WWF All Star Wrestling – February 9, 1980

Sadly the WWE Network is missing the February 2nd episode with Larry versus Bruno, which sucks. Was looking forward to that match, hopefully we get some clips on this weeks episode. Joining us this week is Tony Atlas, Hulk Hogan and the Wild Samoans. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show and goes over tonight’s action including a special interview with Bruno Sammartino.

1. Hulk Hogan v. Joe Mascara

I don’t like Mascara’s chances in this match, as Hogan is accompanied by Fred Blassie. Mascara ducks under the Hulk as he uses his speed, he’s doomed once Hogan catches him. As expected, lockup sends Mascara to the ropes with ease, a second one does the same as Mascara is now experiencing Hogan’s power. Hogan places Mascara on the top rope and walks away from him, just playing with him. Vince is all gaga over Hogan talking about his beautiful tan and muscles, which sounds creepy. Hogan goes from the side headlock to an armbar and cranks away. Transitions into a hammerlock taking Mascara down, but Mascara kicks free which shocks Hogan. Mascara shot in and eats a boot to the midsection, followed by a vicious right hand, Hogan then chokes him on the top rope. Hogan locks on the bearhug for the easy win.

1. Hulk Hogan defeats Joe Mascara

2. Jose Estrada v. Tony Atlas

Always strange seeing the fans right up to ringside for autographs, no barriers at all. Lockup and Tony powers him to the corner and we get a clean break. Estrada gets a wristlock on Tony, who just tosses him aside, Estrada goes for a go behind waist lock and shoves him off again. Estrada begins hammering Atlas in the head with fists and of course no effect on Atlas, who nails Estrada once sending him flying. Side headlock from Atlas but Estrada shoots him in, Estrada gets a shot in the midsection and begins to work the back of Atlas. Estrada complains of tights being pulled, before going into an armbar on Atlas, Atlas reverses and Estrada rakes the eyes before pounding on him. Estrada with a side headlock but Atlas lifts and tosses him with ease. Atlas tosses Estrada across the ring again and then rings his bell, big scoop slam followed by an elbow and a headbutt as Atlas in control. Just as I type that Estrada rakes the eyes again and hammers Atlas in the corner. Been a very competitive match so far, as Atlas gets a side headlock and shot in. Atlas with a shoulderblock and then a series of dropkicks and a headbutt for the win.

2. Tony Atlas pins Jose Estrada **1/2

Vince goes ringside to interview Tony Atlas who thanks the fans for making him feel at home. Vince says that he lets himself take to much damage before taking out the opponent. Tony says he wants to win, not hurt people like Ken Patera wants to do. He says he won’t play around with Patera or the Samoans and he trains daily to be a great wrestler. Vince asks about his training, and Tony says he focus on strength, speed and agility so he can go with anyone.

3. Steve King & Domenic Denucci v. The Wild Samoans

Sika & Afa are accompanied by Captain Lou Albano for this tag contest. Denucci is a former tag champion, now on the downswing of his career and helping build the next generation. That’s something lacking nowadays, everyone is so worried about keeping their spot they never want to help the next generation. King looks so tiny in there with the other three men, Denucci is so tall and the Samoans are monsters. King starts for his team with Sika, as the Samoans stall first, Sika quickly drives the knees into King and kicks him in the gut before tagging Afa. Another quick tag brings Sika back in as they continue to unload and tag repeatedly. Sika slams King and brings in Afa as Albano joins Vince on commentary. Albano calls his team amazing as they double team King. Vince says what happened last week to Bruno, no one can forgive Larry, hope they show clips after this match. Denucci tags himself in and the Samoans work him over now, Denucci gets a shot in but gets caught in the wrong corner and the Samoans double team him as Albano distracts the ref. The Samoans are just dismantling the former tag champion with double team tactics. Snapmare from Afa into a neck vice, Denucci fights free but eats a headbutt and back in the wrong corner. Sika whips him to the neutral corner and charges in, but Denucci moves and he hits the post hard. Denucci quickly unloads on him, but now all four in the ring as chaos ensues. This allows the Samoans to take back the advantage tossing King out, Denucci again tries to fight back and gets a one count on Sika. King tagged in, this won’t end well, backdrop on King and Afa with a diving headbutt followed by the Samoan drop for the three.

3. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Steve King

4. Bob Duncum v. Charlie Brown

Lockup and Duncum goes behind to a rear chinlock, taking Brown down easily. Brown claiming a choke and the ref demands the break. Duncum breaks and goes right back to the chinlock, Brown breaks free and unloads on Duncum but Duncum rakes the eyes. Duncum grabs something from Albano and pops Brown twice before going to an armbar. Brown rakes the eyes and headbutts Duncum, but Duncum fires back and to a facelock. Duncum continues the slow beating of Brown, as this match is dragging badly. Can we just go to the Bruno/Larry stuff because this match is more boring then a Roman match. Duncum with a bulldog for the win.

4. Bob Duncum over Charlie Brown


1. Hulk Hogan defeats Joe Mascara

2. Tony Atlas pins Jose Estrada **1/2

3. The Wild Samoans defeat Domenic Denucci & Steve King

4. Bob Duncum over Charlie Brown

Overall a good hour of TV other than the Duncum match. Sadly the show is missing the Bruno segment, which is annoying. The Atlas/Estrada match was better then I expected, a good back and forth match. Estrada was really underappreciated. He was a good hand for these TV matches. Next week we’re joined by the current and first ever Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson. Should be a good one.

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