WWF All Star Wrestling – August 2, 1980

Tonight’s episode of All Star Wrestling is the start of a new taping cycle. Taped July 30th from Hamburg, PA as always. Hopefully we don’t get any matches recycled from last year this run. Last week saw the return of former Tag Champion Rick Martel, who was victorious over Johnny Rodz and tonight he hopes to continue his winning ways. Also tonight the Intercontinental Champion, Ken Patera joins us. Let’s go to the ring.

As usual, in their bright yellow suits, Vince & Bruno welcome us to the show and go over tonight’s broadcast. Along with Martel & Patera we are joined by Pat Patterson and Rene Goulet in tag action.

1. Pat Patterson & Rene Goulet v. Jose Estrada & Matt Mahaiko

This is the first time seeing Matt, who is introduced as Mike, he looks like a big guy and Estrada was so underrated. He might be one of the best jobbers I’ve ever seen. Patterson and Estrada start, and they jockey for position, with Patterson shoving Estrada to his corner. Suddenly we see Captain Lou appear at ringside for some reason, as he climbs the steps to get a closer look. Patterson with a side headlock and gets shot in, Estrada duck and Patterson nails Matt for fun. Estrada shot in and Pat ducks, but Estrada puts the brakes on, however Patterson catches him and holds him for Rene to get a shot in before being tagged in. Estrada with an armbar, and uses the hair to take down Rene, Mike tagged in and stomps on Rene. Front facelock controls Rene, and into the ropes for the clean break. Rene fires off from the ropes and goes down, Rene into the legbar and Patterson goes after Estrada. Rene with a sit down splash and Estrada attacks, so Patterson charges and Estrada drops to the floor. Every time Patterson charges in he bounces off the gut of Mike, and now he’s tagged in. Mike tries to shoot him in, but Patterson holds the beard. Rene tagged back in, and goes to a front facelock to wear down the bigger man. Rene unloads on Mike and another fast tag to bring Patterson back, as Bruno mocks the big man, Patterson slams him and covers, but Estrada makes the save. Mike chokes Patterson before tagging Estrada back in, who stomps on the former Intercontinental champion. Mike back in and Estrada holds Patterson for Mike, he then lifts Patterson up, but Patterson breaks the hold and tags in Rene. Mike shot in and eats the dropkick for the easy win for Rene.

1. Rene Goulet & Pat Patterson beat Jose Estrada & Mike Mahaiko

2. Pedro Morales v. Johnny Rodz

Hopefully Johnny can make this a good match, as I have not been impressed with Pedro. Rodz takes a swing at Pedro on the apron and Pedro shoves him back. Pedro with a side headlock and Rodz sends him in, Pedro comes back with the shoulderblock and back to the side headlock. Rodz breaks the hold and bites and chokes Pedro then rakes the face. Pedro is fed up and just clobbers Rodz, Rodz staggers to the corner and removes the turnbuckle pad and takes the rope, he rakes the rope over his eyes but Pedro blocks the shot to the turnbuckle and sends Rodz into the steel. Pedro runs Rodz across the ring and face first into the steel buckle, while Rodz is still holding that rope. Rodz grabs the foot of Pedro to floor him and chokes using that rope from the turnbuckle pad. Pedro to the floor and Rodz follows, Pedro catches him and gets tossed into the the steps multiple times, Pedro rolls in. Rodz sends the steps flying before getting back in and Pedro takes too long as Rodz slams him but misses the big elbow. Rodz smashed back into the steel buckle and Pedro drives the knee into him repeatedly. Pedro send Rodz to the opposite corner and Rodz up and over the top to the apron. Back in and Pedro with a back body drop, off the ropes again and Rodz gets caught with his head down as Pedro with a small package for the win.

2. Pedro Morales pins Johnny Rodz

3. Ken Patera v. Ron Lee

As always Patera takes his time getting ready for the match, as stalling seems to be his best move. Patera sweeps out the leg to start and begins to work over the leg, which is noticeably heavily taped. Lee tries to fight free and that just angers Patera who tosses Lee hard to the floor and continues to stomp the bad leg. Lee makes it to the apron and catches Patera with a pair of shoulderblocks but Patera just hammers Lee, who gets stuck in the ropes. The ref struggles to untie him, and Patera goes right back to the leg. Patera drags Lee to the middle of the ring and locks on a half crab for the easy win.

3. Ken Patera destroyed Ron Lee

4. Rick McGraw v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Baron charges across the ring and attacks Rick before the bell and then tosses his to the outside. Mikel follows and slams Rick into the apron before following him in. Rick shot in and gets caught with a knee to the midsection, then snapmared over into the chinlock. Slam in the middle of the ring from Mikel who continues the offense. Rick gets a shot in but Mikel is relentless hammering and choking the much smaller man. Mikel with a chokehold to continue wearing down Rick, who has had no real offense yet but he finally comes back with some shots and a pair of dropkicks. Mikel shot in and Rick charges, but Mikel moves and Rick crashes hard. Snapmare from Mikel who is back in charge of the match, but Rick tries to come back again with a side headlock and shot in, shoulderblock and both men are down. Mikel up first and misses the kneedrop, Rick starts to work over the leg but Baron comes back with a forearm and is back in command. Rick shot in and backdrop, a second attempt results in a sunset from from Rick for a near fall. Rick with a small package gets another near fall, Mikel sends Rick to the corner and Rick blocks and drives Mikel into the buckle. Rick with a headbutt, however Mikel tosses Rick to the floor and Mikel follows. They slug it out on the floor and both men are counted out.

4. Rick McGraw and Baron Mikel Scicluna battle to a double countout
5. Rick Martel v. Marc Pole

Rick Martel is back for his second match, and faces Vince and Bruno’s favorite whipping boy. Vince quickly makes fun of Marc’s weight as the bell rings. Pole with a side headlock takeover countered into a headscissors. Test of strength and Pole kicks Martel, side headlock again from Pole. Martel makes the ropes and unloads on Pole. Martel with a chinlock and Pole makes the ropes to break the hold. Scoop and slam from Martel, he then does it again as Pole in trouble. Fireman’s carry takeover and jackknife cover gets the quick three.

5. Rick Martel crushes Marc Pole

1. Rene Goulet & Pat Patterson beat Jose Estrada & Mike Mahaiko
2. Pedro Morales pins Johnny Rodz
3. Ken Patera destroyed Ron Lee
4. Rick McGraw and Baron Mikel Scicluna battle to a double countout
5. Rick Martel crushes Marc Pole

Not a bad episode, with a couple good matches. No idea what they’re doing with McGraw. It felt like they brought him in to a lot of fanfare, but then he’s doing time limit draws and countout draws. Seems like they lost interest in him quickly, which is too bad.. Next week’s episode is another lost episode as we jump forward two weeks.

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