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TNA Impact – May 3, 2010


It’s a new month for TNA and sadly tonight marks the final Monday Night Impact, as starting next week TNA moves back to Thursdays. It’s too bad as TNA has been the better show a majority of times so far, but unfortunately the WWE just kept them down. Personally I don’t understand why, WWE is such a weak and boring show, while TNA delivers good matches each week. I don’t remember the last WWE RAW or Smackdown that featured a great match. I do think the Knockouts have been horribly mistreated lately though, and I wish the Monday show had succeeded and maybe we would’ve gotten a Thursday show as well each week. Even just an hour long one for the Knockouts would’ve been good. The good thing is Wrestlicious finally returns next week with their seventh episode and I can’t wait. Tonight on TNA we have the return of Taylor Wilde & Sarita, and it’s been too damn long since we’ve seen them, also RVD defends the title and the debut of Orlando Jordan’s talk show with guest Rob Terry. Should be an interesting show tonight, let’s get to it.

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TNA Impact – April 26, 2010


Before I start the Impact recap I just want to mention the WWE PPV and RAW quickly. The PPV wasn’t half bad, at least the right people won, which is more than I expected. It certainly didn’t go the way I expected as I figured Rey, HHH, and McCool were going to win. So, it was nice to see them go a different direction for once. As for RAW, the draft was basically the annual raping of Smackdown as RAW took the three best talents of Smackdown, Edge, Jericho, Morrison and moved them to RAW. How this benefits Morrison is beyond me, now he’s stuck behind Cena, HHH, Batista, Orton, Edge, Jericho, etc. He’s never going to get a real chance to shine at the top with all these names ahead of him. Meanwhile Smackdown gets Chavo, Hornswoggle, Kelly, and MVP, not exactly a fair trade off. I figured with the move to another network they’d make the show top heavy like Jillian Hall, but instead we got nothing, like McCool! I assumed Cena, Orton or even Hunter would wind up on Smackdown, at least till November or so, but the biggest names on Smackdown now is Undertaker, who only wrestles sporadically, Big Show, who’s been carried by Jericho and Miz for the last eight months and Swagger, who they still have not really gotten behind. As for the show itself, it felt long and boring, as most of the matches were not very good and I just can’t stand listening to Lawler anymore. Anyway, let’s get to Impact and see what TNA had to offer to counter the very long, drawn out, boring draft show.

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TNA Lockdown – April 18, 2010

Well, I didn’t find a good quality version of the PPV, but at least it’s a copy of it. Tonight TNA presents Lockdown, with every match in the cage, including the X, Knockout, Knockout Tag and the World Title on the line. This should be a great show, and I’m curious what they do with the X title match, as Doug Williams is, much like the WWE RAW roster, stranded in Europe tonight. So let’s get to the show and see what happens. Continue reading

TNA Impact – April 12, 2010


Last week on Impact we saw one of the dumbest ways to change a title since WCW did the 49’ers match years ago. We had eight girls in an elimination match, where the winner of each fall got a key to a lockbox. The four locked boxes contained an open contract, Poison the Tarantula, the Knockout Title, and being forced to do a striptease. Well, Tara lost her title but regained Poison, Velvet won the open contract, Daffney was to do a striptease and Angelina won the title. So, basically Tara gave up her title for her spider and Angelina wins a title by doing nothing. Way to devalue the title TNA, that title is almost as important as the WWF European title was. Daffney reluctantly started her striptease but unfortunately she was attacked by Lacey Von Erich who proceeded to disrobe. Angelina and Tara fought over the title as Velvet cashed in her contract and will face Angelina tonight, in a non title match. I’ll give TNA credit for giving the ladies so much time, about as much time as the WWE has given the divas all year combined, but this was a dumb way to change titles. After the ratings were broken down it showed the girls got the highest rated segments, which of course will mean we’re going to have more of the girls now. Not that I’m complaining about that, but I wish Daffney would’ve won the title, as I assume her feud with Tara is over. Also last week the nWo attacked Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns, ruining what was starting out as a good match. We also saw Ken Anderson beat Kurt Angle in a ladder match to gain control of the key which opens the lock of the cage door at Lockdown. Last week I said I hope the feud finally ends at Lockdown, and that’s not because I prefer the instant-feuds of the WWE. I enjoyed the long feud between Dreamer and Raven in ECW, but they kept it fresh by involving other people and it just didn’t feel like it dragged on, which Angle and Anderson’s feud is feeling like. I’ve always been a huge fan on Angle and always thought Anderson was going to be huge in WWE if he could’ve stayed injury free, they just need to spice up the feud with something. Anyways, let’s get down to the Impact Zone for this week’s Impact. Continue reading

TNA Impact – April 5, 2010

It’s the start of another week of wrestling, and we’re going to start with Impact. However before I begin this recap, I want to make an announcement. Effective immediately I am cutting back the recaps, for the immediate future I will only be doing one show per company per week, plus PPV. It’s easy with TNA and Wrestlicious, as they only have one show, but it’s a little more difficult with the WWE. Each week the WWE puts out 6 hours of TV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars. So I had to decide which show would get recapped, and I decided to go with the only constantly good show, Superstars. I also went with Superstars because this way I get a little RAW and Smackdown on one show. There is just too much wrestling on each week, and I need to devote time to more important things. The last few weeks it’s been hard to get through all the shows, and something had to be done. It started to become more of a chore than a pastime, and it was either pare back the shows or stop all together. I’m still doing the PPVs and now I’ll be able to get back to the SNME recaps, which I haven’t done in over a month. So, today we’ll only be doing the Impact recap. With that, let’s get to the show.

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TNA Impact – March 15, 2010


TNA is coming off a surprisingly good episode last week, headlined by the in ring returns of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. The shocking part is the rating was not as good as it should’ve been, I really expected a 1.25 at least and can’t believe they did as bad as reported. Then again I really don’t think the ratings mean anything anymore, not like they used to in the 90s. People don’t seem to realize that most people will either tape, DVR or download the shows to watch now, which we didn’t have as much of in the 90’s. I watched both shows last week, but it wouldn’t count toward the ratings as I downloaded both and watched 24. I don’t get the channel for either wrestling show, and even if I did I wouldn’t miss 24 for either show. How many people did the same last week? That’s why I really don’t think the ratings are an accurate gauge of how good the show was. As I said before I enjoyed TNA a lot more then the snorefest that was RAW, however I’ll be honest and say I’m looking forward to RAW a lot more this week, only for Stone Cold’s return. The matches, what little there is, and the storylines on RAW are subpar at best and they’re just not entertaining. TNA on the other hand at least has a couple good matches each week, even if some of the storylines are a little stupid. Personally I can give both shows good advice to fix them, for TNA we need less Bischoff, he doesn’t need to be in every segment. As for WWE, end the guest host crap, it’s a waste of time and no one really cares at all. Well, with that said, and this being the go home episode before the PPV, let’s see what TNA can deliver in their first taped Monday show.

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TNA Impact – February 25, 2010


   Coming off last week’s strong PPV, TNA delivered an odd mix of good and bad last week on Impact. We had three very good matches last week, and finally got to see a different knockout. I’m a huge of Angelina and the Beautiful People, as you can see in my banner for the site, but others needed some TV time and it was nice to see Daffney. Daffney gets more TV time tonight as she faces ODB and that should be another good match. We also saw the return of Kaz, dropping the Suicide gimmick, and having a great eight man X division match. But I still don’t understand the jobbing of Joe to Orlando last week, and then he was abducted later in the show. Hopefully we get some kind of explanation about that. Last week’s main event was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time, as it barely went two minutes. Which was a shame considering you had two of the best in TNA in the ring, a major letdown. Let’s hope tonight they can pull of a good show, but we do have another Nasty Boy/Team 3D match, so let’s hope that is quick.

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