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NWA Starrcade – November 23, 1983

Here we go with the beginnings of the NWA/WCW shows on the Network. We start with the very first ever Starrcade from Thanksgiving in 1983. This is considered one of the first supershows in wrestling and is the true granddaddy of the all, having lasted from 1983 until 2000. A quick recap of the title situations before we begin, Harley Race is the current NWA Champion having regained the title in June from his challenger tonight, Ric Flair. The reigning and defending United States Champion is Greg Valentine who dethroned the man he faces tonight, Roddy Piper almost seven months ago. As for the Tag Team Champions they are Jack & Jerry Brisco who defeated Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood less then a month earlier, tonight the former champions get a rematch. Some interesting rematches on this show and should be fun to see how it holds up thirty years later. Continue reading


Best of The WWF Volume 9

The Best of series continues as we hit number nine. This is one comes in a very bright yellow box with the Junkyard Dog on the cover. Advertised matches include a six man tag, a battle royal, midget madness, a boot camp match and Ricky Steamboat versus Randy Savage which should be amazing. This looks like it’s going to be one of the best in the series so far with those matches, well other then the midget match. So let’s not waste time and let’s get this show rolling.

The usual opener rolls and we are welcomed by Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny V who hype up the tape and Johnny makes some bad jokes. Gorilla goes over the card for the show, and once again I’m impressed with the lineup. They go over the rules of the Boot Camp match and Gorilla makes fun of Johnny being in the battle royal. We head to the ring for the opening contest. Continue reading

The Big Event

We move along to one of my favorite Coliseum Video releases, The Big Event. This show took place in the summer of 1986 in Toronto, Ontario with over sixty five thousand fans in attendance. This show is basically what Summerslam became as this was a huge show that highlight the feuds and stories of the WWF in 1986. Our headline match features World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defending against former friend Paul Orndorff. The Hulk/Orndorff feud went on and off for years in the WWF as it started in 1984 and ended the first time at Wrestlemania when Hulk and Mr T defeated Paul and Roddy Piper in the main event, Piper and Bob Orton then abandonded Paul along with Hulk and T. Paul and Hulk then became a tag team and were doing pretty good, until Adrian Adonis got in the middle. Adrian claimed that Hulk was using Paul and just pretending to be his friend so he didn’t have to face him. Paul said that was not true and that Hulk was always there for him, he then called Hulk from Adonis’ talk show, but was told Hulk was too busy to talk to him. Paul was irate and Bobby Heenan quickly jumped in to stir the pot. At Saturday Night’s Main Event Hulk and Paul teamed up against Heenan’s charges of King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd, and through the match Paul refused to tag Hulk in. After winning the match Bundy and Studd attacked Hulk until Paul made the save, or so we all thought. Paul helped Hulk to his feet only to blast him with a vicious clothesline and followed that with a piledriver on the champion. Paul left the ringside area with Bundy, Studd and a grinning Bobby Heenan, thus setting the stage for tonight’s Big Event.

The tape is bright blue and features only one face on the cover, King Tonga, no just kidding of course it’s Hulk Hogan. The box mentions the record crowd, and the main event plus The Machines, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Junkyard Dog and more. No opening video this time, instead we see overhead footage of Toronto from a chopper as Gene narrates what we will see. It looks odd not seeing the Skydome next to the CN tower, just feels like it’s been there forever. We see clips of some of the big names we’re going to see tonight, and an overhead shot of the CNE and we see the crowd, which looks amazing similar to Wrestlemania III. Continue reading

Best of The WWF Volume 8

It’s time for the eighth tape in the Best of the WWF series, as we head through the summer of 1986. The cover for this volume is bright yellow and features a young star named Bret Hart. Advertised on the box are Jake the Snake versus Ricky Steamboat, Pedro Morales versus Adrian Adonis, Pat Patterson versus Lou Albano, debuts of Hercules, Dan Spivey and Harley Race. It looks like quite the impressive lineup, so let’s roll the tape.

The usual opening sequence sends us to Mene Gene who talks about the WWF TV coverage, seven hours a week across the planet. That really surprised me, I thought we had a lot of TV today, but they had about the same twenty five years ago! Gene sends it to our opening match, from Madison Square Gardens! Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – March 12, 1988

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – March 12, 1988

Welcome back to another episode of SNME, tonight’s episode takes place only 15 days before Wrestlemania IV. After the most controversial match in WWF history took place last month, from the Main Event. When Andre the Giant scored the pinfall on Hulk Hogan, who clearly had his shoulders up, and then handed the title to Ted DiBiase, Jack Tunney had no choice but to step in. The investigation revealed that it was not plastic surgery, as Hulk Hogan had cried, but instead the referees were twin brothers, Earl and Dave Hebner. Ted DiBiase paid off Earl, and Dave beaten by Virgil, and the plan was set in motion. However President Tunney had other plans, he declared that he could not overturn the decision, so Hulk was no longer champion. He also ruled that Ted DiBiase was not champion, because Andre could not just hand over the title, but Andre did officially surrender the title, thus making him not champion either. Therefore there would be no current WWF Champion, and a tournament was announced for Wrestlemania IV from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This tournament would then crown the undisputed World Champion. But before we get to Atlantic City, we have to go through Nashville, Tennessee tonight for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Continue reading

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #9 – January 3, 1987

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #9 – January 3, 1987

It’s a new year for the WWF, as we roll into 1987, and the road to Wrestlemania III. During this week of WWF TV is where Andre the Giant did his huge heel turn and attacked Hulk Hogan on the set of Piper’s Pit, which was played out over three or four weeks of WWF TV. This SNME and the next one are two of my favorites, as the build to the biggest and best Wrestlemania was great, and Andre’s heel turn was a shock. Almost as shocking was Roddy Piper’s announcement that Wrestlemania III was going to be his final wrestling match, sadly some twenty three years later Piper still wrestles on occasion. Before we begin, let’s do our title roll call, World Champion is always Hulk Hogan, IC Champ is still Macho Man Randy Savage, The Hart Foundation has retained their Tag Championships and the Women’s champion is still Moolah. So, in essence nothing has changed since the last SNME, but big changes were coming, and we’ll see those changes over the next two or three SNME’s. For now though let’s get to tonight’s episode. Continue reading