WWWF From Madison Square Garden – August 7, 1976

Finally back to Old School WWF programming. The Network has since updated and finding the Hidden Gems, in the ring order, is almost impossible so I think those are going on the back burner. However for now, we’re going back to 1976 for the next house show, from as always, Madison Square Gardens. Since the last house show the Tag Championships have changed hands, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi dropped the gold on May 11th to the Executioners, Killer Kowalski and Big John Studd. Bruno Sammartino is still the reigning World Champion, midway through his second year of a three and a half year reign. With that let’s see what is happening in the Gardens, let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWWF All Star Wrestling – March 20, 1976

This would be the final show posted for 1976, as far as All Star goes. We have two house shows from 76 after this, then we enter 1977. It’s been quite entertaining to see how different it was forty years ago, very slow paced, but still enjoyable. Let’s go to the ring.Read More »

WWWF All Star Wrestling – March 6, 1976

We pick up right where we left off, with the next episode in the series, which is nice to see. It’s such a different style watching these shows from four decades ago, everything seems to have a purpose, matches have flow and order. None of this having to get all your spots in, goofy pointless segments, horrible commentary, just fun shows. Wish it was still like this, hopefully AEW will be more fun then the current WWE. Set the wayback machine for 1976 and let’s go to the ring.Read More »