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WWE March Madness 2011 Tournament

Taking a brief hiatus from the Coliseum Home Video collection, we’re going to recap a special WWE program. The WWE March Madness 2012 Tournament that aired on WWE On Demand. This is basically the WWE’s attempt to do the NCAA March Madness tournament. I have no idea of the matches, so it’s all going to be a surprise, but I have a bad feeling the final match will be Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels, I hope I’m wrong. Hopefully we get some good solid matches and no garbage. Let’s get underway.
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Saturday Night’s Main Event #29 – April 27, 1991

It’s time for another classic SNME as we have three remaining. Tonight’s episode comes to use one month following Wrestlemania VII. At Wrestlemania we had the crowing of a new World Heavyweight Champion as the Real American Hulk Hogan defended the United States and conquered the Iraqi turncoat Sgt Slaughter to regain the title for the third time. At the time that was unheard of and Hulk was the first three time World Champion. Also that night we witnessed The Hart Foundation losing the Tag Titles for the final time to newcomers the Nasty Boys, who won a battle royal to qualify for the match. The match of the night honors had to go to Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage who put on one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, and in the end the Warrior vanquished Savage and ended his career. After the match Queen Sherri attacked Savage and making the save, surprisingly was the return of Elizabeth. The reuniting of Savage and Elizabeth brought a tear to the huge audience and is one of the most remembered moments of that night. Other matches that night included Jake Roberts beating Rick Martel in a blindfold match, which was horrible, Demolition being destroyed and ending the team at the hands of two Japanese wrestler who very few people knew, Virgil breaking away from Ted DiBiase after three years of abuse and beating Ted, and the Wrestlemania debut of the Undertaker who defeated Jimmy Snuka to begin the legendary streak. With all that behind us we begin the march to Summerslam, and tonight Warrior gets his hands on the former champion Sgt Slaughter, we have a battle royal and the Nasty Boys defend the tag titles, all this and more on SNME.

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Saturday Night’s Main Event #28– October 13, 1990

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event is a special Oktoberfest edition as we have little Oktoberfest skits interspersed in between the matches. Speaking of matches we have the biggest six man tag in the history of SNME, as the World Champion, The Ultimate Warrior teaming with The Legion of Doom to face Demolition. A quick Summerslam recap, as Hulk Hogan beat Earthquake via countout, Warrior beat Rick Rude in the cage, The Hart Foundation captured the tag team titles from Demolition, effectively killing the Demolition characters. The final blow to Demolition will occur at Wrestlemania VII when they lose to two Japanese wrestlers brought in with no fan fare. Mr. Perfect lost the IC title to Kerry Von Erich, who was a substitute for Brutus Beefcake. Brutus missed his IC opportunity for the second year due to injuries. In 1988 he was to face Honky Tonk Man for the title, but a storyline injury at the hands of Ron Bass kept him out. Unfortunately the injuries Brutus suffered that caused him to miss this year’s show were all too real, as he was injured severely in a parasailing accident. This kept Brutus out of the ring for two years, and he was never the same in the ring again. Kerry took this opportunity and won the IC title. Also at Summerslam Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes, when the American Dream was distracted by the loss of his manager, Sapphire. Sapphire was bought by the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, and this caused Dusty to lose the match. Tonight Dusty gets his rematch with Savage; can Dusty concentrate on the match and forget about Sapphire? We have all this and more tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

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Saturday Night’s Main Event #27 – July 28, 1990

With the current product currently getting worse each week, I’m not focusing on it as much. We’re going to stick with the classics, when the shows were good. Tonight’s episode of SNME comes to us from Omaha, Nebraska and takes place in between Wrestlemania and Summerslam, back when there was no PPVs in between. With Summerslam about four weeks away, we have three big matches tonight as all the titles are on the line and a huge debut. Let’s not waste any time and let’s get to the show. Continue reading