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Best of The WWF Volume 8

It’s time for the eighth tape in the Best of the WWF series, as we head through the summer of 1986. The cover for this volume is bright yellow and features a young star named Bret Hart. Advertised on the box are Jake the Snake versus Ricky Steamboat, Pedro Morales versus Adrian Adonis, Pat Patterson versus Lou Albano, debuts of Hercules, Dan Spivey and Harley Race. It looks like quite the impressive lineup, so let’s roll the tape.

The usual opening sequence sends us to Mene Gene who talks about the WWF TV coverage, seven hours a week across the planet. That really surprised me, I thought we had a lot of TV today, but they had about the same twenty five years ago! Gene sends it to our opening match, from Madison Square Gardens! Continue reading


WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #18 – November 26, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #18 – November 26, 1988

Here we go with another classic episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Tonight’s episode comes only 48 hours after the second annual Survivor Series. Coming out of the Survivor Series we had the double turn of Demolition and the Powers of Pain, as Mr. Fuji turned on his team, Demolition and joined with the formerly face team of the Powers of Pain. Demolition had held the titles since Wrestlemania IV and Fuji believed they were getting weak so he left to go to the Powers of Pain, who would basically do nothing and be split up by next year, while the Demolition would hold the titles for almost another year. Also tension was teased between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage after a victory over the team of Akeem and Big Boss Man, when Hulk hugged Elizabeth. Also going in the WWF at this time was the face turn of Hercules, who was sold to Ted DiBiase as a slave by Bobby Heenan. Herc did not like this and decided he would take out his anger on Heenan and DiBiase. With that, let’s head to the Arco arena in Sacramento, California and see what the WWF has in store tonight. Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #17 – October 29, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #17 – October 29, 1988

It’s been a little while since the last SNME, both here and on TV. Tonight episode is six months after the last one, and a few things have changed. The WWF debuted a new PPV idea, Summerslam, on August 29, 1988 and had the Megapowers, Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeat the Megabucks, Andre the Giant & Ted DiBiase in the main event. Brutus Beefcake was scheduled to face IC Champion, The Honky Tonk Man and would probably have won the belt. However this was not to be as Outlaw Ron Bass took offense to Brutus cutting his hat and whip, and ripped apart Brutus’ head with his spurs. This was at the time very graphic for TV, and I still remember the big red X across the screen during it. This caused Brutus to be pulled from the card, and Honky made the vintage mistake of issuing the open challenge. Out came The Ultimate Warrior who quickly decimated the longest reigning IC champion and won the title in about thirty seconds. The other extremely hot feud at the time involved Ravishing Rick Rude and Jake Roberts, as Rick Rude had taken to kissing woman at ringside after his matches. After one match he approached a young lady who rebuffed Rude and said she was married to a wrestler, that wrestler being Jake Roberts. Rude got rough with her and Jake came to the rescue. This feud also consisted of Rick Rude wearing Cheryl Roberts, Jake’s wife, face on his tights, and Jake promising to rip them off. One week, Rude pulled down the tights he had on to reveal tights underneath with Cheryl’s face. Jake made good on his promise by running down to the ring, and stripping Rude of his tights. Viewers at home were treated to a censor box over Rude’s crotch, to make us think he was nude in the ring. Other major events during the summer of 1988 included the debuts of Big Boss Man and the Powers of Pain, along with the face turn of the Hart Foundation who fired long time manager Jimmy Hart. Dino Bravo got a new manager in Frenchy Martin, as Johnny V decided it was time to retire. So, with the stage set, let’s go to SNME episode 17, from Baltimore, Maryland. Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #12 – October 3, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #12 – October 3, 1987

It’s time for another classic SNME, as we continue through 1987. Tonight’s episode features one of the biggest moments of SNME and WWF history. Two of the biggest names in the WWF at this time collide in the ring, and make a historical WWF moment! Before we get to that, let’s recap our Champions. World Heavyweight Champion is still Hulk Hogan, The Hart Foundation is still the Tag Team Champions, but Fabulous Moolah lost her women’s title, after just over a year. Sensation Sherri upset the legendary Moolah on July 24th in Houston, Texas to win the title. Also Ricky Steamboat lost his IC title to the most unlikely foe, The Honky Tonk Man, on June 2, 1987 in Buffalo, NY when Honky uses the ropes to score the upset win. Tonight the new IC champion will defend his title against the former champion, Randy Savage and World Champion Hulk Hogan will defend against one half of the former tag Champions, Sika. We have all that and more tonight, on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Continue reading