WWF All Star Wrestling – July 19, 1980

For some strange reason they have the wrong episode for July 5th as instead it’s from the following year, so I guess we’re skipping to July 19th instead due to July 12 missing. Just a weird little mess here, but we march on. We’re slowly coming to the big Showdown at Shea show, which is another thing missing from the Network for unknown reasons as it was on 24/7 back in the day. It’s too bad as the show featured Andre versus Hulk and Larry Zbyszko versus Bruno Sammartino in a cage. I’ve been unable to procure a copy of the show, but we still have lots of All Star. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to tonight’s show and go over the card. Tonight Hulk Hogan goes one on one with Frank Marzino, the jobber he tossed over the turnbuckle into the post a few weeks ago. Also tonight Larry Zbyszko and Tor Kamata among others join us.

1. Pat Patterson v. Johnny Rodz

Rodz attacks before the bell and chokes Patterson down, as tonight’s show is very washed out, but what do you expect for forty year old TV. Rodz sends Patterson to the floor and rams him into the table, then jumps in the ring. Back out the ring and Rodz continues to hammer away at Patterson, then breaks the count. Patterson tries to shake off the cobwebs but Rodz off the apron with a double ax handle. Rodz drives Patterson into the post, this is a rematch from a few weeks ago that Patterson was able to sneak a victory during. Patterson makes it back in and fires back on Rodz who tumbles hard to the floor and now Patterson goes after Rodz who ducks under the ring. Rodz comes out a different side but Patterson catches him, so he goes back under. Patterson gives chase and drags him from under the ring and drives Rodz head first into the steel post. Rodz struggles to get back in the ring, Patterson rams him into the post again and Rodz sends the wooden steps flying. Back in the ring and Patterson armdrags Rodz over and hammers the face. This has been another great brawl between these two. Rodz goes to the floor and slowly gets back in, with a little rope. He tries to tie Patterson to the turnbuckle and succeeds, as the ref tries to free Patterson, Rodz pounds on him. Patterson comes back and does the same thing to Rodz now, as Patterson is fired up. Rodz untied and shot in, knee to the midsection from Patterson as he softens up Rodz with a series of shots. Jackknife pin only gets one, thought it was over. Rodz off the ropes and a shoulderblock sends both men to the mat. Rodz slingshots Patterson across the ring and stomps on, Patterson sends Rodz to the corner. Patterson with a slingshot and Rodz bounces off the turnbuckle, cover gets three. What a great little match, these two have remarkable chemistry out there.

1. Pat Patterson pins Johnny Rodz ***

2. Larry Zbyszko v. Frank Williams

Larry grabs the microphone and announces himself the new living legend of wrestling. We get the usual stalling from Larry, as he takes his time and yells at the fans and referee. Bruno is so not happy talking about Bruno you would think it was Moose in the match as Larry kicks Frank in the stomach and slams Frank’s face into the mat. Larry looks at the crowd with disgust as he continues to beat on Williams, who has had no offense. Larry takes too much time and Frank makes a comeback, but that just angers Larry who tosses Frank to floor and follows. Larry smashes Frank’s face into the stairs before rolling back in. Larry pulls Frank in and connects with a vertical suplex for the easy win.

2. Larry Zbyszko destroyed Frank Williams

Vince goes ringside to talk with Larry and chastises Larry for kicking Frank right at the start. Larry says he studied Martial Arts and it’s the fan’s fault he treated Frank the way he did. He says he’s looking for people with class and brains like Patera and Hogan and today he is going to start Larry’s Army. To join just stand and applaud Larry on his way to the ring, he starts pointing out people and Vince says that not applauding. Larry says he was in the ring with Bruno not long ago and he stood up to him and now he’s at the top.

3. Marc Pole v. Angel Marvilla

Angel making his WWF debut, gets taken down by a side headlock but he fights out with a headscissors. Hiptoss send Marc to the mat, and they lock up again with Marc going to a side headlock but Angel powers out. Pole gets a kneelift in but Angel comes back with a forearm as neither guy can get an advantage. Angel hiptosses Marc across the ring as this has been a pretty lackluster debut. It’s been move, stand around, move, and on. Pole argues with the ref and Angel just stands there, could’ve got a dropkick or something on but he did nothing. This could be one of the worst debuts ever, right up there with Outback Jack. Angel slams Marc the sends him in, hits a flying headbutt for three.

3. Angel Marvilla beats Marc Pole

4. Rick McGraw v. Tor Kamata

Well, this is an unexpected match, haven’t seen Tor in a bit though maybe he was gone. Now Tor doesn’t have a manager, salt ritual or opening pose, that’s not a good sign. Rick goes behind the big guy and gets him down, Kamata to the ropes. Lockup and Rick with a hammerlock and into the ropes again. Rick hammers the back of Kamata and waits for him to get out of the ropes. Kamata gets caught with a drop toe hold, and he bails to the apron after getting stomped. Kamata rakes the eyes of Rick and does a few martial arts strikes to stagger the smaller man. Rick comes back with his speed to take down Kamata and drives knees into his back. Rick able to slam Kamata, which was a surprising move and gets a near fall, as Kamata quickly bails out. Rick follows and stomps the head of Kamata who struggles to get back in. Kamata catches an overly excited Rick with the karate kicks and then goes for a slam but loses his balance and almost gets pinned. Rick quickly returns to working the back but misses a kneedrop. Kamata slams Rick into the buckle then heaves him out of the ring, almost hitting the steps. Kamata fixes that by driving Rick into the steps before rolling in holding his back. Rick slowly gets back in and Tor sends him to the buckle, Rick springs up the ropes and hits the crossbody for a near fall. Rick unloads on a staggered Kamata, then goes for an abdominal stretch and rolls back for another near fall. Rick is irate as he kicks and stomps on Kamata but Kamata gets a chop in and runs into the three consecutive armdrags as Rick goes to an armbar. Kamata rakes the face and hammers the face and neck of Rick as he tries to slow him down. This has been a good back and forth battle between power and speed. Just as I say that the bell rings and the match ends via time limit draw. Rick hammers on Tor after the bell as the referee tries to pull him back.

4. Rick McGraw & Tor Kamata go to a time limit draw ***

5. Hulk Hogan v. Fred Marzino

The Network says Frank, but the announcer and Vince say Fred, let’s just call him doomed. Hulk overpowers and sends him to the corner right away. Elbow to the top of the head and then Hulk whips him to the other corner, follows with a big slam and drops the elbow. Hogan slams him again and drops a leg, but doesn’t pin instead he drops a knee and cover. He pulls him up at two then slams Marzino into the buckle. Hulk sends Marzino in and connects with the big boot, whip in again and a back elbow as Hulk is destroying him. Hard whip to the buckle and Marzino crumples, Hulk pulls him up and sends him in. Hulk with a vicious clothesline and pins the man while posing for the easy win.

5. Hulk Hogan crushes Fred/Frank Marzino

1. Pat Patterson pins Johnny Rodz ***
2. Larry Zbyszko destroyed Frank Williams
3. Angel Marvilla beats Marc Pole
4. Rick McGraw & Tor Kamata go to a time limit draw ***
5. Hulk Hogan crushes Fred/Frank Marzino

This might have been the best episode of All Star so far with two really good matches. Although the debut of Angel was very lackluster as he didn’t seem very exciting at all. Next week we’re joined by Andre the Giant, plus the return of a former Tag Team Champion!

2 thoughts on “WWF All Star Wrestling – July 19, 1980

  1. Oddly enough, the episode listed on the WWE Network for 7/5/80 All Star Wrestling actually aired on 6/27/81 while the episode listed on the WWE Network for 6/27/81 All Star Wrestling is the one you missed that aired 7/5/80, so if you feel like going back and recapping it, there ya go. 🙂

    • Thanks, was curious what the heck was happening. I’m already in 1981, as I got lots of episodes in the queue, so just going to skip that one. Nothing major happened on it anyways. Thanks for reading and thank you for the information. Please keep reading, as I appreciate it.

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