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Saturday Night’s Main Event – May 11, 1985

After a brief hiatus we return to the WWE Network with the very first Saturday Night’s Main Event. Coming to us about six weeks after the massive success of Wrestlemania, the WWF acquired a timeslot on NBC. Taking over for Saturday Night Live, SNME was the first WWF televised program to feature actual main events, and not just the squash matches that we were so used to. Back in the eighties seeing the WWF champion on TV was very rare, and seeing him in action on TV never happened. The only way to watch Hulk Hogan in the ring was to go to the house shows, SNME gave fans a chance to see huge matches for free, which is why the relaunch of SNME failed. Back then seeing title matches was a big deal, now it’s a weekly occurrence. I originally recapped this show six years ago, from the original broadcast and now we’re going to see how different the Network version is. True watching the shows on the network will be a better quality, but I know these will be missing things, most obviously the music.  With that, let’s see what the Network version is like. Continue reading


Best of the WWF Volume 5

   Returning to the classic Coliseum Home Video collection, we move on to Best of the WWF Volume 5. This of course is the fifth in the Best of collection, which totaled twenty in all. I expect that this tape will cover late 1985 rolling into 1986, as we began to head towards Wrestlemania II. This tape is bring red and features Ricky Steamboat on the cover with a sleeper hold on Don Muraco, so I guess we’ll have that match on here. Also advertised is Wendi Richter versus Leilani Kai and Jesse Ventura versus Tito Santana. Always cool to see a Jesse match, as he really didn’t get a lot of respect for his in ring abilities, mainly for his commentary. Continue reading

WWF Amazing Managers

 After a brief hiatus, I’m back with the next tape in the Coliseum Home Video Library. Got briefly delayed watching the WWE Legends of Wrestling roundtable series, highly recommended viewing. They had some great stories and amazing clips, a great way to learn more about the history of the business. Anyways, back to the CHV series, today’s show is “WWF Amazing Managers”, a tape that will showcase the managers of the World Wrestling Federation. The box features Mr. Fuji, Grand Wizard, Bobby Heenan, Freddie Blassie, Jimmy Hart and Lou Albano. There was a time in wrestling when almost every heel had a manager, and it was a great way to help get guys over who could not speak. Without a manager where would Kamala, George Steele, Demolition, Killer Khan, and all the other great monsters have gone. Managers are seriously lacking the business today, and it’s a shame, managers would help guys like Husky Harris, Alex Riley, Mark Henry and others. With that let’s see what we get on this tape, I expect just a series of promos and highlights.

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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #1 – May 11, 1985
January 13, 2010, 7:40 pm
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WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #1 – May 11, 1985

Welcome to my first Retro Recap, I had planned to start with one of my favorite PPVs of all time, ECW One Night Stand 05, but my DVD won’t play. So until I find a new copy of ONS that will have to be put on the back burner. Instead we’re going to go through the entire Saturday Night’s Main Event collection. Not the DVD release that WWE put out a couple years ago, but the original episodes that aired on NBC in the 80’s. I have the full set, and plan to cover all of these great shows. With the current product being as bad as it is, I felt the need to go back to a simpler time. A time when wrestling was fun, and the backstage politics were known to very few people. Not like now where everyone knows everything that goes on backstage and who’s buddies with whom.

Now for those who don’t remember SNME, this was pretty much the only way to see the World Champion on TV. Back in those days you would never see a World Title match on the weekly shows, and very rarely would the champ even be on the show for an interview. Back then we had squash matches, with the occasional midcard match as our main event. With only one or two PPV’s a year, SNME quickly became the only place to see the best wrestlers of the WWF and world title matches on TV. This is the very first SNME, which took place about 6 weeks after the first Wrestlemania, so going in we had Hulk Hogan as World Champion, Greg Valentine as IC Champ and Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff as tag team champions. Yes, back then there were only three titles, well and the woman’s title, which was held by Wendi Richter, not at all like it is now where we have eight titles. Back then the titles actually meant something, and a title change was huge news. Enough reminiscing about the glory days, as it’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event!!! Continue reading