WWE Hidden Gems – 1974

As we near the middle of the seventies we enter 1974, which brings us another pair of interesting matches. First is a tag team contest starring Bobby Heenan and the Sheik as they face Dick The Bruiser and Bobo Brazil. That is followed by another tag contest as Danny Hodge and Jos Leduc team up against Pak Song and Toru Tanaka. Old school Bobby Heenan should be fun, and I don’t think there is much Sheik footage on here. Same with Hodge, so both matches are very curious sounding so let’s go to the ring.

1. Bobby Heenan & The Sheik v. Bobo Brazil & Dick the Bruiser

This would be from the AWA, and once again has no commentary. Bruiser quickly chases Heenan and Sheik from the ring as we get lots of stalling from the heels. Funny to see Heenan managed by someone, ironically it’s Eddie Creatchman, who was known as the Brain! We finally start with Bobo and Heenan, Bobo with a headlock and no sells Heenan’s knee. Heenan gets hit and flops like a fish, Bobo to close to Sheik who bites his face. Bruiser charges in and chases out Sheik and Heenan again. Sheik in with Bobo and does poses that would later be used by his nephew, Sabu. Heenan back in as Sheik didn’t do anything but pose. Heenan begs off and Bruiser destroys him, Heenan bounced like a ball around the ring. Bruiser works the arm of Heenan and rams his face into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Heenan tries a headlock and gets punched down, Bruiser with a stomach claw as Heenan is in trouble. Heenan slides out of the ring for a breather, and Sheik in with Bobo. Sheik smashes Bobo with a foreign object and bites and chokes Bobo in the ropes. Bruiser makes a blind tag and Sheik bails out quickly, bringing in poor Bobby again. Bobo in with Heenan, and Bobo headbutts Heenan to the floor, splitting him open. Sheik comes back in as Heenan gets back in and tossed back out just as quick. Clip forward to double teaming on Heenan, which allows Sheik to sneak in and smack Bobo with the object and cover for the pin.

1. Bobby Heenan & Sheik over Bobo Brazil & Dick the Bruiser **

Basically a lot of stalling from the heels, biting and choking from Sheik. Other than Heenan’s bouncing around the ring there wasn’t much to the match. Heenan wrecked his neck for his love of this business and that’s why he’s a true legend.

2. Danny Hodge & Jos Leduc v. Pak Song & Toru Tanaka

Joined in progress as the Asian team works over Hodge in the ring. He makes a tag but the ref misses it and Song with the stomach claw. Leduc comes in to break it and the ref pulls him back. Song with chops to the midsection and now Hodge makes the tag. Leduc unloads on Song with forearms and a side headlock. Leduc ducks under the chop but gets backdropped. Off the ropes come both men and Leduc hits the forearm sending Pak down, but Song chops him. Leduc fights back with an armbar but Tanaka breaks the hold. Song works over Leduc and sends him to the corner. Song climbs the ropes and chops the back of Leduc before locking on the shoulder claw. More chops to the back of Leduc before going back to the claw. Clip to Tanaka with the claw but gets to close to Hodge who rakes the eyes. Tanaka rams Leduc into the turnbuckle and tags in Pak, but tag made and in comes Hodge who unloads on Song. Tanaka gets some as well, Hodge on fire till a tag brings in Tanaka. Double team fails and Hodge rolls up Tanaka, Song breaks it and send Hodge in. Hodge with the abdominal stretch on Tanaka, and all four in and a massive collision. Hodge rolls up Tanaka for the win.

2. Danny Hodge & Jos Leduc over Pak Song & Toru Tanaka *

Wasn’t a great match, nothing wrong with it, just boring. Mostly chops and restholds before the collision and a lazy pin.


1. Bobby Heenan & Sheik over Bobo Brazil & Dick the Bruiser **

2. Danny Hodge & Jos Leduc over Pak Song & Toru Tanaka *

Just a couple of tag matches with lots of stalling in one and restholds in the other. Not a great capsule of the year, so let’s just move on shall we?

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