WWF All Star Wrestling – April 5, 1980

We start a new month, as we continue along 1980. Tonight we get Ken Patera versus Tito Santana and the Wild Samoans in action. I think there’s a title change coming soon, so that should change things up a bit. Let’s go to the ring.

Wonder how long they keep this same opener, tired of seeing Putski and Andre three times. Vince and Bruno open the show as usual, and the microphone is very low. Hope this is temporary, as they go over the action tonight.

1. The Wild Samoans v. Frankie Williams & Rene Goulet

Goulet officially in the jobber level now as he with Frankie. Don’t foresee this going well for team Goulet. Who let Bill Alphonso in with his cursed whistle? Afa quickly overpowers Goulet into the corner and hammers him but misses the charge allowing Goulet to take over. Some double teaming from the Samoans, along with fast tags allow the Samoans to take control back. Sika with a big headbutt and then chokes away on Rene, then drives Rene into Afa’s head before tagging him in. Rene tossed to the floor and Frankie comes to check on him. Rene caught coming in and Afa unloads, but Rene fires back to nothing from Afa. Frankie tagged in, this should go well for the team, and he quickly eats a headbutt and a vicious kick. Multiple fast tags and a non-stop beating is all Frankie gets in this match, as Vince announces we will get an update on Bimbo Larsen after last week’s beating from Tor Kamata. Wow, continuity from a jobber match, we can’t even get that in the main event storylines nowadays. Frankie tries to tag but get cut off and the destruction continues. The Samoans are just having fun tearing apart Frankie with chops and headbutts, Samoan drop and cover finishes this massacre. After the match the Samoans exchange headbutt for fun.

1. The Wild Samoans destroy Frankie Williams & Rene Goulet
2. Pat Patterson v. Johnny Rodz

Pat is the reigning, not defending Intercontinental Champion for this contest. Rodz attacks before Pat gets his jacket off and rams him into the turnbuckle then tosses him over the top rope. Rodz follows and stomps the champion repeatedly. Patterson rammed hard into the wooden step as Rodz continues to beat Patterson, who finally gets his jacket off. Rodz keeps breaking the count, he should let the ref do the count, he might win. Patterson finally gets in the ring and begins to fire back on Rodz sending him reeling. Rodz whipped into the corner and Patterson takes him down, then tosses Rodz over the top. Payback time, as Patterson follows and slams Rodz on the wooden floor. It’s funny you can see the marking for the basketball court on the floor. Rodz grabs the stretcher and tosses it at Patterson, who ducks and clobbers Rodz. Snapmare and a big knee drop gets a two for Patterson, who applies the rear chinlock. Shot into the ropes and shoulderblock knocks down both men, Rodz up first and drops an elbow on the champion. Patterson sent in and comes back with a sunset flip for a very near fall. Rodz whipped hard to the buckle and Patterson back in command. Rodz with a headbutt and then removes the turnbuckle pad, he tries to send Patterson in, but Patterson blocks and Rodz eats the metal. Patterson rolls up Rodz for the three. A crazy fun brawl, totally unexpected match.

2. Pat Patterson defeats Johnny Rodz

Bruno at ringside with the Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson, asks about how difficult Johnny Rodz was. Pat says they don’t call him unpredictable for nothing and for a while he had no idea where he was. Bruno says he got the jump on him and says Pat has been on both sides of the fence and now everyone cheers for him. Pat responds that when kids come up to, he mentions hot girls, and tell them they envy and look up to him it makes him feel great. Pat says everyone wants to be World Champion as one day he might become World Champion, but he’s proud of the Intercontinental Championship. Bruno wishes him the best of luck in future championship matches.
3. Tito Santana v. Ken Patera

Asking a lot of Tito to carry Patera to a good match, but if anyone can in this area it’s Tito. Tito is one half of the champs with Putski but I didn’t see the belt with him, which is odd. Patera overpowers Tito to the ropes and a clean break, as Bruno says he thinks Patera has the advantage in this contest. Tito with a top wristlock and Patera pulls the hair to break the hold, but Santana retaliates with a headscissors. Patera powers out but gets caught in an armdrag into the armbar, Patera powers Tito to the ropes and sends him in, Tito comes back with a couple dropkicks and back to the armbar. Someone tell Tito there is only a ten minute time limit, as Patera scoops up Tito with ease and nails a backbreaker. Patera stomps away at Tito and slams him down hard before dropping an elbow. Bearhug locked on and Tito tries to break it, so Patera drives him into the buckle before locking it back on. Tito rings the ears to break the hold and begins to comeback on Patera, and the Grand Wizard is not impressed. Patera sent to the turnbuckle and a big elbow gets two. Scoop and slam from Tito and cover but Patera gets a foot on the ropes, so Tito applies the abdominal stretch. Patera makes the ropes and hiptosses Tito to the floor, Patera follows and slams Tito’s head into the steel post. Patera rolls in at nine and Tito gets counted out, guess we’re at a ten count now? Solid match but cheap finish hurts it, plus it was Patera so how good could it get? According to cagematch.net this was Tito’s final TV appearance, so guess he loses the tag belt soon.

3. Ken Patera beats Tito Santana by countout **1/2

4. Larry Sharpe v. Paul Figueroa

Ugh, following Patera we get Larry Sharpe, what next Ivan Putski? Sharpe with a wristlock into a snapmare and then continues to work the arm. Larsen update from Vince during this match, as Vince is disgusted by the splash, as Larsen has two cracked ribs. Meanwhile Sharpe hits the piledriver for the quick win.
4. Larry Sharpe crushes Paul Figueroa

Bruno and Vince joined by Tony Altimore who rode in the ambulance with Bimbo Larsen last week. Tony reiterates that he suffered two cracked ribs and was kept in hospital overnight. Vince asks how long he’ll be gone, Tony says he can’t train for six to eight weeks. Bruno says Kamata should be fined and suspended, there was no reason for the second splash. Vince says the splash has been banned in multiple places and maybe it should be banned here along with Kamata. Bruno says the move is as bad as the piledriver and it should be illegal. Tony says the ref filed a report about the match and we should hear more. Wow, all this for a jobber match and guy who wasn’t here long!

5. Marc Pole v. Larry Zbyszko

Well, at least it’s not Putski as Larry in burgundy shorts looks weird. Lots of stalling to start the match, and Larry sends him to the corner for a clean break as Bruno leaves the broadcast position again. Vince calls Pole short, squat and fat, and not the same caliber as Larry, stay classy Vince. Lockup and in the ropes, Larry takes a cheap shot and snapmares Pole over as Larry just playing with him. Pole goes for a dropkick for no reason, as Vince makes fun of it, Larry slams him down and then pulls him up for the vertical suplex for the easy win. After the match Larry thanks the promoter sarcastically for the fine competition.

5. Larry Zbyszko humiliated Marc Pole

1. The Wild Samoans destroy Frankie Williams & Rene Goulet
2. Pat Patterson defeats Johnny Rodz
3. Ken Patera beats Tito Santana by countout **1/2
4. Larry Sharpe crushes Paul Figueroa
5. Larry Zbyszko humiliated Marc Pole

Probably one of the best episodes so far with three good matches, and the other two were kept short. Fun little episode, plus continuation of the Kamata/Larsen story was nice. Good to see Altimore again, been a while. Sad to see Tito Santana gone now, as he was a real highlight of the show, but he’ll be back in about three years time. Next week’s highlighted match is Tor Kamata versus Angelo Gomez, should be a massacre.

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