WWF All Star Wrestling – June 7, 1980

Time for more WWF action as we enter June of 1980. Tonight we get appearances from Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera and also Tony Atlas, among others. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince McMahon welcomes us to All Star Wrestling, as Bruno will join us later. Vince says tonight’s main event features Baron Mikel Scicluna against former Champion Pedro Morales along with lots more action.

1. Frank Savage v. Larry Zbyszko

Well, that explains the lack of Bruno, as Larry makes his way to the ring. After much stalling from Larry we finally get a lockup and into the ropes for the clean break. Top wristlock from Larry as he tries to wear down the taller man, Larry uses the hair to take Savage down and Savage fights free angering Larry. The crowd is all over Larry with loud Bruno chants, which is really getting to him. Larry takes Savage over with the side headlock. Vince says the fans would love an upset, not a chance that would happen. Angry Larry starts to unload on Savage, taking out his frustrations, as Savage eats the buckle repeatedly. Snapmare takeover and Larry gets caught choking Savage, and this gives Savage the chance to break free and drives knees into Larry. Whip blocked via a knee to the stomach of Savage, and Larry hits a vertical suplex for the win.

1. Larry Zbyszko pins Frank Savage

2. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Pedro Morales

Baron quickly goes after Pedro and Pedro rakes the eyes, that slows down the Baron. Lockup and Pedro takes Baron down, Baron complains of tights being pulled. Pedro quickly gets irate and fires at Baron, Baron gets Pedro in the corner and Pedro fights out with ease. Pedro sends Baron to the mat, and Baron gets to the ropes. Baron grabs the arm and starts to hammer the shoulder. Pedro counters into an leg grapevine, and Baron struggles to free himself. Baron smashes the head of Pedro to try an break the hold, but Pedro holds on. Pedro leaps over Baron, comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock, Baron puts his head down and gets caught in a backslide for the win. That came out of nowhere, not much of a main event match really.

2. Pedro Morales pins Baron Mikel Scicluna

Bruno at ringside with Pedro, says that was a fantastic win. Pedro says Baron is very tough and it was a hard battle. Bruno says Pedro looks in better shape now then ten years ago when he was WWWF Champion. Pedro says he let himself go for a bit, but wanted to make another run so he got himself in fighting shape. Pedro says he wants matches with Larry or Patera and show the fans what he can do. Bruno says Pedro will make it back to the top one day.

After the break Bruno at ringside still, but now with Larry Sharpe. Bruno asks where he’s been, Larry says he’s done tours in Puerto Rico and Hawaii and now he’s home. Bruno says Larry has changed and he doesn’t like, as he also wants the piledriver banned, and wants to know why he’s a rule breaker. Larry says scientific wrestling starts with the mind, and he learned to do whatever he can to win. Larry says he has never lost and can never be beaten, Bruno points out that he has not faced top caliber stars.

3. Moose Monroe v. Larry Sharpe

Well this is a much bigger challenge for Larry Sharpe, as Moose is just a monster sized guy. Moose quickly goes behind Larry, and Larry takes put the leg and twists the ankle. Vince calls it the battle of undesirables, as Bruno says people don’t like either guy. Moose fights free and begins to hammer Larry, but misses the corner charge as Bruno talks about how slow Moose is. Larry goes back to the ankle, but Moose rakes the eyes to break the hold. Moose with an elbow to the head and Larry comes back with a headbutt to the midsection. Larry nails the piledriver on Moose for the victory. Moose refuses help to the back and slowly makes it by himself.

3. Larry Sharpe defeats Moose Monroe

4. Ken Patera v. Angelo Gomez

Patera takes his time heading to the ring and removing his warm-up gear. So much stalling, as this has been going for almost five minutes after the bell rang. Finally the match starts and Patera begins working the arm, I bet the match takes less time then the pre-match goofiness. Patera powers Gomez down to the mat and is just smothering the man. This match is just Patera pounding on Gomez and he finally does a move, a vertical suplex and then pulls Gomez up at two. More pounding from Ken as he works over the back and the neck of Gomez, then scoops and slam Gomez halfway across the ring. Full nelson from Patera finishes this horrible match.

4. Ken Patera destroys Angelo Gomez

Bruno at ringside with Patera, and Bruno says he’s disgusted with the way Patera acted in the ring. Patera goes over all his records and accomplishments he’s had in various sports.

5. Tony Atlas v. Mike Masters

OK, this is screwy as this is from a different location with Joe McHugh doing ring announcing and different quality video. This is from November 24, 1979 so I have no idea why they threw this on the end of the show. Atlas just overpowering Masters, and Masters pulls the hair to break free. Atlas goes to the arm, and Masters makes the ropes. The video is broken as it stops and then goes super fast and the stops again. This is just weird to watch, as the audio stays working perfectly? Atlas with a double chop and gets the pin. That was hard to watch.

5. Tony Atlas beats Mike Masters

1. Larry Zbyszko crushes Frank Savage
2. Pedro Morales pins Baron Mikel Scicluna
3. Larry Sharpe defeats Moose Monroe
4. Ken Patera destroys Angelo Gomez
5. Tony Atlas beats Mike Masters

Not a great episode, with only four actual matches and three bring pretty bad. Plus an odd match from seven months earlier for some reason. Moving on to next week.

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