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WWF From Madison Square Gardens – January 23, 1984

Today on the Network we watch one of the most historic night in WWF history, the night Hulkamania was born. Coming into the show, the reigning World Champion is The Iron Sheik who won the gold from Bob Backlund only one month earlier. Bob lost the title when his manager tossed in the towel as Sheik had Bob in the dreaded Camel Clutch, also injuring Bob. Hulk Hogan would be called to take the place of the injured former champion. The World Tag Team Champions are Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson who won the titles back in November from the Wild Samoans. Don Muraco is the Intercontinental Champion and is one day past his one year anniversary as champion having won the gold from Pedro Morales. At this point the WWF was in a major state of change as Vince McMahon Junior was taking the company over from his father and preparing to go national and challenge the other territories, something no one thought would work. It was a major gamble for McMahon and WWF, as failure would have not only destroyed the company but probably blackballed a lot of the talent who worked with Vince. Huge changes were sweeping through the wrestling world, as two months earlier the NWA aired the first major show, Starrcade, which was a success and began the launch of supercards with Wrestlemania to come next year, but we’re getting a head of ourselves. Let’s see what tonight’s show has to offer. Continue reading


World Class Championship Wrestling: November 2, 1982

   Sadly the WWF skipped episodes 44 and 45 and jumped us forward a few weeks. The last episode I watched was much better then I expected with a great tag team match, so hopefully this one can continue the progress and we didn’t miss to much. Would have liked to seen the Bill Irwin versus Michael Hayes match, but anyway.

    The opener has such a powerful drum beat to it, as Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are now behind a desk with headsets. Two weeks and one big change already as they go over the card for tonight as we have two big tag team matches plus Kevin Von Erich in action as we head to the ring. Continue reading

World Class Championship Wrestling: Oct 15, 1982

   World Class Championship Wrestling is next up, a territory based out of Texas that ran from 1966 till 1990. WCCW was most known for the Von Erich family who were the main faces for the territory in the eighties. Many other huge names made their way though this Texas territory including Rick Rude, One Man Gang, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett and the Ultimate Warrior among others. WCCW would sadly fold in 1990 along with most other territories that were swallowed up by the WWF and WCW. WCCW left a large legacy on the wrestling business and would be chronicled in the WWF release “Triumph & Tragedy of World Class”. Unfortunately the network only has 20 episodes of WCCW from 82-83, so we only get a small sampling of what was, hopefully they add more episodes in the future. With that, let’s head back to 1982 in Texas. Continue reading

Best of the WWF Volume 5

   Returning to the classic Coliseum Home Video collection, we move on to Best of the WWF Volume 5. This of course is the fifth in the Best of collection, which totaled twenty in all. I expect that this tape will cover late 1985 rolling into 1986, as we began to head towards Wrestlemania II. This tape is bring red and features Ricky Steamboat on the cover with a sleeper hold on Don Muraco, so I guess we’ll have that match on here. Also advertised is Wendi Richter versus Leilani Kai and Jesse Ventura versus Tito Santana. Always cool to see a Jesse match, as he really didn’t get a lot of respect for his in ring abilities, mainly for his commentary. Continue reading