martel finally catches him and drives Rodz headfirst into the turnbuckle. Rodz rakes the eyes, but Martel is fired up and snapmares Rodz down then a forearm across the chest. Rodz fights back to his feet and hits a nice kick to the throat of Martel. Martel whipped in, and holds the ropes but Rodz off the middle rope with a stomp. Rodz sends him in and goes for a kick, Martel catches the foot and takes him off balance. Martel then ties Rodz in the ropes and hits him with a flying shoulderblock, The ref finally gets Rodz freed from the ropes, and catches Martel with a scoop and slam, followed by a big elbowdrop. Rodz poses and gets rolled up by Rick Martel for the victory.

2. Rick Martel rolls up Johnny Rodz

Bruno at ringside with Rick Martel, congratulates Rick on a tough win. Martel says Rodz is a great athlete and New York has the best athletes, as he went all around the world to learn more before returning. Bruno wishes him all the luck in the world.

After the commentary Bruno still at ringside with Fred Blassie & Hangman, Blassie calls him McMahon. Blassie says Hangman could’ve pinned Steve King in thirty seconds but punished him for six minutes because Blassie told him to. He claims Hangman has won twelve tournaments in Europe over nine years, and Bruno says that was not his name over there. Bruno asks how Hangman can handle guys like Pedro, Backlund or Putski and again Blassie calls him Vince. Bruno corrects him and says he knows he took a lot of head shots, Blassie says he looks and see Vince, looks over sees Bruno and doesn’t like either view. Blassie says he can handle anyone in the ring, and Bruno asks what country Hangman comes from and asks is he ashamed. Blassie says he’s the champion of Europe and Italy was the easiest and there is no competition in Puerto Rico or any other country. Blassie is so confused as he keeps calling him Vince and yells at Bruno at the table.

3. Angel Marvilla v. Charlie Sharkey

Angel again, let’s hope it’s better then the last match we saw of his. He quickly takes Charlie over with the headlock and Charlie fights free. Angel with an armbar and cranks on it, flipping Charlie over. Charlie with a side headlock and Angel lifts and drops him breaking the hold. Angel snapmares him over a few times and into a wristlock, Charlie fights back and breaks the hold. Angel sends him in and hits a sledge followed by a flying headbutt for the easy win. Another lackluster appearance from Angel.

3. Angel Marvilla destroys Charlie Sharkey

4. Frank Rodriguez & Marc Pole v. Andre the Giant

This is from a different venue/taping as Joe McHugh is the ring announcer and the building is different. It’s from August 4th 1979 episode of Championship Wrestling. Wonder why we keep getting matches from the previous year? Andre with a double headlock and rams both men together, I don’t think they will get much offense in here. Andre headbutts both men, and then squishes them both in the corner. Atomic drop on Frank and Pole gets swatted away, as Andre is just dismantling them. Vince and Bruno talk about Andre being undefeated in wrestling and that no one man can take him. Andre is just having fun with these two as he headbutts them and then sets them both in the corner. Frank hammers the back of Andre and he just glares at him then tosses him out. Pole eats the big boot and sit down splash from Andre for the easy win.
4. Andre the Giant squashed Marc Pole & Frank Rodriguez

5. Tony Atlas v. Jose Estrada

This is also from Championship Wrestling from December 1st 1979 as we get another old match? This is strange, did they not tape enough at the last venue? This was the last episode from that taping day, so something seems off. Estrada quickly attacks and locks on a full nelson with Atlas easily powers out of. Atlas yanks him down with an armbar. Estrada fights free and hammers the back of Atlas, which is just angering him. Atlas fires back and Estrada is in trouble as he eats the turnbuckle. Rear chinlock from Atlas as he wears down Estrada, who rakes the eyes of Atlas to break the hold. Atlas fires back on Estrada and slams him down hard, Atlas sent in and jumps over Estrada. Atlas comes back with a pair of dropkicks and a press slam gets three as the show ends just as the three is counted.

5. Tony Atlas crushed Jose Estrada

1, Pat Patterson defeats Ron Shaw
2. Rick Martel rolls up Johnny Rodz
3. Angel Marvilla destroys Charlie Sharkey
4. Andre the Giant squashed Marc Pole & Frank Rodriguez
5. Tony Atlas crushed Jose Estrada

An odd episode this week, as almost half the show was from last year. Seems like they ran out of footage or something. Anyway, we go to the next taping and next week we have Ken Patera in action, plus another appearance from Rick Martel.

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