WWWF All Star Wrestling – January 17, 1976

Following hot on the heels of last week’s show, we continue along with the following weeks broadcast. This week we have a feature match as Bugsy McGraw with face “Polish Power” Ivan Putski. More squash matches as well, as we march on to the next house show. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince McMahon and Argentina Rocca go over the action we will see on today’s broadcast and send it to Joe McHugh for the opening contest.

1. Sylvano Sousa v. Superstar Billy Graham

Superstar accompanied by manager, the Wizard, comes out decked in fur. That’s wouldn’t fly nowadays. Lots of stalling to start from Superstar, before they lockup and Graham sends Sousa from one end of the ring to other. Sousa tossed from the ring and gets his foot caught in ropes, Superstar pulls back the mat but gets forced in ring by referee. Superstar tosses Sousa in and catches him in the bearhug for the easy win.

1. Superstar Billy Graham over Sylvano Sousa

2. Bugsy McGraw v. Ivan Putski

Bugsy reminds me of Braun Strowman with the facial expressions he does, and could be a relative of his. Albano and Koloff are out in the corner with Bugsy and the Wizard, which Vince questions. Ivan sees this and leaves the ring, he heads to the back and brings out Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi. I was expecting Andre the Giant myself, but the tag champions is a good choice. The referee finally clears out the extra five men so the match can start. They lockup and Bugsy shoves him off, another lockup and Putski shoved back again. Third lockup and this time Putski sends McGraw to the corner, much to the chagrin of Albano and Wizard. Putski with a side headlock to control Bugsy, but Bugsy slides out into a top wristlock, impressive skills from Bugsy. Putski fights free but gets distracted by the entourage and Bugsy unloads, but Putski comes back and hammers Bugsy. The ref tries to break it up in the corner and gets tossed aside by both men and the bell rings. All five men brawl in the ring and Bobo Brazil comes out to even the odds for the faces.

2. Ivan Putski & Bugsy McGraw went to a double disqualification

Ivan cuts a promo in the ring after the match and calls the heels out for an eight man tag. Albano, Koloff, Wizard and McGraw don’t come back as the faces taunt them as we go to commercial. We come back to Vince at ringside with Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi, who are irate about the outcome of the previous match. Tony says we are here to wrestle, not cheap shot anyone, and that Lou has an issue with champions. Louis & Tony beat Blackjack Lanza and Mulligan, managed by Albano, for the gold. Louis says they need to get rid of guys like Albano and Blassie, and they will face any team any time.

3. Louis Cyr v. Johnny Rivera

Louis managed by Freddie Blassie, and Louis sends Rivera to the ropes. Cyr with a pair of hiptosses but Rivera comes back with an armbar but Cyr powers out. Louis lifts Rivera on his shoulder and chokes him on the ropes in a very innovative looking move before tossing him across the ring. Cyr could’ve pinned Rivera twice but at the urging of Blassie pulls him up. Blassie with some pretty racist comments in the ear of Vince making fun of Rivera. Cyr locks on a bear hug before placing his opponent on the top buckle and smacks him down, a cover and again pulls him up. Blassie on the apron and Rivera tries to come back, but Cyr slams him into the buckle. Beautiful side suplex from Cyr entertains Blassie who laughs and applauds his man. Rivera shot in and eats the big boot of Cyr, followed up with a belly to back suplex and then the shoulderbreaker for the easy win.

3. Louis Cyr destroyed Johnny Rivera

4. Ivan Koloff v. Pete McKay

Koloff, the former WWWF World Champion, accompanied by Lou Albano looks to make short week of this jobber. Koloff quickly takes apart the younger man, before locking on a stomach claw. Koloff shoots in and backdrops Pete before dropping the knee. Pete pulled to his feet and Koloff with a series of kneelifts and then double stomps Pete. Side backbreaker followed by a pair of elbowdrops. Koloff does the same thing Cyr did as he covers the man then pulls him up. Ivan drops the double knee off the top rope for the easy win.

4. Ivan Koloff crushed Pete McKay

5. Pete Sanchez v. Ernie Ladd

Sanchez gets a good ovation from the crowd, unlike Ladd who gets booed out of the building. Ladd drops to his knees to counter the height difference and eats a dropkick from Sanchez. Sanchez with a snapmare sending Ladd to the mat again, as Ladd claims Pete pulled his hair. They lockup and Ladd powers him to the corner and misses the cheap shot. Sanchez unloads on Ladd in the corner almost sending him out of the ring, Ladd has his head rammed into the turnbuckle. Ladd takes advantage of the ref pulling Sanchez back to pull something out of his tight, and pops Sanchez. The crowd is irate at this and Ladd laughs at them. Sanchez gets rammed into the turnbuckle multiple times, as the crowd cheers him on. Sanchez comes back and nails Ladd in the midsection firing up the crowd but Ladd drives his head into the stomach of Sanchez. This has angered Ernie Ladd who unloads on Sanchez, but the crowd is able to get Sanchez back in, but he runs into the taped thumb. Ladd tosses Sanchez to the floor and Sanchez gets counted out.

5. Ernie Ladd beats Pete Sanchez


1. Superstar Billy Graham over Sylvano Sousa

2. Ivan Putski & Bugsy McGraw went to a double disqualification

3. Louis Cyr destroyed Johnny Rivera

4. Ivan Koloff crushed Pete McKay

5. Ernie Ladd beats Pete Sanchez

Another fun show, with a couple good matches actually. The next couple shows are missing, but we have a house show which took place about two weeks after this show, which is coming up next.

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