WWE Hidden Gems – 1975

We finally make it to the year I was born, 1975. Only one match for this year but it looks to be a good one as The Cowboys battle. Bill Watts faces Terry Funk for the North American Championship in what promises to be a fantastic match. Bill was a great wrestler in his day, unlike his son who was not. Not all second generation stars can live up to their parents see Erik Watts, Tamina, Ted DiBiase Jr, Roman Reigns, among others. Terry Funk is of course one of the greatest of all time, and is amazing at being able to reinvent himself as the business changed from the serious style in the seventies, to gimmicky in the eighties, to hardcore in the nineties. Let’s go to the ring.

1. Bill Watts v. Terry Funk

The building is so small, like a studio more then an arena as the bell rings. Both men slow to lockup and Bill powers him off. Terry goes for the legs and Bill avoids him. Lockup again and Bill sends Terry hard to the corner, and Terry crumples to the mat. Another lockup and into the ropes, we get a clean break surprisingly. Lockup and Terry with an armbar and works the arm and shoulder of Watts. Bill makes it up but Terry pulls him down by the hair and continues to work the arm. Watts finally gets to his feet but again pulled down by the hair and Funk drops a leg for two. Funk with a chop and Watts comes back with forearms and knee lifts tying Funk in the ropes. Watts boots Funk and smacks him across the face as the ref finally frees Funk from the ropes sending Funk to the floor. Funk back in the ring and they circle, a little amateur wrestling sends both men into the ropes and the ref separates them. Lockup and Funk powers Watts to the corner and unloads, but Watts fights back, Funk gets the advantage and Watts is down in the corner. Terry goes for a piledriver but gets backdropped and now it’s Watts unloading and catches Funk in a powerslam for the win.

1. Bill Watts over Terry Funk after a powerslam ***1/2

For a five minute match this was pretty good. Both men were just hammering each other and no time was wasted. Nice little match from TV in 1975, as both men were amazing to watch. This is the best part of the network, finding random matches that you wouldn’t expect. Next I either have to split up the 76 Gems, or do them before going back to the weekly shows thus throwing off the timeline. Might be easier just to do the four Gems for 76 and then resume the regular stuff for the year. Stay tuned for the next set of Gems!

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