WWF All Star Wrestling – June 14, 1980

Tonight on WWF All Star we have Tony Atlas, The Samoans, Pat Patterson, Rick McGraw and Johnny Rodz. It looks like a star studded show after last weeks lack luster event. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and go over the card. Do they own any other suits. It’s been yellow suits since January?

1. Steve King & Rene Goulet v. The Wild Samoans

Before the bell King and Rene attack the Samoans, but no effect as the Samoans just destroy them. Goulet fights free for a bit, but Sika sends him to his corner. Afa shrugs off King’s shots and elbows him. Afa just no sells everything, until a dropkick moves him just a bit, but Sika tagged in and they double team King. Finally tag made to Goulet and he unloads on Afa, Rene uses his speed to take down Sika with a wristlock. King back in, that could be a mistake, as he continues to work the arm and Sika makes the best faces! Knee sends King to the mat and he gets stomped and chopped apart by the Samoans. King slammed down and crushed by the big elbow smash. Sika pulls him up and headbutts him back down, then chokes King. It’s been all Samoans on King for the last little while and they don’t want to pin him yet, as they are having too much fun. Sika with a diving headbutt off the top rope scores the win.

1. The Wild Samoans crush Steve King & Rene Goulet

2. Tor Kamata v. Frank Williams

Well, this doesn’t bode well for Kamata as he is alone now, no more Fred Blassie. Must be getting near the end of run darn it. He was really becoming a highlight of the year. Kamata quickly chokes Williams against the ropes and starts to hammer him down. I don’t think Williams will score an upset here tonight. Williams eats the turnbuckle repeatedly, Vince says later on is Pedro, Tony Atlas and Rick McGraw and Pat Patterson in tag action. Meanwhile Kamata is trying to unscrew Frank’s head, as he twists away at it. Frank tries to come with a few shots, but Kamata comes back with a big kick to the throat and into the shoulder claw. Kamata locks Frank in the ropes and chokes him, so Williams goes after the bare feet, unique strategy. Frank rakes the eyes and starts to hammer Kamata, as someone yells “stop on his toes”, instead he headbutts him and knocks himself silly. Double chop from Kamata and Williams still trying to fight back, Kamata off the ropes and catches Frank with a chop and crushes him for the win.

2. Tor Kamata destroys Frank Williams

Bruno at ringside with Kamata, who says he never loses a match and wants a title match. Bruno says he has many more to beat like Putski, Patterson and Backlund. Kamata says champions are afraid of him and he happy to keep winning. Bruno asks how good Kamata was as a Sumo Champion, Kamata says he was a great Sumo and won every tournament.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

Another Pedro match, they seriously have such a small roster back then. Feels like the some people have a match every week. I don’t get Pedro, his matches are all stomps and punches? Rodz quickly goes for a top wristlock and Pedro flips him over his head. Side headlock from Rodz and Pedro fights out, for a face he certainly does a lot of punches and eye rakes. Rodz powers Pedro to the corner and pops him, so Pedro rakes the eyes and snapmares him over, so Rodz bails. Back in the ring and Rodz rakes the eyes the rams Pedro into the buckle, Pedro returns the favor. Rodz takes Pedro over and starts choking him with the tag rope. Pedro has had enough and sends Rodz across the ring, then shoots him to the corner when he comes out he gets slammed. Pedro smashes him a few times then wraps him up in a small package for the win.

3. Pedro Morales pins Johnny Rodz
4. Pat Patterson & Rick McGraw v. Jose Estrada & Davey O’Hannon

Patterson and Davey start with Estrada jumping in, so Pat throws Davey into him. Again Davey and Estrada collide, as the team is not starting good. Criss cross and Patterson stops to pop Davey, who grabs the ropes to bail out. All four men in the ring allows some double teaming from the heels as they work over Patterson. Davey with a front facelock, Pat almost tags but Estrada distracts the ref. McGraw finally in and Estrada unloads on him, with help from Davey. This has been all Estrada and Davey, as McGraw and Patterson have been getting dismantled. Rick slips through the legs and tags in Patterson, who whips Davey into the corner hard and then unloads on Jose. Patterson rolls up Estrada for the win, well all right then.

4. Pat Patterson & Rick McGraw defeat Jose Estrada & Davey O’Hannon

5. Tony Atlas v. Moose Monroe

Well, this is another old match, what is up with old Tony matches? Moose jumps Tony and Tony shrugs him off and unloads on the big guy. Tony slams Moose with ease and a big splash for the quick three. This was from three weeks before the last one?

5. Tony Atlas squashed Moose Monroe

Bruno at ringside with Tony says the fans love him and asks him training. Tony says he works on speed and strength and hold knowledge.

1. The Wild Samoans crush Steve King & Rene Goulet
2. Tor Kamata destroys Frank Williams
3. Pedro Morales pins Johnny Rodz
4. Pat Patterson & Rick McGraw defeat Jose Estrada & Davey O’Hannon
5. Tony Atlas squashed Moose Monroe

Well, that was a much better episode then last week. Some good matches and best of all no Patera or Sharpe. Next week we get the return of Hulk Hogan in a handicap match and The Hangman arrives!!!

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