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WWE Smackdown – April 20, 2012

With Extreme Rules only 9 days away, tonight we have Smackdown. Last week’s Smackdown which showed so much promise, instead wound up one of the worst shows ever, meanwhile RAW this week was impressive. So, will Smackdown be a flop or a success, let’s find out. Continue reading


WWE Smackdown – April 10, 2012

We have a special edition of Smackdown this week, since the WWE Wrestlers are headed overseas. There is a number of legends scheduled to make appearances tonight, so that should make for a fun show. Hopefully better then the trainwreck that was Raw this week. So without further ado, let’s head to the arena for a live Smackdown.

We open with the same promo from RAW showing all the legends scheduled to be on the show, best of all is Roddy Piper. Wish they had Michael Hayes on here too, and put Gene on commentary. First thing we get on the live show is a recap of AJ being kicked to the curb by DB, and tonight DB is on the Piper’s Pit, that is awesome! Piper’s Pit should be a permanent thing on Smackdown, as Lillian introduced the great Mene Gene, did he ever have hair??? Continue reading

Wrestlemania XXVIII – April 1, 2012

It’s that time of the year for Wrestlemania, so I thought I’d join the hundreds of other who do a recap of the show. Wasn’t a lot I was looking forward to on this show, but the atmosphere always makes up for the poor product. The whole PPV has basically been built around Rock/Cena and HHH/Undertaker with a little emphasis on Teddy/JL, everything has been treated like an afterthought. I’m not going to do a play by play recap of each match, just a little thought on each. After the long recap of the March Madness tournament, a shorter recap seems like a good idea. With that, let’s get to the show. Continue reading

WWE Superstars – November 17, 2011
November 20, 2011, 11:00 am
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Coming off the heels of one of the most boring episodes of RAW, three hours felt like six, it’s time for Superstars. I don’t know why they even bother with those three hour RAW episodes, they’re painful to sit through. If this was supposed to sell people on Survivor Series I think it failed. If Miz and Truth were able to beat down Cena and Rock it might have worked, but instead it was another beating for Awesome Truth. It’s already been established that Cena can beat both guys by himself, so why does he need the Rock? What is Rock’s motivation to team with Cena, he’s had no interaction with Truth or Miz really. A brief period before Wrestlemania with Miz, but that seems so long ago it really doesn’t matter. And what is Miz and Truth’s motivation for the match, they’ve been humbled by Cena so many times, does anyone even think they have a chance, unless Cena and Rock implode. As for the rest of the card, if Punk wins who cares, it’ll just lead to another rematch with ADR either Monday or next PPV, if ADR wins then what? Another match with Cena? Punk again in December? It feels like the whole company is just spiraling around the toilet with the only thing the bookers care about is Rock and Cena. It just seems like they’re wasting so much talent. One last thing about Series, I expect Morrison wins the title thus getting him to sign a new contract, doubt they want him going to TNA. Vince may claim TNA is not on his radar, but I bet it burns him up each time TNA scoops up someone formerly of WWE and uses them better, see Matt Morgan. Whatever, let’s just enjoy Superstars. Continue reading