WWF All Star Wrestling – March 29, 1980

Hot on the heels of that great MSG show we return to All Star Wrestling for another fun filled hour of WWF excitement. Tonight we get the return of Andre the Giant in a handicap match, plus Ken Patera joins us. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince & Bruno welcome us to the show and go over the show as we will see Tor Kamata, Hulk Hogan, Ken Patera and of course Andre the Giant. Bruno says Andre could stop a mountain but in tonight’s handicap match he will have his hands full.

1. Rene Goulet & Domenic Denucci v. Davey O’Hannon & Jose Estrada

Davey announced as former Brass Knuckles champion, different. Domenic and Davey start the match, Davey looks like Patera. Domenic smacks him across the face and Davey misses a strike and almost falls out of the ring. Side headlock from Denucci, who gets sent in and a shoulderblock sends Davey down, Davey with a armdrag, so Denucci hits him with two. Estrada tagged in an into a side headlock, Denucci with a shoulderblock, armdrag from both and Estrada got the worst of that. Davey back in and Denucci with a full nelson and Rene goes for a shot, Estrada charges in and almost nails Davey. The faces are just playing with the jobbers here, as Davey gets slapped by both men. Denucci gets stuck in the wrong corner and the heels double team him. Snapmare sends Denucci to his corner and Rene in and he hammers Davey, side headlock from Rene and Davey reverses, Rene sends him in and Davey with a shoulderblock. A second one fails as Rene armdrags him down. Rene rolls Davey over to the ropes, Estrada tagged in and he stomps on Rene. Rene eats the turnbuckle and then chokes Rene on the ropes. Estrada with the ref, allows Davey to get some cheap shots in. Rene fights out of the corner and tags in Denucci, and Estrada wants none of that. Denucci clobbers him and just unloads on Estrada, slingshot right into Rene’s fist. Denucci works over the leg, as this has gone on a long time, Estrada sent into Davey. Denucci gets caught by Davey and they double team Denucci in the corner. Denucci sends Estrada to the corner where Rene kicks Estrada and Denucci covers for three. That came out of nowhere after almost ten minutes.

1. Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet defeat Davey O’Hannon & Jose Estrada

2. Tor Kamata v. Bimbo Larsen

Yes, his name is Bimbo, seriously, I don’t get it. He looks like an older Tommy Rich. Kamata with the ceremonial salt before the match, classic gimmick. Larsen with a wristlock and Kamata just powers him down, a second try and same thing. Kamata just stomps him and a big slam followed by a knee drop. Kamata tosses him to the outside at the feet of Blassie, who lets him back up the stairs. Kamata attacks as he enters and chokes Larsen on the ropes then chops him down before choking him on the bottom rope. This is just destruction of the man called Bimbo! Larsen tries to fight back but Kamata just stomps on him. Kamata tosses Larsen to the floor and Larsen slow to get back in, Kamata catches and chops him down again then slams Larsen in the middle of the ring. Kamata ascends the ropes and a massive splash scores the easy win! After the match Kamata goes back to pounding on Larsen while Blassie distracts the referee. Larsen gets stretchered out after that beating. Kamata not done hits another top rope splash before Blassie finally gets him out of the ring. Time to load the Bimbo into the meat wagon, he’s flatter than a pancake!

2. Tor Kamata squashes Bimbo Larsen

Bruno at ringside with Grand Wizard and Ken Patera, as Bruno asks what is store of Patera. Wizard says they will not rest until Ken is the WWF Champion and Intercontinental Champion. Bruno says that’s great but Patera needs to get past Putski and Patterson among others, Wizard says he taught Patterson everything and calls him a dirty traitor and makes fun of Putski as well. While Patera just poses in front of the camera, as Bruno says Putski can give Patera serious competition. Patera calls Putski illiterate and yells at the fans, he calls Putski a loser and has no brains. Patera challenges Bob Backlund and says he comes from a family of winners.

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz v. Andre the Giant

The crowd goes wild for Andre the Giant as he makes his way to the ring, Baron and Rodz bail out. Baron tries to sneak up on Andre, but Andre spots him. They bail out again as Andre doesn’t look concerned about this. Baron with a headlock and Andre lifts him with ease, Rodz from behind and Andre doesn’t budge. One shot from Andre and Baron is down on the apron, both men in the ring. They attack from both sides and Andre sends both flying, Baron goes out and Rodz in the corner. Atomic drop sends Rodz to the floor, Baron takes the eyes and rams Andre in the corner, they double team the Giant in the corner. Andre grabs them both and rams their heads together. Andre clobbers Baron and Rodz off the top doesn’t even faze him. They double team Andre in the corner, Rodz grabs the ankle and Andre clobbers Baron. Andre tosses Baron aside and stomps on Rodz. Andre with a bearhug on Baron then grabs Rodz and squeezes both men. They collapse and Andre sits on both men for fun. Andre just tossing them both around, as he sits on Rodz but Baron clobbers Andre and now they work him over, but a headbutt sends Baron to the floor. Big boot for Rodz and a vertical splash finishes Rodz.

3. Andre the Giant crushes Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz

4. Ken Patera v. Angelo Gomez

Great more Patera, just what we need. Let’s hope this doesn’t last long. Patera takes forever to remove his warm-up gear which angers the crowd. Lockup in the ropes and Patera cheap shots him, then takes Gomez over with the side headlock. Patera pounds on Gomez and rolls him down before applying a rear chinlock. Gomez tries to power him over, but no chance of that happening. Patera drives an elbow into Gomez’s head and they wind up in the ropes, Gomez gets a shot in. Patera grabs the arm and powers Gomez down with ease, but Gomez fights back. Patera shrugs it off and suplexes Gomez down then drops an elbow, he pulls Gomez up a two. Patera slams Gomez across the ring and another elbow and pulls him up again. Into the swinging full nelson and the match is over.

4. Ken Patera defeats Angelo Gomez

5. Hulk Hogan v. Steve King

Hogan powers King to the ropes and a clean break, which is surprising. King tries to go behind Hogan and Hogan just powers out with ease. Hogan with a go behind and takes down King, Hogan with a hammerlock to control the smaller man. King reverses but Hogan elbows him and rams King into the buckle. Scoop and slam followed by the elbow gets a one, Hogan lifts King up and tosses him across the ring. Hogan with a vertical suplex and cover, Hulk pulls him up at two and chokes King on the ropes. King whipped in and caught in the Hulk’s bearhug for the finish. Post match Blassie jams the cane in King’s stomach.

5. Hulk Hogan destroys Steve King

Vince and Bruno talk about Kamata destroying Bimbo earlier tonight and then talk about next week. Ken Patera faces Tito Santana in our main event, that should be something.

1. Domenic Denucci & Rene Goulet defeat Davey O’Hannon & Jose Estrada
2. Tor Kamata squashes Bimbo Larsen
3. Andre the Giant crushes Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz
4. Ken Patera defeats Angelo Gomez
5. Hulk Hogan destroys Steve King

Some serious squash matches here, a couple matches were just pure destruction. Still fun to see evil Hogan, mobile Andre and Kamata amuses me. So I enjoyed it. We roll on into April of 1980 next. Looking forward to late 81, early 82 as we get some other territories for a while. But 1980 is all WWF, which is what I remember.

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