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WWF – October 21, 1984

Time for some more classic WWF programming, as I decided to skip the remaining TNT shows since the matches are clipped and it makes it very hard to enjoy so we’re moving on. We head to the House Shows and move forward to October 21, 1984. Hulk Hogan is currently ten months into his World Title reign and shows no sign of slowing down, meanwhile Greg Valentine has captured the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana. The match took place a month earlier in London, Ontario but only aired eight days ago. The Tag Team titles are being held by Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, aka the North-South Connection, who defeated Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson back on April seventeenth of this year. The Rock and Wrestling connection was underway as back in the summer MTV hosted the Brawl to End it All featuring Wendi Richter battling Fabulous Moolah for the gold, with Wendi ending the lengthy reign of Moolah. Surprisingly this is the only match that aired from that night in New York City, but this was the catalyst to Wrestlemania, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Tonight’s show takes place in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario and is headlined by Kamala facing Andre the Giant in a cage, it should be a classic. Let’s head to the ring. Continue reading


Hulkamania 2

   Hulkamania was one of the biggest draws of the eighties, thus the reason Hulk Hogan gets multiple tapes of his own. This is the second Hulkamania tape, the first one covered his first year of being WWF champion. The case is blue and purple with a picture of Hulk Hogan on the cover, oddly in light blue trunks and a dark blue Hulkamania shirt. This seems really weird as Hulk was known for the red and yellow by this point, and rarely deviated from this colour scheme. Anyways, the tape says “The Saga Continues…” and did it ever for another 8 years in WWF, about five years in WCW, back to WWE, to TNA and then once again back to WWE. With this being the first tape release of 1987, I expect this tape will cover Hulk’s 1986 run, which was a lot of Paul Orndorff, not that that is a bad thing. Continue reading

Inside the Steel Cage

After sitting through one of the most boring ending in the history of Monday Night RAW, it’s good to get back to a quality wrestling show. Next up is Inside the Steel Cage, An entire tape dedicated to what was once the most violent match in the WWF, which has been ruined by the current PG style. True cage matches need blood to really drive home how vicious the match is supposed to be, but now we can’t have blood thus negating both the Cage and the Cell matches. The cover of this tape is blood red, how ironic, and features Hulk Hogan, Don Muraco, Tito Santana, Roddy Piper, Big John Studd and Randy Savage. Announced matches include Tito & Bruno Sammartino versus Randy & Adrian Adonis, Andre the Giant versus Studd and Superfly Snuka versus Don Muraco among others. Looks like a very good show as we continue through the Coliseum Collection.

We start with the usual vintage WWF opening before being welcomed by Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny V, the same two who hosted the previous show, The Big Event. Gorilla talks about some of the matches on the show, love the old control room with all the monitors behind them showing various matches. They go over the rules of the cage matches as we see a cage being built before sending us to our first match. Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #11 – May 2, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #11 – May 2, 1987

Here we go with another Saturday Night’s Main Event! Tonight’s episode comes on the heels of the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, Wrestlemania III. At Wrestlemania Hulk Hogan faced off against his former friend, Andre the Giant, and was able to score the win. After one of the most legendry bodyslams in wrestling history, a clip that is shown today, Hulk pinned the ‘undefeated’ Giant to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Also at Wrestlemania Ricky Steamboat finally got his hands on the Macho Man Randy Savage and was able to pin Randy to win the IC title, in the greatest match in Wrestlemania history. Also that night, Roddy Piper won his retirement match and had the head of Adrian Adonis shaved, with some help from Brutus Beefcake. Brutus’s former teammates, Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo & Johnny V, left Brutus earlier in the night, after a win over the Rougeaus, which lead to the face turn of Brutus and the creation of the Barber gimmick. Other events that night included Harley Race beating the JYD, Honky Tonk Man cheating to beat Jake Roberts, The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis beating British Bulldogs & Tito Santana, Billy Jack Haynes & Hercules went to a double countout, and Billy was left a bloody mess after being hit with the chains. This brings us to tonight, in South Bend, Indiana, with Randy Savage facing George Steele in a lumberjack match along with The British Bulldogs challenging the Hart Foundation for the Tag Titles in a two out of three fall match. So let’s get to the show. >

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – October 4, 1986

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – October 4, 1986

It’s time for another classic episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event; tonight’s episode takes place five months after the last episode. On tonight’s show we have Ricky Steamboat finally getting his hands on Jake Roberts after the vicious attack on the last SNME, and Hulk Hogan faces the man who turned on him during a tag match. This heel turn was regarded as a huge deal at the time, not like now where turn on people constantly. Before we begin, let’s recap our title situations, Hulk Hogan Is still your World Champion, British Bulldogs are still Tag Champions, Randy Savage is still IC champion, as the only that changed was the Women’s title. Fabulous Moolah was champion on our last show, and is once again champion, as Velvet McIntyre had a brief (six day) title reign in July. This happened during an Australian tour, and I don’t believe it was ever mentioned in the US. So with the recap of the titles out of the way, let’s get down to business. Continue reading