WWF All Star Wrestling – April 18, 1981

Last week we saw the debuts of Mil Mascaras and George the Animal Steele, plus the ladies made their first appearance. Tonight we have Domenic Denucci versus Killer Khan as our main event, plus Sgt Slaughter is in action. Should be an interesting main event, as Khan doesn’t seem to be with Blassie on a regular basis. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF From Madison Square Garden – April 8, 1981

We finally return to Madison Square Gardens for a huge house show. Tonight we’re headlined by Bob Backlund defending the gold inside the Steel Cage against the Lariat Stan Hansen! That could be phenomenal. With only just under an hour shown, it looks like the preliminary matches are missing, we’ll see what those are later. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – May 3, 1980

We move into a new month and with that we have some new champions. As seen previously The Wild Samoans won the WWF Tag Team Championship from Ivan Putski and the departing Tito Santana. On April 21st Pat Patterson lost the Intercontinental title to Ken Patera at the last Madison Square Garden show. Meanwhile Bob Backlund continues his reign as WWF World Heavyweight Champion, with no end in sight. Tonight’s main event is Tony Atlas squaring off with the Unpredictable Johnny Rodz. Lets’ go the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show and announce tonight we will see Tor Kamata, former Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson, Larry Sharpe and Tony Atlas. Bobby Duncum faces Domenic Denucci in our opener. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – April 5, 1980

We start a new month, as we continue along 1980. Tonight we get Ken Patera versus Tito Santana and the Wild Samoans in action. I think there’s a title change coming soon, so that should change things up a bit. Let’s go to the ring.

Wonder how long they keep this same opener, tired of seeing Putski and Andre three times. Vince and Bruno open the show as usual, and the microphone is very low. Hope this is temporary, as they go over the action tonight. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – March 1, 1980

We start a new month of All Star Wrestling, and one more episode after this we get a house show. Things to look forward too! Tonight we get a handicap match, and it’s not Hogan, as the Samoans face three men. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show, as we seem to be in a different locale. They talk about the handicap match coming up, plus another appearance from Hulk Hogan tonight. The Samoans pass by Vince and Bruno on their way to the ring for the opening contest.Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – February 23, 1980

Here we go with the final show for February, as it’s been a pretty good month of programs so far. Hopefully we end the month on a high note. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Bruno welcome us to the show in classic yellow suits. They go over tonight’s lineup with Atlas, Goulet, Putski, Santana and so much more. Vince mentions Larry is coming up tonight and Bruno says the fans are not as bitter as he is.Read More »