WWF All Star Wrestling – February 16, 1980

Wonder if we get any Bruno footage this week or if it’s missing. It’s like a conspiracy against Bruno Sammartino around here with two weeks of footage missing. On tonight’s show we get appearances from Hulk Hogan, Pat Patterson and a huge tag match of the Samoans versus Tito Santana and Rene Goulet. Let’s go to the ring.

1. Jojo Andrews v. Pat Patterson

We waste no time as we go right to the ring for the opening contest. I guess Patterson is the heel here as he threatens Jojo with the title. Patterson uses his speed to avoid the much bigger man, and applies the full nelson. Jojo makes the corner, so Patterson slams his head into the buckle and kicks him in the ass. Jojo charges so Patterson hits him and flips him over with an armbar. Bruno is back on commentary, so that’s good, as Patterson continues to works the shoulder of Jojo. Vince says Patterson got split open a couple days ago and got stitches, neither can decide how many stitches. Vince makes fun of Patterson’s shape, as he says he’s no Hulk Hogan or even Tito Santana. Bruno says he’s not muscular but has talent, seems a backhanded compliment. Jojo gets Patterson on the ropes and finally gets some offense on the champion. Jojo chokes Patterson in the corner and stomps away on him. Patterson rolls outside and pulls Jojo out, then slams his head into the timekeepers table, that clears everyone away. The ref stops Patterson from going after him, as Jojo gets on the apron and Patterson snapmares him in. Patterson slams the much bigger man down and drops the knee from the top rope for the win.

1. Pat Patterson defeats Jojo Andrews

2. Steve King v. Larry Zbyszko

The crowd just hates Larry as they are vicious at him, and for good reason after his heel turn. Larry tells ring announcer Joe McHugh to announce him as the new Living Legend and the crowd is even louder now. That’s some serious heel heat on Larry, amazing, as he takes down King with an armdrag into the armbar. The crowd loudly chanting for Bruno, who’s very silent on commentary. Vince asks Bruno and Bruno says he’s disgusted and has no comment. Bruno sounds furious about it, as he says he doesn’t want to discuss it and leaves the commentary area. Larry just dominating King with ease, as the crowd is just rabid against him. King gets some offense and the crowd explodes for him, they don’t care who it is as long as someone is beating up Larry. That’s short lived as Larry goes to the rear chinlock and transitions to the facelock. King fights free but gets shot in, King with a leapfrog and a dropkick, the second one misses. Larry with a vertical suplex for the three.

2. Larry Zbyszko defeats Steve King

Vince at ringside with Larry who asks where Bruno is. Vince says Larry has destroyed the faith fans had in him and Larry says the fans don’t know the truth. Larry says Bruno won’t come out because Bruno couldn’t beat him or abuse him or use him anymore. Vince asks about the match two weeks ago, and Larry says it was supposed to be a scientific match and says Bruno was shocked because he never wanted fans to know he’s not the Living Legend. Larry asks why did not Bruno refuse to keep holds on him, because he can break out of any hold and Bruno tried to embarrass him. The crowd is volatile now, as he mocks Bruno, as Vince asks about the chair shot. Larry says no one humiliates and makes him look bad, he says hitting Bruno with a chair was the best moment of his life. Vince says Bruno loved him like a brother, and Larry says he treated him like a joke and deserved it. Larry says after seven years he realized the fans and Bruno let him down and he doesn’t need anyone. Larry issues an open challenge and walks off.

3. Tito Santana & Rene Goulet v. The Wild Samoans

Tito Santana is one half of the Tag Team Champions with Ivan Putski, and before the bell Tito and Rene dropkick the Samoans out and all four men plus Albano in the ring. Tito and Rene easily take out the Samoans as the ref struggles to get control. Tito sent in and eats an elbow, but Afa misses an elbow drop, Tito with a cross body for a near fall. Goulet tagged in and they work over the arm. The ref busy with the tag ropes allows the Samoans to try and double team but Goulet grabs the arm and tags in Tito as they work over the other Samoan’s arm. Albano paces around ringside not sure what to do as the Samoan’s are in serious trouble here. Sika finally takes down Goulet and now Rene is stuck in the wrong corner, allowing the Samoans to do some double teaming. Afa charges in a Rene moves, Afa crashes into the post as Tito tagged in. Tito and Rene each taking out a Samoan as Albano gets involved. This allows Sika to headbutt Tito, but Tito comes back with a series of knees, but Sika powering up. Dropkick from Tito sends Sika to the floor, a forearm for Afa brings him in and Tito taking on both Samoans. This has been chaos from the beginning as the Samoans finally get control with a double headbutt on Tito, as the crowd chants for Tito. Tag made to Rene who unloads on Afa but Afa sends him to the corner and Rene stuck in the corner gets double teamed. Tito causing more issues for Rene as the ref tries to get him in his corner, allowing a double team on Rene. The Samoans grab Tito and hammer him. This brings out Ivan Putski from wherever he was to make the save and cost Tito the match. That was a really fun match, a clean finish would’ve been nice, but great non-stop action.

3. The Wild Samoans defeat Tito Santana & Rene Goulet by disqualification ***

4. Mike Masters v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Baron always has the most serious face, as the bell rings and he quickly takes Mike down with an armbar. He goes the leg grapevine, Mike kicks him off and they lockup. Mike with a side headlock, Baron powers him to the ropes and hammers Mike. Baron begins hammering Mike in the corner then rolls him across the ring for a near fall. Baron into a headscissors takeover as Mike fights free. Mike gets sent to the corner and Baron nails him then drops a knee for the easy win.

4. Baron Mikel Scicluna destroys Mike Masters

Vince and Bruno talk about Hogan and Vince asks if Hogan is on the same level as Andre the Giant. Bruno says he’d love to see the match.

5. Hulk Hogan v. Paul Mauret & Victor Rigora

Hogan now taking on two men at once, as Blassie carefully folds Hogan’s robe. This won’t take long as both men bounce off Hogan then grab his legs. Hogan tosses them both across the ring. They each grab an arm and Hogan slams them into each other. Hogan tosses on out and slams the other, big legdrop and then pulls the other guy back in. Press slam on top of his partner, Hogan sits on both men for the easy won.

5. Hulk Hogan destroys Paul Mauret & Victor Rigora


1. Pat Patterson defeats Jojo Andrews

2. Larry Zbyszko defeats Steve King

3. The Wild Samoans defeat Tito Santana & Rene Goulet by disqualification ***

4. Baron Mikel Scicluna destroys Mike Masters

5. Hulk Hogan destroys Paul Mauret & Victor Rigora

Another fun show with a great tag match in the middle. Now they mentioned Andre wonder how long till we see the big man return. Bruno was very quiet all show, as Vince carried the commentary. Next week we’re joined by the tag champions Tito & Ivan, plus Tony Atlas and more.

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