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TNA Bound For Glory – October 16, 2011

Tonight TNA presents their version of Wrestlemania, and they even pulled the same stupid stunt WWE did. They moved a title match from the main show to the preshow, hopefully it won’t become a battle royal though. TNA decided the tag title match was not important as Kennedy versus Bully, and moved Hernandez & Anarquia versus Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal off the PPV. I’m glad someone posted the preshow up, so I can at least see this match, of course only one of the four are worth watching, Hernandez, but still it’s a title match. Also tonight we have more old people including Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, and of course Sting and Hulk Hogan. Who seriously decided that seeing Sting versus Hulk Hogan in 2011 was a good idea anyway? Hulk has already said he won’t take bumps tonight, so what’s the point of the match. Even worse was Hulk’s comments a couple days ago knocking AJ Styles and Bobby Roode, yes the same Roode who is in the main event tonight, way to bury a guy who deserves a shot at the top. I’d be happy if this was the last we see of Kurt Angle for a while though, as TNA really needs to start to focus on the young talent and get rid of some of the veterans. Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Kaz, Abyss, Hernandez and Austin Aries should be the top six they use right now, instead of Kennedy, Bully, Kash, Angle, Lynn and RVD. Anyways, as far as the build up for this show, it’s been questionable as some matches were thrown together at the last minute, while some got a nice build. Roode and Angle has been built perfectly, but they also put themselves into a corner, if Roode doesn’t win tonight it means the last three months or so has been a waste of time. The Knockout match has been built good, as at least they did qualifier matches to get the Knockouts in the match, but I expect Velvet to walk out with the title tonight, probably leading to Velvet versus Karen Angle soon. Either way I’m looking forward to more of this show then those matches that I’m not interested in, which is a nice change. The only match I really have no interest in his the aforementioned Hogan versus Sting, which better be quick and over booked, as it’s the only way to salvage this disaster. Let’s hope Bound For Glory is better then the Wrestlemania was, which it stands a good chance of. Let’s cover the preshow match first. Continue reading


TNA Lockdown – April 18, 2010

Well, I didn’t find a good quality version of the PPV, but at least it’s a copy of it. Tonight TNA presents Lockdown, with every match in the cage, including the X, Knockout, Knockout Tag and the World Title on the line. This should be a great show, and I’m curious what they do with the X title match, as Doug Williams is, much like the WWE RAW roster, stranded in Europe tonight. So let’s get to the show and see what happens. Continue reading

TNA Impact – March 29, 2010


I must say I’m very interested in tonight’s episode of Impact; I’m looking forward to the First Blood match with Daffney and Tara. It should be a very good match, as well as the nWo facing Hardy, Van Dam & Eric Young. That’s just as long as X-Pac does the majority of the match for his team. With that, let’s get to Impact.

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TNA Impact – March 22, 2010


After a very impressive PPV last night, TNA rolls on as we head to the next PPV Lockdown. Last night on Destination X we saw the impressive win of Kaz in the four way ladder match to become number one contender to the X title. A title still held by Doug Williams who won after bloodying Shannon Moore and smearing makeup on his face. Tara was able to fend off “Zombie Hot” Daffney in a great women’s match, after which Daffney stole Poison. Also the tag team champions Hernandez & Matt Morgan were able to defeat Beer Money but after the match Morgan gave his partner the Carbon Footprint and walked out with both titles. Where does this leave the tag team titles? Finally Abyss was able to send AJ Styles straight to Hell through the ring winning the match but not winning the title, which was kind of a letdown. The show ended with Abyss and Hulk sending Desmond Wolfe & Ric Flair through the hole where AJ went and standing tall in the ring. Tonight, we begin to build to Lockdown and should get some answers to the tag situation and what happened to Poison.

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TNA Impact – March 15, 2010


TNA is coming off a surprisingly good episode last week, headlined by the in ring returns of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. The shocking part is the rating was not as good as it should’ve been, I really expected a 1.25 at least and can’t believe they did as bad as reported. Then again I really don’t think the ratings mean anything anymore, not like they used to in the 90s. People don’t seem to realize that most people will either tape, DVR or download the shows to watch now, which we didn’t have as much of in the 90’s. I watched both shows last week, but it wouldn’t count toward the ratings as I downloaded both and watched 24. I don’t get the channel for either wrestling show, and even if I did I wouldn’t miss 24 for either show. How many people did the same last week? That’s why I really don’t think the ratings are an accurate gauge of how good the show was. As I said before I enjoyed TNA a lot more then the snorefest that was RAW, however I’ll be honest and say I’m looking forward to RAW a lot more this week, only for Stone Cold’s return. The matches, what little there is, and the storylines on RAW are subpar at best and they’re just not entertaining. TNA on the other hand at least has a couple good matches each week, even if some of the storylines are a little stupid. Personally I can give both shows good advice to fix them, for TNA we need less Bischoff, he doesn’t need to be in every segment. As for WWE, end the guest host crap, it’s a waste of time and no one really cares at all. Well, with that said, and this being the go home episode before the PPV, let’s see what TNA can deliver in their first taped Monday show.

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TNA Impact – March 8, 2010


Tonight marks what hopefully will become the return of the Monday Night Wars. It’s been too long since WWE had competition on Monday’s and this is a welcome moment. Of course TNA better have something big planned for next week, with Austin returning to RAW. Tonight is the scheduled in ring returns of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, which is either going to be a train wreck or a great moment, there’s no middle ground on this. TNA is promising a plethora of surprises and big things and I hope they can deliver on this. I really want to see TNA succeed on Monday’s and give WWE a swift kick in the yam bag, they need it. After all look how good WWE and WCW were in the prime of the War, we need those days back, as WWE has been lacking for a long time. TNA’s first Monday outing two months ago was a great show with a huge main event, as AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle in a five star match, which was a great start for the year. Hulk and Flair may not match the rating for quality, but if done right this could be a good match. So with that in mind, let’s see what TNA has to offer on their first Live Monday Impact!

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TNA Impact – March 4, 2010


After last week’s shocking announcement that both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair would step in the ring, what will TNA do next? Tonight is the final Thursday night Impact as the Monday Night Wars begin anew next week. TNA goes head to head with the WWE, and in TNA’s first show we have AJ Styles & Ric Flair facing off with Abyss & Hulk Hogan. The match may suck, but they will still draw a crowd just for the name value of Hogan and Flair. Before we get to the big night we still have one more episode of Thursday Impact to get through, so let’s get to the Impact Zone!

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