WWF All Star Wrestling – June 21, 1980

Continuing along on All Star Wrestling, tonight we get Hulk Hogan in another handicap match and the debut of the Hangman. According to the Cagematch website, Hangman was from Quebec, and was known as Super Destoyer, The Quebec Lumberjack and Towering Inferno. His career ended in 1986, and he didn’t do much of note. Let’s go to the ring.

Bruno Sammartino & Vince McMahon welcome us to tonight’s show. They go over the card and in addition to the previous mentioned names we also have Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera, Pedro Morales and Jose Estrada is standing by in the ring.

1. Jose Estrada v. Ivan Putski

This is the first appearance of Putski since losing the tag titles last month. Lockup and into the corner with a clean break. Side headlock from Jose, and Putski powers out with ease and into a top wristlock. This the start of a new taping rotation from June 18th. Putski reverses and Jose hammers away on Putski, sending Putski to the ropes and Putski fires back. Estrada sent hard to the corner and Putski scrapes him up, snapmares him over and into the rear chinlock. Putski cranks on the neck and Jose breaks free, the works over the back of Putski with a series of stomps. Putski charges and sends Jose to the corner, but Jose relentless. Putski comes back with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner. The video is weird this week as it has a red tinge in the corners, like watching it through a telescope. Putski sends Jose crashing hard to the floor, and the ref stops Putski from going after him. Jose slowly back in the ring and Putski corners him, Jose rings the ears but Putski keeps driving a shoulder in. Estrada rakes the eyes, which angers Putski who does the same. Jose whipped in and nailed with the Polish Hammer for the win.

1. Ivan Putski pins Jose Estrada
2. Pedro Morales v. Moose Monroe

Well, Pedro is a little better than Larry Sharpe at least, or Bobby Duncum. Pedro leaps over the top rope and into the ring, and Moose bails out of the ring. Lockup and Pedro into a hammerlock on the much bigger Moose, who makes the ropes. Vince and Bruno make fun of how often Moose loses, they we’re just brutal and mean to the jobbers for no reason. Side headlock from Moose and Pedro easily fights out so Moose bails to the floor. Moose back in the ring and lockup again, Pedro powers Moose to the ropes and a clean break. Bruno says there is nothing Moose can do to win the match, and that angers Pedro who would rather have competition not someone who has no chance, ouch. Pedro takes Moose over with an armdrag, as they continue to mock Moose for being slow. Moose gets Pedro to the corner and hammers him, as Moose finally gets some offense in but Pedro no sells and clobbers Moose. Big right from Pedro sends Moose crumpling down, Irish whip and double sledge into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales crushed Moose Monroe

Bruno at ringside with Pedro, great more Pedro, as Bruno asks how frustrated he was by the lack of challenge. Pedro says he trains for the championship, not easy matches, and he feels like he’s wasting time. Pedro says Moose is a big man, and Bruno says he has no speed or wrestling skill though. Who did Moose anger to get buried this bad, this is just a massacre on the poor guy? Bruno says soon we will see Pedro against talent like Patera, Samoans, Larry and others.

3. Frank Williams v. Ken Patera

The current Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring accompanied by manager, the Grand Wizard. Patera as usual takes his time getting to ring and removing his warm-up gear. Finally we get a lockup and Williams shoved to the corner, allowing Patera to pose. Side headlock takeover on Williams, Patera cranks back on the neck and Williams can’t break free. Bruno says he doesn’t think Williams has the skill to break the hold, Bruno is just vicious this week. Patera transitions to a front facelock then slams him down, stomp off the middle rope and then Frank gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Back to the side headlock as Patera does as little as he need to, Williams rakes the face and hammers on Patera in the corner as Williams becomes aggressive on the champion. He whips Patera to the corner but Patera reverses and drives a sledge into the back. Backbreaker from Patera gets two, as he pulls Williams up. Vertical suplex and pin attempt again as he pulls Williams up then locks on the swinging full nelson for the win.

3. Ken Patera destroys Frank Williams

4. Steve King v. The Hangman

As stated this is the debut of the Hangman, accompanied by Fred Blassie, he is introduced as being from Europe. I expected a guy in a mask, but no, instead he bring a noose to the ring. He quickly hammers down King and tosses him into the buckle. Scoop and slam across the ring and King tries to fight back to no avail. Back body drop and more forearms to King, whip in and big boot. Snapmare takeover and some choking on King, then whipped in again and King eats the back elbow, Hangman pins him but pulls him up at two. Hiptoss and Hangman kicks King in the face repeatedly, which Blassie appreciates, as Hangman as controlled the whole match. Hammerlock and sent to the corner, twice, as Hangman wants to take the arm home with him. Press slam from Hangman as he drops King across the top rope, and into the hangman vice, for the easy win. Looked like a neckbreaker but instead of dropping the man he just lifted him by the neck.

4. Hangman humiliated Steve King

Vince goes ringside to talk with Blassie and Hangman. Blassie says he’s been on a world tour and this is his latest acquisition. Hangman just stares at the camera, as Vince asks about the noose, Blassie says there is a plan. Vince says the fans can come up with ideas, and Blassie loses his mind on Vince screaming at him. Blassie says they don’t care about friends, all they care about is money. Vince asks if he can ask Hangman a question, and Blassie says he does the talking for Hangman and his army. Blassie says it doesn’t matter who they step on or kick, they want the money.

5. Hulk Hogan v. Angelo Gomez & Fred Marzino

Two on one match against Hulk Hogan, and I assume this won’t end well for the two. They circle Hulk and grab him in separate wristlocks, Hogan throws this aside. They go for the arms of Hogan and he slams them into each other. Hogan pounds on both men with ease, Hulk just tossing both men around the ring as he whips Fred hard into the corner and flies over the turnbuckle bouncing off the steel post and to the floor. Hogan slams Gomez, hits a back elbow and then pulls him back up. Gomez whipped in and clothesline takes him down, Hogan covers for the easy win.

5. Hulk Hogan humbles Angelo Gomez & Fred Marzino

1. Ivan Putski pins Jose Estrada
2. Pedro Morales crushed Moose Monroe
3. Ken Patera destroys Frank Williams
4. Hangman humiliated Steve King
5. Hulk Hogan humbles Angelo Gomez & Fred Marzino

Some good matches this week, other than Patera and Pedro. Just can’t find anything good in either guy personally. Next week’s main event is Pat Patterson versus Johnny Rodz, that could be good.

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