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TNA Impact – May 3, 2010


It’s a new month for TNA and sadly tonight marks the final Monday Night Impact, as starting next week TNA moves back to Thursdays. It’s too bad as TNA has been the better show a majority of times so far, but unfortunately the WWE just kept them down. Personally I don’t understand why, WWE is such a weak and boring show, while TNA delivers good matches each week. I don’t remember the last WWE RAW or Smackdown that featured a great match. I do think the Knockouts have been horribly mistreated lately though, and I wish the Monday show had succeeded and maybe we would’ve gotten a Thursday show as well each week. Even just an hour long one for the Knockouts would’ve been good. The good thing is Wrestlicious finally returns next week with their seventh episode and I can’t wait. Tonight on TNA we have the return of Taylor Wilde & Sarita, and it’s been too damn long since we’ve seen them, also RVD defends the title and the debut of Orlando Jordan’s talk show with guest Rob Terry. Should be an interesting show tonight, let’s get to it.

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TNA Impact – April 26, 2010


Before I start the Impact recap I just want to mention the WWE PPV and RAW quickly. The PPV wasn’t half bad, at least the right people won, which is more than I expected. It certainly didn’t go the way I expected as I figured Rey, HHH, and McCool were going to win. So, it was nice to see them go a different direction for once. As for RAW, the draft was basically the annual raping of Smackdown as RAW took the three best talents of Smackdown, Edge, Jericho, Morrison and moved them to RAW. How this benefits Morrison is beyond me, now he’s stuck behind Cena, HHH, Batista, Orton, Edge, Jericho, etc. He’s never going to get a real chance to shine at the top with all these names ahead of him. Meanwhile Smackdown gets Chavo, Hornswoggle, Kelly, and MVP, not exactly a fair trade off. I figured with the move to another network they’d make the show top heavy like Jillian Hall, but instead we got nothing, like McCool! I assumed Cena, Orton or even Hunter would wind up on Smackdown, at least till November or so, but the biggest names on Smackdown now is Undertaker, who only wrestles sporadically, Big Show, who’s been carried by Jericho and Miz for the last eight months and Swagger, who they still have not really gotten behind. As for the show itself, it felt long and boring, as most of the matches were not very good and I just can’t stand listening to Lawler anymore. Anyway, let’s get to Impact and see what TNA had to offer to counter the very long, drawn out, boring draft show.

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TNA Lockdown – April 18, 2010

Well, I didn’t find a good quality version of the PPV, but at least it’s a copy of it. Tonight TNA presents Lockdown, with every match in the cage, including the X, Knockout, Knockout Tag and the World Title on the line. This should be a great show, and I’m curious what they do with the X title match, as Doug Williams is, much like the WWE RAW roster, stranded in Europe tonight. So let’s get to the show and see what happens. Continue reading

TNA Impact – April 5, 2010

It’s the start of another week of wrestling, and we’re going to start with Impact. However before I begin this recap, I want to make an announcement. Effective immediately I am cutting back the recaps, for the immediate future I will only be doing one show per company per week, plus PPV. It’s easy with TNA and Wrestlicious, as they only have one show, but it’s a little more difficult with the WWE. Each week the WWE puts out 6 hours of TV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars. So I had to decide which show would get recapped, and I decided to go with the only constantly good show, Superstars. I also went with Superstars because this way I get a little RAW and Smackdown on one show. There is just too much wrestling on each week, and I need to devote time to more important things. The last few weeks it’s been hard to get through all the shows, and something had to be done. It started to become more of a chore than a pastime, and it was either pare back the shows or stop all together. I’m still doing the PPVs and now I’ll be able to get back to the SNME recaps, which I haven’t done in over a month. So, today we’ll only be doing the Impact recap. With that, let’s get to the show.

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TNA Impact – March 29, 2010


I must say I’m very interested in tonight’s episode of Impact; I’m looking forward to the First Blood match with Daffney and Tara. It should be a very good match, as well as the nWo facing Hardy, Van Dam & Eric Young. That’s just as long as X-Pac does the majority of the match for his team. With that, let’s get to Impact.

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TNA Impact – March 22, 2010


After a very impressive PPV last night, TNA rolls on as we head to the next PPV Lockdown. Last night on Destination X we saw the impressive win of Kaz in the four way ladder match to become number one contender to the X title. A title still held by Doug Williams who won after bloodying Shannon Moore and smearing makeup on his face. Tara was able to fend off “Zombie Hot” Daffney in a great women’s match, after which Daffney stole Poison. Also the tag team champions Hernandez & Matt Morgan were able to defeat Beer Money but after the match Morgan gave his partner the Carbon Footprint and walked out with both titles. Where does this leave the tag team titles? Finally Abyss was able to send AJ Styles straight to Hell through the ring winning the match but not winning the title, which was kind of a letdown. The show ended with Abyss and Hulk sending Desmond Wolfe & Ric Flair through the hole where AJ went and standing tall in the ring. Tonight, we begin to build to Lockdown and should get some answers to the tag situation and what happened to Poison.

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TNA Destination X – March 21, 2010


Tonight TNA presents their third PPV of the year, Destination X. Other than one match this looks like it’s going to be a great show. I honestly am more interested in this PPV than I am in Wrestlemania, as we have some great matches tonight. The ladder match should be amazing, and might be better than the MITB will be. Nine or ten guys in a match is going to make it to chaotic, at least tonight it’s only four men. The Ultimate X tag match should be a great match, as well as Williams and Moore. I don’t agree with Shannon Moore getting the title shot right out of the gate, but he should be able to pull a good match out of the rapidly improving Doug Williams. The tag title match is sort of an obvious win for Beer Money as it looks like they are turning Matt Morgan heel and I expect he will turn on Hernandez tonight. The match I am most interested in is Daffney getting a title shot against Tara, which should be great to see. I’m a huge fan of Daffney, and I think she deserves a title reign, just as long as it’s not a short one night one. I’d like to see it go to a feud between Daffney and Angelina, and they have a nice long feud over the summer. AJ & Abyss is another obvious match, but they may shock us, I really don’t expect Styles to drop the title that quickly after winning it. They should still put on a good match as both guys know each other well enough to know what works in a match, and both are willing to take big bumps for each other. The only match of the night I don’t care about is the nWo crap, which is going to be a waste of time. I assume Nash will turn on Eric Young and it was all a set up to get Hall and Waltman contracts, thus leading to a feud with Hogan. The only good that could come from this is maybe Eric Young getting pushed to the main event in this feud. Maybe next month we get a six man tag with Nash, Hall & Waltman versus Young, Angle and someone, hopefully not Hogan. Maybe Jeff Hardy, even add in Sting on Nash’s team and RVD on Angle’s team and make it a War Games match? That might be interesting, if they go that route. Well, with all the speculation out of the way, let’s get to the Impact Zone for Destination X.

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