WWWF From Madison Square Garden – August 7, 1976

Finally back to Old School WWF programming. The Network has since updated and finding the Hidden Gems, in the ring order, is almost impossible so I think those are going on the back burner. However for now, we’re going back to 1976 for the next house show, from as always, Madison Square Gardens. Since the last house show the Tag Championships have changed hands, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi dropped the gold on May 11th to the Executioners, Killer Kowalski and Big John Studd. Bruno Sammartino is still the reigning World Champion, midway through his second year of a three and a half year reign. With that let’s see what is happening in the Gardens, let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWWF All Star Wrestling – March 20, 1976

This would be the final show posted for 1976, as far as All Star goes. We have two house shows from 76 after this, then we enter 1977. It’s been quite entertaining to see how different it was forty years ago, very slow paced, but still enjoyable. Let’s go to the ring.Read More »

WWWF All Star Wrestling – February 28, 1976

We head back to All Star Wrestling for more 1976 television goodness. On today’s episode we have an appearance from Stan Hansen, plus a Bobo Brazil match among other things. Let’s go to the ring.

After we’re welcome to the show by Vince McMahon and Antonino Rocca, they go over the action on today’s show. Freddie Blassie will be bringing his newest charge, Stan Hansen to action. Also scheduled is Domenic Denucci facing Louis Cyr, and the tag champions will join us.Read More »

WWWF All Star Wrestling – January 10, 1976

Moving from the Hidden Gems section back to the weekly TV shows, we return to All Star Wrestling. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be all the episodes, I assume they are lost in time, as we only have five episodes for this year and two for the following year. The first episode takes us back to January of 1976. The reigning World Champion is Bruno Sammartino, who is currently in his third year of his second title reign. Meanwhile the Tag Team scene is dominated by the team of Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi who have held the gold for about two months now and the Intercontinental Championship was still three years away. With this being a TV show most matches will be squash matches, talent versus no name guys, so they won’t be rated. With that, let’s go to the ring.Read More »