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Saturday Night’s Main Event #29 – April 27, 1991

It’s time for another classic SNME as we have three remaining. Tonight’s episode comes to use one month following Wrestlemania VII. At Wrestlemania we had the crowing of a new World Heavyweight Champion as the Real American Hulk Hogan defended the United States and conquered the Iraqi turncoat Sgt Slaughter to regain the title for the third time. At the time that was unheard of and Hulk was the first three time World Champion. Also that night we witnessed The Hart Foundation losing the Tag Titles for the final time to newcomers the Nasty Boys, who won a battle royal to qualify for the match. The match of the night honors had to go to Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage who put on one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, and in the end the Warrior vanquished Savage and ended his career. After the match Queen Sherri attacked Savage and making the save, surprisingly was the return of Elizabeth. The reuniting of Savage and Elizabeth brought a tear to the huge audience and is one of the most remembered moments of that night. Other matches that night included Jake Roberts beating Rick Martel in a blindfold match, which was horrible, Demolition being destroyed and ending the team at the hands of two Japanese wrestler who very few people knew, Virgil breaking away from Ted DiBiase after three years of abuse and beating Ted, and the Wrestlemania debut of the Undertaker who defeated Jimmy Snuka to begin the legendary streak. With all that behind us we begin the march to Summerslam, and tonight Warrior gets his hands on the former champion Sgt Slaughter, we have a battle royal and the Nasty Boys defend the tag titles, all this and more on SNME.

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The Main Event IV – November 23, 1990

This just seems out of place, as the Main Event’s usually took place in February. I guess the writing was on the wall for SNME at this point and the glory days were disappearing. Tonight’s show comes to us a mere 24 hours after the Survivor Series; however it was taped about a month prior. With the Ultimate Warrior scheduled to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase this should be a good show, so let’s not waste time.

We open tonight’s show with Mene Gene alongside the challenger, Ted DiBiase. We see the various shenanigans of DiBiase over the last three years, but they didn’t show the ones with Linda McMahon or RVD. Now over to Sean Mooney who’s with the Ultimate Mullet, I mean Ultimate Warrior. No one rocked the mullet quite the way Warrior did; it’s reaching Billy Ray Cyrus proportions! From here we go to the opening video and then Vince McMahon alongside Rowdy Roddy Piper as Ted DiBiase is already in the ring.

1. Ted DiBiase v Ultimate Warrior. Warrior looks at his title before handing it to the ref, and they lock up. Warrior tosses Ted to the corner and another lockup and again to the corner goes Ted. Ted goes for a wristlock and Warrior overpowers him again. Another lockup and Ted drives a knee to the midsection and unloads on Warrior before sending him in. Ted misses a clothesline, but Warrior certainly doesn’t. Another Warrior clothesline sends The Million Dollar Man to the floor and Warrior rams Ted and Virgil’s heads together. Warrior rams both men’s heads to the apron and tosses Ted in. Warrior comes in from the top with a double ax handle to the skull and Ted begs off in the corner. Warrior chops Ted apart and sends him to the opposite corner but runs into Ted’s knee. Ted comes out with a big clothesline and follows with the double ax handle of his own and gets a near fall. Continue reading

Saturday Night’s Main Event #27 – July 28, 1990

With the current product currently getting worse each week, I’m not focusing on it as much. We’re going to stick with the classics, when the shows were good. Tonight’s episode of SNME comes to us from Omaha, Nebraska and takes place in between Wrestlemania and Summerslam, back when there was no PPVs in between. With Summerslam about four weeks away, we have three big matches tonight as all the titles are on the line and a huge debut. Let’s not waste any time and let’s get to the show. Continue reading

Saturday Night’s Main Event #26 – April 28, 1990

Here we go with another classic SNME as we roll towards the end of the series. Tonight we’re four weeks out from Wrestlemania VI from Toronto, Ontario. At Wrestlemania we crowned a new World Champion as The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to claim the title. At the time Warrior was still the IC champ and was forced to vacate the title. This led to an IC title tournament, with the results coming just after this episode aired. The tournament concluded the same night this was taped and ended with Mr. Perfect defeating former IC champ Tito Santana with help from new manager Bobby Heenan. Also at Wrestlemania VI, Demolition regained the Tag Titles for the third time from Andre the Giant and Haku; Ted DiBiase beat Jake Roberts among other matches. Tonight on SNME the former World Champion Hulk Hogan faces the man who destroyed his world title, Mr. Perfect and should be a great match. Also tonight the new World Champion has his first title defense, could we see a new champion four weeks later, or will the Warrior retain the gold tonight? Continue reading

Saturday Night’s Main Event #25 – January 27, 1990

With tonight’s episode we leave behind the 1980’s and journey into the 1990’s. We’re coming to you just six days after the Royal Rumble. In the Royal Rumble we had the first epic meeting between the past and the present, as Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior squared off. Hulk eliminated the Warrior from the Rumble, supposedly by accident, and now the Warrior’s mad. Tonight these two men must work as a team as they face the man who beat Hulk at the last SNME, the Genius, and Mr. Perfect. Can the two champions unite or will tonight be a perfect victory, all that and more tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

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Saturday Night’s Main Event #24 – November 25, 1989

Tonight’s SNME comes to us only five weeks after the last episode. This one was taped before the Survivor Series, but was aired two days after. By this point Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard had been fired from the WWF and Tully was removed from the PPV, replaced by Bobby Heenan. So, tonight marks the final appearance of Arn & Tully as they face long time foes the Rockers. One correction, I said the last SNME was the final appearance of Akeem and I was wrong. He was pulled from the PPV, and replaced with Bad News Brown, but he was in the Royal Rumble 1990 and faced Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania VI. I thought I had heard he was fired before the 89 Survivor Series, maybe he was and then brought back by the Rumble, not sure. Either way he wasn’t at the Series but was back by the Rumble. According to Wikipedia he was with the WWF till October 1990 and then left, as he was scheduled to be on the Mercenaries team facing The Alliance, but was gone by that year’s Series. Anyways, this is the final SNME of the 1980’s as we roll into a new decade and we head to Wrestlemania VI. Tonight’s show is headlined by Warrior facing Andre and Hulk Hogan defending the World title against Lanny Poffo, let’s get to it.

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Saturday Night’s Main Event #19 – January 7, 1989


Saturday Night’s Main Event #19 – January 7, 1989

   Another SNME and another year, as we enter the final year of the eighties. We slowly begin to head toward Wrestlemania V, which emanated once again from Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. But first we have tonight’s episode of SNME, as Randy Savage is still the World Heavyweight Champion, as is Ultimate Warrior and Demolition the IC and Tag champs respectively. At the last SNME, IC Champion Ultimate Warrior destroyed Mr. Fuji’s latest find, Super Ninja to retain his title, Randy Savage went to a double DQ with Andre the Giant, Hercules destroyed Virgil, Jim Duggan crushed Boris Zhukov and Rougeaus dismantled the Young Stallions one on of the worst SNMEs of the series. All the matches were very one sided and boring, let’s hope tonight’s episode is better as we head to Tampa, Florida. Continue reading