WWF All Star Wrestling – January 26, 1980

Once again had to replace the cord for the Roku which slowed me down again. Hopefully we can get further with no interruptions. We move along to the following week, and I guess parts are missing as it’s only 30 minutes long. Let’s go to the ring.

After the opening video we are greeted by Vince McMahon who goes over tonight’s card featuring Ken Patera, Ivan Putski, Tito Santana, Larry Sharpe and Hossein. Also we will be joined by Bruno Sammartino later on.

1. Steve King v. The Great Hossein Arab

Hossein aka Iron Sheik open the show along with manager Fred Blassie. Arab does the Persian Club challenge before the match starts, before quickly starting out taking down King. Arab with the double chop to the throat and then a Mongolian chop to the top of the head. King gets all tied up in a perfect Bow and Arrow, but King rolls out only to get suplexed down quickly. Hossein shoots him and nails a headbutt to the midsection then tosses King to the floor at the feet of Blassie. King slowly back in the ring and gets slammed down, Hossein covers but pulls him up at two. King tries to fight back but Hossein with a nice vertical suplex and covers, but pulls him up again. Butterfly suplex from Hossein gets an easy three count.

1. The Great Hossein Arab pins Steve King

2. Ken Patera v. Mike Masters

Oh good a Patera match, that’s always fun. Patera with the Grand Wizard who helps him remove his workout gear before the match. Patera quickly overpowers Masters but Masters fires back and sends Patera to the floor, which the crowd appreciates. Patera powers Masters to the ropes and knees him out of the ring. Masters slowly makes it back in but Patera hammers him down and locks on the swinging full nelson for the win.

2. Ken Patera beats Mike Masters via submission

Vince interviews Tito Santana and Ivan Putski, the current tag champions. Those are some small titles, looks strange. Ivan says they are the perfect combination of speed and power and will keep the belts for a long time. They talk about the challenge from the Wild Samoans and they have watched the films and studied them, they know the weak spots of the Samoans. This interview goes way to long as they discuss the Samoans diving headbutt move, and Putski says they will not let themselves get in that position.

3. John Buford v. Larry Zbyszko

The crowd goes wild for Larry as he comes out and they lockup. A quick series of reversals leads to the ropes and a clean break. Side headlock from Buford and Larry rolls back for a near fall, as Bruno joins commentary. Bruno says he has no decided about Larry’s challenge, while Larry takes Buford down with an armbar. Tie up and they wind up in the corner, Buford with a cheap shot and sends Larry across the ring, Buford hammers Larry but Larry shoots him back in and slams Buford. Larry with the vertical suplex for three. Quick and easy win.

3. Larry Zbyszko crushes John Buford

Larry leaves the ring and calls Vince to ringside, Larry says a couple weeks ago he poured his guts out and challenged Bruno. Larry then announces his retirement if Bruno won’t take his challenge. Vince asks Bruno to join them at ringside, and Bruno does. Bruno says he won’t wrestle Larry but he doesn’t want to ruin his career and has never run away from a challenge. Bruno says he will do it under conditions, he will do everything to stop Larry from beating him, but he will not try to defeat Larry. Vince says the match is made, Larry says he can’t ask for anything else and he’ll see him next week!

That ends the show abruptly, and what a way to end it but sadly the network is actually missing the next episode! What a crock, as that was looking interesting.


1. The Great Hossein Arab pins Steve King

2. Ken Patera beats Mike Masters via submission

3. Larry Zbyszko crushes John Buford

An abridged version of the show but at least the important parts are intact. The Larry Z/Bruno feud continues along and we built up the challenge of the Wild Samoans versus Tito and Putski as 1980 moves along into February.

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